The Paper Boat – A Reflection

This poem titled The Paper Boat was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 65. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled The Paper Boat consists of six stanzas and opens with seven lines in the first stanza two lines in the second stanza seven lines in the third and fifth stanza and two lines in the fourth and last stanza. The photograph I choose for this reflection is a blue canoe that my son and I noticed during our time on the Aran Islands.  To me this poem about The Paper Boat is an allegory about the unborn child.  The unborn child is like that Paper Boat and without an anchor this unborn child is lost without a trace and as such has no history.   I will quote the third stanza here:  “errors of silhouettes grow up – against the cheekbones the hair beats like a storm-torn sail and at the memory feast mouthfuls of life are gulped down”  To me this describes the children who grew up in error and in servile fear of having their own children.  This memory feast is a description of bad weddings many weddings today are not Christian or of the God of life.  For many couples unite in contraceptive and birth controlled unions and as such the state of their union is a mess.  These couples literally swallow “mouthfuls of life” when the women take contraception pills or injections or patches or implants.  These weddings then are contraception unions and are as such are  memory feasts for these couples are not open to life and the wombs of the women are hostile to their own children.  Contraception functions as an abortifacient as a result children are conceived unbeknownst to these women on contraception their children are conceived but cannot implant into their hostile womb due to an influx of hormones making the uterine wall hostile and the newly conceived embryo or child cannot implant and is washed out in a very early miscarriage – a miscarriage of justice.  The fifth stanza describes the look of death in the eyes of many today whose eyes are charcoal and lacking the light of authentic holiness and faith.  “you jump out of your charcoal eyes straight into the wrong place and you slap yourself to balance again on pain I look at both of your eyes so you would let love go – otherwise – there is no history”.  This is very profound because it describes charcoal eyes the cold eyes of those who demand contraception and abortion to control he birth of their own children.  When couples refuse to allow their children to come they refuse love and their union is unholy ungodly and has no love.  To couples who are unable to have children of your own through no fault of your own these words do not apply to you.  These words apply to couples who purposely with intent limit the births of their own children. Couples like that destroy their own offspring and their unions are murderous in nature.  These couples commit many murders of the tongue and of their own offspring.  Many are not enlightened to this horrible reality.   This stanza  also describes the horror of the eyes of the unborn child that are many times plucked out by surgical abortion and left sitting on petri dishes or some other storage container.  The horrors of surgical abortion are worse than your worst nightmare.  Children are torn apart limb by limb and their eyes are destroyed as well.  Their whole bodies are destroyed burned by saline in the first trimester and their eyes are destroyed also.  As I read this stanza I picture the eyes of the aborted unborn child sitting in a pile of dead body parts in an abortion mill.  Lets face it that is what they do with the body parts of dead babies.  Pile them up.  This is a bloodbath worse than all the world wars combined.  Abortion and contraception leaves no trace of the unborn child for the world to mourn and write songs about or poems about or lament.  This is why I write the lamentations of the unborn for this must be lamented.  The last two lines are very telling too.  “any mind does not fit wisdom but wisdom fits any mind”  This is very well said as many minds today ignore wisdom found in begetting and raising children in the ways of the God of life.  There is great wisdom in so doing yet many today have minds that have grown dim with no wisdom.  For they did discard their wisdom for folly.  Note, I did not quote the first two stanzas or the third stanza you will have to purchase your own copy of this excellent poem to read those.  The eyes of many today have grown dim and are charcoal and cold for many today are in darkness and do not understand they broke the Abramic Covenant with the Most High God of life.  Many people today claim to be of sound mind but they are in reality insane drunk on the blood of their dead children.  Children not allowed to be born not allowed to implant due to abortifacient contraception use and children sent to the chopping block of abortion on demand.  The Paper Boat to me is the unborn child ignored drifting away with no anchor and no history.  Also by the annihilation of nations of unborn children who have died in the billions worldwide due to abortifacient contraception and abortion on demand whole histories have been wiped out destroyed as these children were not allowed to live to make history.  Our earth our world is missing vital parts of history because these children were annihilated destroyed before their time and as such our history was destroyed.  History is not accurate or right due to the hidden from history aspect of abortifacient contraception and abortion on demand.  Also hidden from history too is the truth of the crimes done to the children of God the children of the Abramic Covenant the children of the lost 12 tribes of Israel.  Try as they might the chaff the seed of the devil did their best to leave no trace of their crimes done in the dark to the children of the Abramic Covenant.  However the word of God found in Isaias and Jeremiah and throughout sacred scriptures convicts the chaff of their crimes done in the dark.  What was done in the dark is now being brought into the light with the help of heaven.  Woe to the chaff and idolaters who destroyed the children of the Abramic covenant wholesale.  Hiding their crimes in the dark and covering their crimes with unjust laws such as the statute of limitations.  Sacred Scriptures already prophesied about the crimes of the chaff and the God of life and the God of Abraham in particular the Abramic Covenant has not forgotten the 12 lost tribes of Israel the children of Israel of the Abramic Covenant.   The God of life knows what was done and will separate the wheat from the chaff at the appointed time known to the God of life alone.  It appeared for a  time as though the God of life had forgotten his beloved Christian nations brought forth from the first increase from Abraham.  Well while the God of life did indeed forget his little ones for a time in his indignation as mentioned in Isaias.  The God of life has not forgotten his people.  To the children of the Abramic Covenant these are words of comfort and to the chaff who destroy children wholesale these are words of woe….As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my crazy humor.  Yes I do have a crazy sense of humor.  I always say if ya don’t like my stuff just x out of it and move on to something else…Life is too short…This silly humor section is titled Silly Excuses for not dating…At this stage of my life I do not date because I cannot deal with the drama…No offense intended but I already have a child and a dog to keep me busy I don’t date because I risk falling for another child that I would end up caring for and I don’t want that…Just as grown men do not want single mother’s like me unless we are willing to put out in terms of sex…I don’t want that so I simply do not date…I hope my silly excuses for not dating makes ya laugh…Life is too short to be serious all the time….