I Need Only You – A Reflection

This poem titled I Need Only You  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 70.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

I need only you consists of three stanzas with six lines each.  After studying this poem to me the reader this is an unborn child speaking to it’s mother that it “needs only you”.   You meaning it’s mother.  What is so very sad about this poem is this child is lamenting as it speaks in the opening line.  “I am old enough to stay a child – but my steps cannot stretch inside a tight skirt.”  This sentence speaks to the lack of rights unborn children have today.  An unborn child is in grave danger today.  Many unborn children face grave danger as millions around the world are lining up demanding abortion or the dreaded morning after pill.  When contraception fails the unborn child remains in grave danger this newly conceived child is not wanted by many and as such does not live long enough to be birthed.  Scriptures speak to this as well the scriptures speak of these times these days when women in skirts have lifeless wombs.  Wombs that are tombs of death to their own unborn children.  The second stanza speaks about angels and the scriptures also speaks about how the children are the least among us the least of these whose angels always see their father in heaven.  You can find that in Matthew.  The second stanza opens as follows:  “My angels cannot take the breath for me – Around their armor – feather yoke.  My angels cannot smell the weeds for me.”  I will stop there.  To follow this reflection you will need to purchase your own copy of this wonderful book of prose as mentioned in the opening paragraph.  Sacred scriptures speak of children as holy pure innocent and whose angels always see their father in heaven.  Angels are a cloud of witnesses as well often forgotten about by mankind.  The third stanza opens with “Where’s refuge between us who can cure me unbroken? Let me hold your hands of dew.”  I skip a line here but must mention the last two lines of the third stanza which is very sad and very profound.  “My neck is full of leaves – I need only you.”  Modern men and women forget that children do not need much.  Yes children are a challenge and birthing children is not easy even for the most fit among us.  I know because I birthed a child on my own.  Many of us myself included experience fear trepidation in particular fear of the unknown that comes with welcoming our children into the world when circumstances are not favorable and the future is not clear.  What I have learned from my experience as a single mother.  Is the journey is a challenge and no it is not easy but it is well worth the sacrifice and effort.  Our societies around the world is ruled by satanic wicked evil influences diabolical influences.  That want us to believe falsely that we can have our cake and eat it too.  In other words the media with its music and shows promotes sex like candy.  Telling billions that contraception is the solution which allows for free sex with no commitment.  Movements such as the feminist movement has destroyed families and whole nations.  Women have become more masculine in their ways and men have become in many respects more feminized.  No offense intended to the many good strong men out there who are anything but feminized.  It is fair to say that there are a large number of men out there who are feminized.  It is as if they got their manhood cut off before they had a chance to blossom into strong men.  Sad to say many men are abused as boys as are many women abused as girls.  The numbers of children who are abused are staggeringly high.  As a result this systemic abuse has produced a crop of men and women who mean well who do their best to be hardworking and decent yet are terrified of their own sex.  These men and women are afraid to have children or if they have children they limit the births of their children out of fear.  A price has been placed on the heads of children today which has produced mass murder  in such a systemic large scale that mankind has not seen such blood shed prior to 1801.  The war on the womb has been ignored as has the war of words used to aid and abet the  war on the womb.  This wicked war on the womb is a three pronged war.  This includes a war of words by leveraging sad stories to promote wicked abortion on demand.  The second prong is unjust laws supporting mass murder abortion on demand for a price.  The third prong is systemic criminalization of those who oppose abortion on demand.  This has produced modern terms such as “pro life” and “pro choice”.  Those who are “pro life” are often criminalized or presented by mass media as unstable or crazies for opposing infanticide inside and outside the womb.  The “pro choice” crowd have a blood lust not known to mankind prior to 1801.  This “pro choice” blood lust has resulted in the deaths of billions of unborn children and born children via abortion on demand.  “Abortion” is a euphemism for murder for infanticide of the child both unborn and born.  “pro choice” adds to the war of words and “pro choice” are fighting words to the unborn children.  “pro choice” reduces the child to a “choice” an “opinion” and has resulted in billions of deaths around the world.  The blood lust of the “pro choice” crowd would turn the stomachs of the most seasoned soldiers hardened men in the front lines of war from both world war I and world war II.  The cruel and merciless tools and powers used to destroy the least among us the unborn child is similar and worse than all the world wars combined.  A first trimester abortion is chemical warfare on the womb.  A first trimester abortion results in the skin of the child being burned in the most cruel and merciless form of murder known to mankind.  Saline abortions are the worst.  This is what the “pro choice” crowd demands from health care professionals many of whom would prefer or rather not do these heinous crimes to unborn children.  Many who work in healthcare are pressured into doing crimes against humanity against their well thanks in large part to the rabidly vicious “pro choice” loud cry demanding the blood of the innocents.  Many in the “pro choice” crowd are criminally insane and cannot be reasoned with.  Rarely will you see a “pro choice” shouter present after an abortion to both the mother of the aborted child and her family including the father of that child.  Many “pro choice” loud speakers are abusive types horrible people who love to shout and talk over those or any who oppose them.  Many “pro choice” people are either obsessed or possessed by the demons that control them for they are motivated by an unprecedented blood lust worse than all the world wars from the beginning of time to the present day.  There is something diabolical about a midwife or any mother in any capacity cradling a child in her arms stating that she herself is pro life but she is however pro choice for other women.  There is something diabolical about a pro choice mother cradling her own child or children in her arms demanding the blood of the children of other women under the euphemism “choice”.  I would not go near a doctor midwife nurse practitioner or any health care professional with my pregnancy who is “pro choice”.  When I was pregnant with my child I stopped going to one of my doctors who was suggesting I abort my child for no good reason.  This horrible doctor suggested I get prenatal testing done to see if there were any concerning abnormalities with my child.  I refused.  I declared loud and clear that I was birthing this child no matter what and that I refused to concern myself otherwise.  Besides the necessary pre natal care which I was careful to follow.  I birthed a healthy boy with no epidural all natural within five hours of my water breaking.  I thank my lineage for having good birthing hips and my ability to give birth fairly quickly and easily though I was considered old for a first time mother.  I was 36 years old birthing my first child on my own and as such I was considered a high risk pregnancy which was not true.  My ancestors including my own parents who had eight children.  Have a history of birthing many children without counting the cost or putting prices on their little heads.  I thank my parents daily for not putting a price on the heads of their eight.  My father passed away and my mother is still living.  I am not close to my mother due to systemic abuse that went on for centuries in Ireland where I grew up.  However, I do send my mother occasional post cards and I do reach out to her on occasion.  I remain grateful to my mother who despite whatever problems she had was not afraid to welcome however many children she was sent by the grace of the God of life.  I will always love my own mother unconditionally because I am number five out of eight.  These days number fives hardly ever make it to the table as they are often aborted or contracepted out of existence.  The scriptures speak about the quivers of the loins of Abramic holy unions authentic Christian nations who valued having their children however many was not counted all children were welcomed in holy unions over the centuries.  These days holy unions still exist though they are fewer and farther between.  If you look at the state of the union in various countries on a government level.  All you have to do is look at the state of the unions of the families of those  nations.  Is family life intact?  Are the people birthing their children no matter how these children come.  Are whole societies and nations helping the downtrodden single mothers and fathers to raise surprise children?  When you see nations supporting abortion on demand and demanding contraception and limiting the births of children.  You see nations on the demise you see nations that are systemically annihilating themselves destroying themselves from within.  Destroying their futures via the war on the womb.  True wealth is not in money property and things because when we die we cannot take gold or wealth or land with us.  Our children are our true wealth our truest prosperity for our children are our legacy to keep our lineage going from century to century.  Modern mankind has forgotten this just as modern mankind has forgotten there is a God at all.  The God of life has been forgotten by billions.  This God of life never forgot his creatures his creation.  It is his creatures who forgot him.  As such the God of life left mankind to their own devices more than a Century ago.  A long time ago now.  This has culminated in many a false Christ and false Mary idolatry many who kill in the name of Jesus Christ.  Ways they kill in the name of false God’s would make your head spin.  From many murders of the tongue to actual physical murder of the body and souls in particular of the holy innocents.   When I run I run for holy innocence and for justice.   Love without justice is love without the salt of justice and as such has no flavor no substance to it.  Many weddings today celebrate false love because many weddings have the wicked seed of contraception and abortions in their unions.  Hence the state of the union is a shipwreck a disaster of a massive scale.  Destroy the family destroy whole nations.  When will mankind wake up and realize that to restore nations one must restore family and family life.  This means returning to the simplicity of being fruitful and multiplying as God said to do in Genesis onwards.  No where in scriptures do you see words with instructions to use contraception and abortion and limit the births of your  children and commit infanticide.  I end with this scripture from the new testament.  “A voice in Rama was heard – Rachael – a loud cry for the children were no more and Rachael would not be comforted.”  Well I am not Rachael but I unite my loud cry to the cry of Rachael in Rama who lamented the murder of the innocents during the days of Herod.  I too lament the senseless slaughter of billions of unborn children on the altar of convenience.  A sacrifice to baal for the convenience of modern living.  I like Rachael in Rama refuse to be comforted because the Joy of the earth has been removed and the children are no more. These reflections titled the Lamentations of the Unborn are for my brothers and sisters my unborn brethren who were not allowed to stretch their legs to feel the earth to learn to walk to learn to talk to learn to breathe as the unborn were and continue to be systemically annihilated.   This is what the war of words accomplished with their wormwood lies and deceit their Apollyonic blood lust of the “pro choice” crowd.  Many in the “pro choice” crowd are controlled by Asmodeus the demons of lust from hell itself and their blood lust demanding the blood and death of unborn children the least among us via abortion on demand makes all the world wars look like child’s play.  May the cloud of witnesses in heaven witness my writing as my testimony that I one from the tribe of Dan shall not be comforted for the children are no more.