Spiritual Knowledge – A reflection

This poem titled Spiritual Knowledge  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 78.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Spiritual Knowledge consists of four stanzas with three lines each.  The photograph I choose for this poem is evidence that the family grieving the loss of their little child has spiritual knowledge for they know how to grieve which is a sign of spiritual knowledge…To know to value the human child is the genesis of spiritual knowledge…All other knowledge fails us unless we know to value the human child…This poem opens with the lines “the collision of busy feet ignore the screams of roots” Skipping the next line and moving onto the second stanza I quote Akiane.  “the agony of understanding sorrow is the ablution of inhabited consciousness” the next stanza opens with “spiritual knowledge is uncomfortable for it teaches to console the suffering and the poem ends with these profound in depth words “on each fingerprint a surgery of microscopic messages”.  To appreciate this poem in its entirety I encourage the reader to purchase their own book of Akiane’s poems from Akiane herself online.  I limit this discussion to my reflections following the copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes for purposes of discussion.  To me the reader this poem discusses how spiritual knowledge makes us all uncomfortable for spiritual knowledge holds us to account holds all of us accountable.  Spiritual knowledge aids us in forming well formed consciences.  In particular for those of us who are open to allowing the word of God found in sacred scriptures to convict us in our hearts without allowing our hearts to become hardened.  Millions today become hard of heart because when the word of God convicts them instead of repenting from their hearts they become angry inside and hardened and many abandon the study of sacred scriptures.  Many also abandon their own consciences and their consciences become seared or dead as prophesied in sacred scriptures.  Many creeps like this hide behind organizations that claim to do good and be good such as false Christ charities and many false Christ sex cults and child sex cults.  These creeps do more damage than good.  Often too many start out in ministry with the best of intentions and as time passes they are asked or required by their religious institutions and organizations and charities to cover up crimes against the humanity of men women and children.  This is how many become rotten like rotten apples who then become more demonic in nature than divine or human or anything resembling the God of life.  Many creeps like this look good on paper and look holy and have the appearance of Godliness as prophesied in sacred scriptures particularly in Timothy.  Sad to say too many are lost to sin and vice in various forms and are full of lies and deceit from the bowels of hell and are lost to devil himself the king of lies deceit and murder in all its forms.  Many medical students and those studying the science of the human body are often required to study dead babies on petri dishes and to participate in heinous diabolical clinicals and residencies that require time spent in abortion clinics of all places and time spent learning how to perform diabolical abortion on demand.  The tools used to procure abortion on demand are diabolical in nature.  How the hell did we get to this point?  The concept of do no harm found in medicine from the Hippocratic oath is no longer found these days.  Instead you have the starvation and denial of feeding tubes to patients including purposeful dehydration of patients who are systemically denied fluids water to their lips andother small acts of mercy to relieve their pain and suffering.  Many diabolical teachers falsely claim that we all have and I quote “a duty to die”.  Which suggests that others have the right to demand we die before our time.  The demand that we die before our time is evident in these abortions on demand which is clearly a demand for death before many of us are even born.  Then euthanasia is the forced death with consent given from folks who are often unwell and not fit or in a sound state of mind to give such consent.  The scriptures prophesied the pact with death mankind would make.  This pact with death the devil himself the lord of the underworld the lord of lies cheating killing and destroying has resulted in the annihilation of many nations.  Akiane’s poem ends with these words “on each fingerprint — a surgery of microscopic messages”  To me the reader this suggests that those who use contraception and those who perform and procure abortions and those who study human cells live human cells on petri dishes and those who harvest the live organs of viable living human beings whose lives should have been saved rather than destroyed.  These creeps have on their fingerprints vast crimes against humanity and as such have a kaleidoscope a “surgery of microscopic messages”.  Too many humans are dead and mankind cannot count how many of us have been mass murdered and systemically destroyed by machinations of evil so vast that our small minds are not capable of comprehending or assessing the fullness of the damage done to our species and our planet including our ecosystem.   I declare and this is simply my opinion that world war III has already happened and billions are dead thanks to contraception and abortion on demand and all forms of heinous birth control hell bent on limiting our ability to be fruitful and multiply and this is what I call the WAR ON THE WOMB!!!  World war III the WAR ON THE WOMB!!!  “on each finger print — a surgery of microscopic messages”  Akiane Kramarik age 9 – From the mouth of a babe a small child great wisdom was told and few heard or listened like in the days of old and I myself the author of these reflections am nothing but a voice crying out in the wilderness.  A voice from the ancient tribe of Dan who like Rachael in Rama who went before us – shall not be comforted for the children are no more and I shall not be comforted.  Collateral damage is a term used to sum up the billions destroyed from many diabolical wars the worst of all THE WAR ON THE WOMB!! Billions of dead children thanks to machinations of evil procuring worldwide abortions on demand!!! This collateral damage makes up the cloud of witnesses in heaven who will have a lot to say on the day of contention and whose testimony before the Throne of the Most High God of life will result in hellfire for the wicked behind these horrible crimes against humanity and our species and planet earth!!!…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Unfaithful where I sing about mankind not being faithful to the God of Life….