The Old Age – A Reflection

This poem titled The Old Age  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 71.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled The Old Age consists of five stanzas with four lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota…The tall pine trees have been through many winters and the Native American’s suffered horribly through many winters of terrible sorrows and sufferings imposed on them by the Buffalo Soldiers and in the building of the idols on Mount Rushmore…These idols are representative of egos on steroids…World leaders are often the worst narcissists uncontrollable egos…I definitely recommend visiting Mount Rushmore it is well worth a visit and these idols are amazing to see…That being said I spent time in sacred prayer to honor one of the lost twelve tribes of Israel known as the Native Americans who were systemically destroyed centuries before Mount Rushmore was mounted…Many Native American’s had to fall for these idols to be erected….Idolatry comes in many forms and graven images of any kind are forms of idolatry…Before studying Akiane’s poems I pause and pray to the Most High God of my understanding the God of life and I ask the help of heaven the cloud of witnesses of unborn children and born children systemically destroyed in the names of many a false God over centuries of systemic annihilation processes that increased exponentially around the world in 1801.  With the help of heaven crimes against humanity are being revealed around the world.  This includes mass graves of dead children buried newborn children who did not survive the systemic holocaust of killings done in the name of false Gods particularly in the name of false Christ’s.  The true Jesus Christ says in Matthew and in the new testament that what we do to the least of these meaning the little children we do to the God of life who is in heaven.  What account are we to give to the God of life then for unjust laws that allow for wholesale murder of holy innocent unborn children in the wombs of their mothers who for a price can order a hit on their own unborn child in the form of abortion on demand under the euphemism choice which has resulted in unjust laws supporting mass murder on the largest scale known to mankind.  Human beings with eyes ears noses and mouths fully formed demand the blood of the unborn child with a vicious vile hissing screaming shouting and moaning unheard of prior to 1801.  My God what account are we to give to the God of life for these heinous crimes?  We are not capable of summing up or adding the drops of water in the oceans or waters of the earth.  Neither can mankind sum up or give an accurate account to the God of life of the billions of children systemically destroyed over the centuries in particular since 1801.  It was after 1801 that the process of annihilating the nations was perfected.  The condom was mass produced which caused myriads of problems in particular cancer in both men and women who are allergic to latex.  Condoms have caused many deaths as many who use condoms falsely believe the condom will save them from STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases.  The condom is diabolical and has failed mankind for more than a century now.  Too many have fallen prey to the use of vile condoms only to fall into death by STD’s or unwanted pregnancies that often resulted in terminations via abortion on demand.  Since 1801 the dark arts of annihilating the nations were perfected.  Contraception is also part and parcel of the dark arts of annihilating the nations.  Contraception is intended to regulate the woman’s period but once those responsible for marketing contraception learned that contraception can cause infertility over time, cause forced miscarriages via failure of the newly conceived child to implant into the hostile womb of the mother, prevent conception and cause many unpleasant side effects in the many unsuspecting innocent women who use contraception more mass murder occurred.  Innocent women took contraception out of fear of having too many children.  These unsuspecting women faithfully took the wicked contraception pill and other forms believing the lies from hell that this pill would prevent conception.  Billions of innocent women knew not and know not that contraception is pure evil wicked heinous from the bowels of hell.  These unsuspecting women have suffered untold damage from using contraception.  These poor women have suffered embolisms, strokes, cardiac arrest, depression, anxiety, bloating, weight gain or weight loss depending on how their bodies responded to this new influx of unnatural hormones found in the diabolical contraception pill and devices.  These innocent women fell down like small soldiers in a war a battle they themselves did not understand.  These women experienced so many health problems from the use of contraception over the past century that there are not enough university libraries to contain all the health files or records of these women who suffered heinously due to contraception use.  The diabolical plot thickens.  Innocent women who have a history of contraception use are more likely to experience infertility in their future attempts to conceive and birth children.  Hence the dramatic increase in the need for fertility clinics.  Infertilty is then inherited by the offspring of innocent mothers who had a history of contraception use.  As contraception use passes from one generation to the next infertility increases as does the risk of cancer passing from one generation to the next.  Cervical cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the uterus to name a few.  The list is too long to mention here.  Also, contraception use from generation to generation has resulted in the sexual orientation of their offspring being affected which substantiates the claim by many in the gay community that they believe they are “born that way”.  Yes, families with intergenerational histories of contraception use produce children whose sexual orientations are confused and yes many are born confused about their sexual orientation.  Also, evidence is mounting that as contraception is returned into the environment via these hormones being released back into the environment via the passing of urine and excrement from these innocent women.  Mutations in fish and other life forms are now linked to contraceptive hormones in the earth in the water and in the ecosystem.  My God what account are we to give to the God of life for these crimes not only against the humanity of billions of unsuspecting innocent families but on the ecosystem.  We are destroying our own species in the worst systemic annihilation process ever unleashed in the history of mankind.  Many in the gay community are seeking truth and they are entitled to this and they have the right to express how they feel without fear of hatred or retribution.  I have more respect for a man who identifies as a woman and chooses to dress like a woman and insist on being called by a female name and vice versa for the women or identify as men than I do for false Christ preachers across the board claiming to be Christian when they are false from day one.  The transvestite community are seeking truth and they are boldly seeking the truth and they fearlessly express their desire to know who they are which takes a lot of courage and tenacity to do.  My message to the gay communities and the transvestite communities is this.  Living the gay lifestyle is not good or healthy for you and will not fulfill you.  That being said you can still find happiness knowing that you remain beloved in the eyes of the God of life.  That you are on this earth for a reason.  Too many false Christians claim they love mankind yet they spew hate speech towards the gay and transvestite communities that must stop.  Verbal abuse crimes are vast and these verbal abuse crimes must stop.  I am not afraid to give a gay man or woman a warm hug with their permission and a kiss on each cheek and declare you are beloved and loved by the God of life the same for a transvestite man or woman.  These are very confusing times thanks in large part to systemic crimes against humanity.  More and more in the gay communities are learning how to be happy just as they are and many in the transvestite  communities are seeking to be restored to the original sex they were born as.   For all of us seeking the truth it takes courage to seek the truth and seeking the truth is not easy.  I have more respect for the gay and transvestite communities who are genuinely seeking the truth than I have for false Christ preachers men and women who are diabolical and full of lies and deceit whom I describe as wolves in sheep’s clothing both male and female.  These female wolves’ in sheep’s clothing are the worst.  I do not agree with living the gay lifestyle as that will not fulfill the gay communities.  I would be the first one in line to help a gay man or woman in their time of need as I have met some very wonderfully kind and generous gay men and women whose tenderness has warmed my heart over the years.  I have also received help over the years from some very kind and caring gay men and women.  It is important I say this as there is far too much hate speech directed at people who are different than others or who live differently than others.  This hate speech must stop. I must add a joke which I hope the gay community will enjoy.  I love to use humor as a way of coping with life in general.  So for all the transvestites out there and gay men and women this joke is for you.  I declare folks that I am a false a totally fake transvestite.  What does that mean?  Well I am already a woman who birthed a child so I do not have to change a thing about myself.  This means I can claim to be a false transvestite.  Drum Roll laughs please. I made up this joke to highlight the fact that there are many false Christians out there too who claim to be Christian but are in reality anti Christ and anti decency and anti common respect the list is long.  Another joke of mine is this.  I am a false Atheist or fake Agnostic.  What does that mean?  Well it means I am actually Christian in my beliefs.  I do not do the organized religion thing.  Last time I checked you can be Christian in your beliefs without pandering to false Christ organized chaos found in many organized religions across the board today.  Last time I checked I do not need to become a sheep in the fold of false Christ idolaters and preachers who ruin so many lives at the end of the day it would make your head spin.   In the 1950’s no one would get these kinds of jokes but these days many people appreciate this kind of humor.  Now back to Akiane’s poem titled The Old Age written by Akiane at the tender age of 8.   The first stanza opens with the lines  “Like a pilgrim, a laugh visits to watch the last of my face.”  The last of my face means to me the reader that this child has been annihilated and destroyed too soon like so many others.  The second stanza opens with these words “Windows weaken from frosted handprints.  On an oak chest the will is engraved.  When grandchildren slide off every wrinkle,”  These lines talk about the will of those bigger and stronger than the unborn child.  The grandchildren meant to be born as gifts as rewards to faith filled grandparents are systemically annihilated and destroyed before their time via abortion on demand.  Grandparents have no say neither do other family members including the fathers of the children aborted due to unjust laws that defend these heinous crimes against the humanity of unborn children.  Few today have a say in abortion laws that support the systemic annihilation of the least among us the unborn child.  I will skip the next two stanzas to encourage the readers to purchase their own copy of Akiane’s wonderful prose written at the tender age of 8.  I will end with the last stanza that address these unjust heinous abortion laws.  I quote Akiane now.  “I refuse to stop breathing, and every day seems the same as I sculpt in straw.  I look for my own eyes in the mirror, but find only You and Your Law.”  Notice, how the letter I is capitalized as the unborn child whom I believe the word I represents becomes more bold and loud than previous lower case i’s authored by Akiane in her prose.  Notice too how the letters Y for you and Y for your and L for Law are capitalized.  The unborn child is lamenting their untimely death due to abortion on demand which finds many women full only of themselves and their unjust laws supported by the blood lust of the pro-choice crowd around the world.  This pro-choice crowd are full only of themselves and their unjust laws leaving behind a carnage worse than all the world wars combined.  A carnage of dead children torn apart limb by limb and burned to death in the most cruel and merciless war known to mankind.  The war on the womb the war of words by armies of selfish senseless adults who demand the blood of holy innocent children who call themselves “pro-choice”.  May the cloud of witnesses in heaven the cloud of the children who returned to heaven because their time on earth was cruelly and mercilessly cut short by cruel and merciless powers witness my work my reflections.  Respectfully submitted for my unborn brothers and sisters and my born brothers and sisters the least among us mentioned in sacred scriptures who make up the cloud of witnesses in heaven who never lived to tell their tales.  These lamentations of the unborn and born children are for you…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song tiled Idols…Inspired by Amy Winehouse….