Wings Over Me – A reflection

This poem titled Wings Over Me was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 73.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Wings Over Me consists of three stanzas with four lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken from our very first tour of Ireland…This spot was by the ocean and a spectacular sight to see…Wings Over Me gets me thinking about the angels in heaven and how Heaven’s angels’ watch over us…This poem opens with the words “If I could hear anything through my rainbow it is the wildflower echoes.”  The second stanza ends with these two lines “Whenever I see a nest woven of wildflowers childhood stays here to be nursed.”  And the third stanza ends with “Only at sunset farther birds swim away the closer they lean onto my cheeks.”  I limit quotes on purpose to encourage the reader to purchase their own copy from Akiane as mentioned in the opening paragraph.  This poem is to me the reader about the holy innocence of childhood and holy innocence found in children.  Also, the animal kingdom and the birds of the air and all of God’s creatures are innocent and holy in their own way.  Animals are rarely intentionally wicked.  Only when animals have been horribly abused and trained to be vicious are animals nasty or vicious.  Also, due to interference on the part of mankind with nature the whole ecosystem and animal kingdom cries out to the Most High God our creator for vengeance.  After all it seems nothing can live and multiply on earth much any more.  My goodness most dogs and cats are spayed or neutered and rarely do you see dogs being fruitful and multiplying in their kingdom due to animal control and other measures taken to control the pet population.  Population control has damaged the ecosystem our environment and the animal kingdom beyond repair.  This lovely poem titled Wings Over Me describes the beauty of holy innocence found in children seldom if ever found in adults these days.  Too many adults are hell bent on serving themselves and suiting their own agendas diabolical or otherwise.  The animal kingdom can sense when a human is sad or thirsty or lonely.  I know this based on my own experiences with the animal kingdom which includes a selfie I took with a Dromedary in Timanfaya National Park in the canary Islands in early 2019.  The animal kingdom have feelings too and all of God’s creatures are spiritual in nature as well.  Many animals can sense if a human is good or bad.  This explains why animals can be terrified of horrible wicked people who harm animals.  To understand holy innocence study holy innocence found in little children and also found in the animal kingdom.  Children do not know to sin or do wicked deeds unless taught by wicked parents and societies at large.  Mankind would do well to learn from both our own holy innocent little Children beloved by the true Jesus Christ and the animal kingdom.  I sincerely do believe that the work done by Akiane Kramarik is meant to enlighten our species to help our species to begin once more to fall in love with our own planet earth.  This means that we must respect our earth which means respecting all life forms not just other human beings but also the animal kingdom and our whole ecosystem.  Pollution of the water systems is a problem of epidemic proportions around the world leaving the water unfit for consumption and unfit to swim in.  The world we are leaving to our future progeny our future children is a world filled with corruption and destruction.  Mankind is being given the chance to change for the better to reform our wicked fallen ways which includes respecting and restoring the animal kingdom and restoring our ecosystem and returning to sanity.  Instead, as we speak mankind is on the brink of utter disaster and the war of the womb could be labeled world war III.  The worst war ever unleashed on mankind.  If we ever have a third world war that would be labeled a fourth world war.  Since the silent war of the womb has annihilated many nations via vile contraception and abortion on demand.  This silent war of the womb has destroyed our ecosystem the animal kingdom with vile population control schemes hell bent on not allowing much of anything to be fruitful and multiply.  I wonder will our species wake up before it is too late and we enter into what I call a fourth world war using nuclear weapons of mass destruction to finish the job of destroying our lovely planet created by a creator whose intelligence far surpasses ours.  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile I pray and fast for justice for the children both born and unborn and I run in honor of holy innocence and justice for Babylon has surely fallen, fallen and fallen!!!.  Where are the Cedars of Lebanon?  mentioned in sacred scriptures they are no more for the word of God never did take root in their hearts and remain.  Too many received the word of God from sacred scriptures only to allow worldly distractions to destroy any good fruit from the word of God.  Distractions such as money, power, lust and greed to name a few has destroyed the word of God in the hearts of many men and women today.  The harsh reality is this:  few today have the life of the true Jesus Christ in them for they snuff out and destroy the life of Christ found in sacred scriptures found in the word of God by their diabolical pride and diabolical narcissism and horrible choices that have resulted in the annihilation of many nations.  Heaven help us all.  May the cloud of witnesses whom are in heaven witness my work as my testimony before the Throne of the Most High God of life that I one from Dan shall not be comforted for the children are no more.  As a thank you for reading these reflections enjoy my playlist from YouTube titled Ireland’s School of Falconry from our time at Ashford Castle in Ireland….