The Relief – A Reflection

This poem titled The Relief was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 68. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled The Relief consists of six short stanzas…The first two stanzas have two lines the third and fourth stanzas have three lines each and the last two stanzas have two lines each…I choose the same photograph that I choose for the previous reflection titled The Last Lullaby…This photograph really speaks to me about how “The hills of the world were bowed down by the journeys of his eternity”..Habacuc Chapter three verse Six…I will now discuss Akiane’s poem titled the Relief…This poem describes the holy innocence of early childhood.  Children in the womb do not know themselves they have yet to meet themselves.  In the developmental stages of infancy to early childhood.  Infants do not know they are separate from their mothers until they reach the age of two.  Hence the “terrible twos”  familiar to parents worldwide.  Age two is when the toddler begins to use speech such as “mine” and “no”.  This is the stage when the toddler is beginning to establish their individuality from their mothers.  Up to age two infants and toddlers are very attached to their mothers through whom they were born into this world and through whom their lives are totally dependant.  The age of two can be particularly challenging for loving parents who often find themselves corralling their errant toddlers who do not know to be safe all they know is they can run and they love to run here and there.  If we think about it infants and toddlers are fearless they are very brave after all they are totally dependent on their mothers and their fathers to be able to continue to thrive and to grow up to adulthood.  Studies show that infants can and do die from “failure to thrive” when separated at birth from their birth mothers.  This separation particularly in the early stages of childhood from holy infancy through age seven is traumatic and after age seven to adulthood for the child and the child’s parents both mother and father separation during childhood at any stage is always traumatic.  This poem titled the Relief talks about a holy innocent child who received no relief and died too soon.  The first stanza opens with these words “I miss the sound of shallow puddles”.  The third stanza says “And I burn the light inside my eyes until only salt is left.”  To me the reader this speaks about saline abortion which is first trimester saline abortion.  The saline burns the child in the womb and destroys their tiny bodies.  Another stanza in this poem says “When the world does not come out, a child rubs my eyes, so I would not miss my life again”.  I limit quotes to encourage all who read these reflections to purchase your own copy of Akiane Kramarik’s book titled My Dream Is Bigger than I – Memories of Tomorrow.  One of the stanzas says “The childhood relieves me from the irritations of fear”.  I leave the rest of the poem for you to read when you purchase your own copy of this incredible book of prose.  Holy innocent infants and children do not know to be afraid.  Fear is not something they know to experience.  Holy infants in the womb experience warmth comfort and safety receiving their nutrients through the umbilical cord of the mother.  A nurturing mother ensures she is eating well and taking good care of herself as she prepares to give birth.  Many mothers and fathers sing to their infants during their early developmental stages in the womb.  Many fathers will place their hands on the womb of their partners and talk to their child growing in the womb.  As the child grows in the womb Mothers will experiencing feeling their growing infant kick from time to time and morning sickness can be a problem at certain stages.  Morning sickness usually occurs after a growing spurt and when the infant is becoming more active in the womb.  Though morning sickness can happen at any stage of pregnancy as many mothers can attest to.  A holy infant in it’s mother’s womb experiences warmth and feels very safe and has no worry or care in the world as the infant does not know to care or worry about a thing.  Also the infant does not as yet know it has any senses to speak of as the infant is still developing.  When abortion on demand occurs the threshold of the womb is invaded by foreign hands fingers and objects which threatens the very life of the helpless infant.  By then the helpless infant knows it cannot fight to save itself and there is no one to save it either.  Hence the quote “The childhood relieves me from the irritations of fear”.  The holy infant does not know to fear all the infant knows is that it must die and the infant is very sad about this and the infant suffers horribly as well.  The infant feels the coldness of the hardness of hearts of men and women who with their abuse of their powers of speech place a hit on the infant in the womb via legalized abortion on demand which is legalized murder of holy infants on demand.  The infant has no say and those who demand abortions with their unjust laws and abuse of the powers of speech under the euphemism “choice” take no pity upon the sucklings  of the womb as mentioned in Isaias in sacred scriptures.  Sacred scriptures speaks to the wholesale slaughter of holy infants in the womb.  It is fair to say that the vineyard of mankind has been laid waste for the children are no more and the children here are treated horrible terribly for the most part.  With the exceptions of many loving and caring parents who do their very best to be the best parents they can be regardless of their social status or marital status.  There are many wonderful caring loving parents in the world today.  Also many couples are unable to conceive children of their own through no fault of theirs.  This is sad too and couples who desire children and are unable to conceive children carry a great sorrow.  This sorrow is amplified when these sorrowing childless couples see how society allows the wholesale senseless slaughter of holy innocent children.  There are many stories of couples unable to conceive children of their own who open their hearts to adoption and after they adopt a child the God of life blesses them and opens the womb of the woman in that union and these couples are then blessed with children of their own.  There are many stories like these.  Also many wonderful stories of couples who are unable to conceive children of their own who feel called to adopt and there are many miraculous stories of adoptions around the world.  The God of life blesses the hearts of holy couples who are unable to conceive children of their own through no fault of their own.  Not every couple who are unable to conceive are called to adopt.  It is beautiful to witness holy couples opening their hearts to welcome children through adoption and through this process they are then blessed with being able to conceive children of their own.  This happens a lot.  There are countless stories of women who had abortion or abortions on demand not fully understanding the implications of their “choice” and later on when they do want to conceive they are unable to conceive children of their own due to damage done to their uterus from a history of abortion or abortions on demand.  This causes these women great sorrow and suffering.  These women deserve better than abortion on demand for both themselves and their babies.  Also a woman with child who does not want to meet her child should be treated with the greatest respect and dignity she deserves and told it is ok to birth her child regardless of her circumstances and to not meet her child if that proves too much.  The gift of that child for another adoptive couple balances the universe.  We are supposed to raise each other up and lift each other up and help others on our journeys on earth.  Part of this is helping post abortive women come to terms with the trauma they experience from abortion or abortions on demand.  Many women are not aware of the horrors of abortion on demand until it is too late.  This is due to the cruel and merciless powers at work in the abortion industry which is a wicked bloodbath industry charging blood money to destroy the least of these the children in the womb.  Post abortive women need to be shown respect dignity and care and they often need someone to listen to them to help these women come to terms with the horrible reality that a terrible crime was done to their child and to the mother as well.  Women who have a history of contraception use also suffer because when they are ready to conceive they are often unable to conceive because the lining of their uterus remains a hostile environment.  These women through contraception use become infertile in many cases.  Their fertility declines also the children they are able to conceive in between contraception use often experience infertility as adults.  Contraception use in particular hormonal contraception affects the environment and studies have shown that contraception in the environment mutates the fish.  Also, the sexual orientation of children born to mothers and families with histories of contraception use is often confused as these boys and girls grow up with a hormonal imbalance which is not their fault.  As a result they will experience the confusion of feeling an attraction to members of the same sex.  This can cause these young men and women confusion and great consternation.  This explains why the gay communities are very large and widespread today.  Many adults identify now as a member of the opposite sex and choose to dress in a manner they feel most comfortable with that matches their identity.  This is a result of contraception use affecting our environment even if contraception was never used in the homes these men and women grew up in.  Many members of the gay community figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle and more and more members of the gay community are choosing to live chaste lives as many realize that living the gay lifestyle does not fulfil them.  Members of the gay community are very bright and have a lot to offer society as a whole and these men and women need to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.  So of Joe wants to be called Josephine then call Joe Josephine there is no harm in it and if this helps Joe fell better about his identity then there is no harm in it.  Where harm is done is when lifestyles are lived that are not good or healthy for us.  Such as promiscuity across the board.  Promiscuity is not good for any of us regardless of sexual orientation.  Promiscuity leads to death by STD’s which are sexually transmitted diseases.  Promiscuity leads to AIDS and a whole myriad of terrible diseases.  This affects all of society across the board regardless of sexual orientation.  The thing to do is to come to terms with your own identity and live a clean life and avoid promiscuity for health reasons.  Also promiscuity is not good for our mental health as human beings we were not created for promiscuity or lifestyles that are not good for us.  I have no problem speaking to a man dressed as a woman or a woman dressed as a man.  I understand this is likely due to hormone imbalance from our environment which has been destroyed by pollution in many forms including contraception.  The few I have spoken to who identify as a different sex have always been wonderful kind people with hearts of gold.  The secret to good health for both body soul and spirit is to live a clean life and avoid promiscuity.  It is best to avoid lifestyles that are not good for us.  Many members of the gay community are figuring this out and in the process they are figuring themselves out and are able to come to terms with their own identities as well.  Many today do not identify with organized religion or Christianity as such.  Therefore mentioning sacred scriptures would not be helpful.  For those of us who enjoy the reading of sacred scriptures a lot of comfort can be found in the Word of God.  The important thing is to always show others the respect and dignity they deserve regardless of their religion race colour or creed especially others who do not take part with organized religion across the board.   Too many people have experienced abuse of the powers of speech in organized religion to be expected to listen to a thing about religion full stop.  This must be understood and respected as well.  After all most of us are simply doing our best at the end of the day.  You must never forget that when a mother seeks to relieve herself of the burden of her own child her own baby in her womb via abortion on demand no relief is given the child in the womb no mercy at all and no relief….Only cruel and merciless torturous abortion done by the cruel and merciless powers…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Everybody has a story…The story of the unborn is one major untold story for the children are no more and can only speak in Heaven not on earth because on earth the children were annihilated and destroyed via abortion on demand….