The Last White Hair – A Reflection

This poem titled The Last White Hair was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 64. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled The Last White Hair consists of four stanzas with three lines in the first stanza and six lines in the two middle stanzas and three lines in the fourth stanza…The photograph I choose for this reflection is of my child during a hot day in Ireland when we decided to have a water fight in th back yard.  We had a lot of fun getting wet that day which helped us both to stay cool on a very hot Irish summer day.  The house we were in did not have air conditioning because Ireland does not get a lot of intense summer heat…Children keep us young and though my hair is already very gray and white I do color my hair…My child keeps me young…I will discuss this great poem by Akiane called The Last White Hair now….I like to describe how these poems are composed as they are lyrical prose.  Excellent lyrical prose.  This poem does an excellent job of describing how deception works in particular how many couples and parents grow old not realizing or understanding the fall out of their history of abortion and abortifacients.  The words used to support and justify abortion on demand and abortifacients are very cold words to the unborn child.  The third stanza captures this message very well with these words.  “Every falling light feels the pulse of wombs lost in dark.  Every ladder wobbles on the eggshells.  Every joy – crushed like coal between canyons.  The reflection of bridges loses its true shape, and we get lost without a mark.”  This stanza describes the horrible reality of abortion on demand and abortifacients.  The unborn child “gets lost without a mark”  There is no trace left of the unborn child no unmarked grave to sing songs about or to write about.  The unborn child is not given the dignity of an unmarked grave.  The unborn child is discarded like trash “without a trace”.  Couples and parents grow old having annihilated their own offspring via abortifacients such as contraception and abortion on demand and their grey hairs cannot remove or heal the pain or the scars of abortion and abortifacients.  These couples and parents pass away having destroyed their own offspring.  The last stanza says this very well.  “If the last white hair outlasts the pain – the scars will treat themselves like open wounds.”  I limit the quotes to these avoiding quoting the first two stanzas to follow copyright guidelines that allow for limited quotes.  Be sure to obtain your own copy of this excellent work to follow along.  Many couples and parents are deceived that birth control in all its forms is ok.  Also many parents and couples are afraid to have too many children for fear of either not being able to properly provide for their own children or for fear their children could become victims of abuse.  Many parents who are poor are criminalized and marginalized by a society that demands abortifacients and abortion be used to control the population with the promise of an easier lifestyle in place of begetting and raising children.  This explains why many couples have one or two or four children limiting the births to no more than four.  Many couples who are open to life and have large families mean well yet they unknowingly expose their children to many dangers.  This goes on in homes of organized religions across the board.  These parents who have large families do not believe their own children when their children report they are being abused outside the home by members of their organized religion or not for profits.  These parents are accountable for their children and ignoring the cries of their own children is terrible.  This has caused division in large homes and small homes.  This also explains why families today are torn asunder and many adult children of homes of organized religion across the board confess they experienced trauma in their youth and are not close to their own parents as a result.  Consequently these adult children from organized religious homes are fearful of having many children of their own and so limit the birth of their own children.  Ninety five percent of women in organized religion in America of child bearing age use various forms of birth control from abortifacients like contraception or abortion on demand or so called natural family planning which is not natural at all.  Many couples using birth control  in its various forms are unhappy and as a result they sabotage their own unions their own marriages.  Many of these couples are insecure and do not trust their own spouses.  Consequently many verbally destroy the characters of their own family their own children and spouses via verbal attacks and verbal abuse.  This results in extra marital affairs often with the preachers in their organized religions.  Or with others outside their organized religions.  Many in organized religion across the board do not forgive their own families and incessantly complain about how horrible their own children and spouses are.  I have witnessed this myself first hand.  Also large families are verbally attacked and put down by others who view them as less than themselves if these families are poor.  Large families who are poor are treated like criminals as if poverty was a crime.  When in reality the true criminals are those who spew hate speech such as “your parents had too many children” or “that family cannot afford to raise all those children”.  I have heard this kind of hate speech during my time in America and in my travels.  I have visited Hong Kong China, Canada many parts of the USA, Ireland, France, Portugal, and the Canary Islands.  China is well known for forced abortions and for punishing families if they have more than two  children.  China forces couples to abort or pay a big fine if they have more than two children.  The hatred unfurled on families is a nightmare on earth.  Then if a mother or father faces single parenthood the verbal attacks are likewise vicious and the unforgiveness is horrid.  Many organized religions preach a false love and false prosperity.  They do a lot of prosperity preaching promoting self love and love of money.  No organized religion today truly promotes authentic family life neither do they in reality encourage large families to do their best and they do not help these families in any real way.  Instead families across the board large or small feel pressure great pressure to become wealthy and to live in comfortable homes with status such as more than one car in the driveway.  These families in organized religions are then pressured further into donating their time talent and treasure to their organized religious organizations which puts more pressure on these families.  Many families today struggle to provide for their families and do not need more pressure.  This pressure has resulted in the widespread use of abortifacients like contraception and abortion on demand out of servile fear of not being able to afford to raise more than a certain number of children.  What societies as a whole have done around the world is put a price on the head of a child.  Forgetting that children are priceless and cannot be priced in a monetary manner.  There are writeups and research that tout that to raise one child in America the cost is more than one hundred thousand dollars.  They also tout and boast that housewives are worth more than one hundred thousand dollars if they were paid a salary for all that they do.  While the value of a housewife is indeed undebatable and priceless.  We must not limit our value and worth as human beings to monetary numbers.  As sacred scriptures say we are worth more than the birds of the air.  God says in Matthew that the birds of the air do not reap or sow and God provides for such as these.  How much more will the God of life provide for you my people. I quote the scriptures for you here as found in Douay Rheims Matthew Chapter 6 verse 26 “Behold the birds of the air, for they neither sow, nor do they reap nor gather into barns: and your heavenly Father feedeth them.  Are you not of much more value than they?”    This was said to gently remind families that God provides for them all the time.  Children are our true inheritance and when we discard the children like garbage we discard our futures.  This is very serious for we also destroy our family lineages our whole genealogy is systemically destroyed with birth control in all its forms.  Mankind has put a price on the head of the child and on whole families.  This is wrong and not of the God of life who does not put a monetary price on all of his creation.  Money is a man made tool for commercial purposes.  Money is a means to an end full stop.  Money sad to say is the root of all evil for money has purchased injustice such as the unjust and unfair “statute of limitations” worldwide limiting the ability of victims of child rape to seek justice.  These children who were raped are not able to process what was done to their sacred bodies until they are grown adults.  For many of these children it takes years to process what was done to them.  The so called “statute of limitations” was purchased with blood money the blood of the children raped and sodomized who grew up in sheer terror and whose brains are trauma based.  How can an adult survivor of child rape seek justice when the statute of limitations effectively silences these adult  children of crimes done to their sacred bodies.  The statute of limitations sought to limit their speech and their testimony so as to silence these adult survivors of child rape.  This is wrong and no justice was shown these children who grew up in fear.  This also explains why many adults today are fear based and afraid to have too many children of their own for fear of poverty and abuse.  This fear is not healthy or good however one can understand how and why this type of fear exists.  Modern men and women are literally afraid to have too many children.  How on earth did we come to this type of fear.  Many have forgotten holy fear of the God of life who asks that his creatures keep their Covenant that God made with Abraham to marry and beget children.  The Abramic Covenant has long since been broken and torn asunder by whole societies around the world.  Also no justice was shown for the children who suffered terrible traumas in their youths in particular heinous child rape.  Jeremias lamented what was done to boys and girls as follows:  Jeremias Chapter One verses 5-8 addresses the fact that children do not have a voice and cannot speak as follows in Douay Rheims:  “Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee and made thee a prophet unto the nations.  And I said: Ah, ah, ah, Lord God, behold, I cannot speak for I am a child, And the Lord said to me: say  not: I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I shall command thee, thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of their presence: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.”  Now when we read these verses it is plain for all to see that unborn children are holy and sanctified by the God of life as such they do not need baptism at birth.  Baptism must come later in life out of a sincere desire from the heart of the young man or woman seeking baptism.  Many organized religions push baptism at birth which goes against the gift of free will given to all and also goes against the word of God found in Jeremias.  It is clear that unborn children are white as snow pure and undefiled from wilful sin and as such are sanctified.  It is only when they reach the age of reason and can freely choose to sin do they sin.  Also children do not sin wilfully unless they are taught to sin.   Woe to the parents who teach their children to know to sin or to choose sin.  Also to the children of Israel the first fruits of the increase take comfort because the God of life has not forgotten the tribes of Israel.   I confirm this here in Jeremias Chapter 2 verse 3  Douay Rheims “Israel is holy to the Lord, the first fruits of the increase: all they that devour him offend: evils shall come upon them, saith the Lord.”  To those of us linked to the 12 tribes of Israel in particular the lost 12 tribes these words are comforting.  To those who have devoured holy innocent children via vile child rape and torture them these words are a dire warning that evils will most certainly befall these criminals.  No statute of limitations will avoid the justice from the hand of the God of life.  In Jeremias God addresses the pedophile criminals in Organized religion as follows:  Chapter 2 verse 8 Douay Rheims “The priests did not say: Where is the Lord? And they that held the law knew me not and the pastors transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied in Baal and followed idols.”    Jeremias goes on to say in Chapter 2 verse 9 “Therefore will I yet contend in judgement with you, saith the Lord, and I will plead with your children.”  this is very powerful because many families did not believe their own children when their children reported vile abuse outside the homes of organized religions.  These crimes will not go unaccounted for and the statute of limitations will fail.  For the God of life knows that these children were not given justice no justice was given these children.  The word of God speaks to this and does not fail as the word of God is eternal and living. The words of Jesus Christ in the new testament also speaks to crimes done to the children when Jesus says during his sacred passion to the women of Jerusalem.  Found in Luke Chapter 23 verse 28 Douay Rheims “But Jesus turning to them, said: Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over me; but weep for yourselves and for your children.”  This is why I write the lamentations of the unborn as I do weep for the children are no more and I shall not be comforted.  Jesus follows verse 28 with verse 29 in Douay Rheims Luke chapter 23 as follows:  “For behold the days shall come, wherein they will say: Blessed are the barren and the wombs that have not borne and the paps that have not given suck.”  Jeremias goes on to say in Chapter 12 verses 10-17 Douay Rheims as follows: “Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard: they have trodden my portion under foot, they have changed my delightful portion into a desolate wilderness.  They have laid it waste, and it hath mourned for me. With desolation is all the land made desolate, because there is none that considereth in the heart.  The spoilers are come upon all the ways of the wilderness, for the sword of the Lord shall devour from one end of the land to the other end thereof: there is no peace for all flesh.  They have sown wheat and reaped thorns; they have received an inheritance, and it shall not profit them; you shall be ashamed of your fruits, because of the fierce wrath of the Lord.  Thus saith the Lord against all my wicked neighbours that touch the inheritance that I have shared out of my people Israel: Behold I will pluck them out of their land, and I will pluck the house of Juda out of the midst of them.  And when I shall have plucked them out, I will return and have mercy on them: and I will bring them back every man to his inheritance and every man into his land.  And it shall come to pass, if they will be taught and will learn the ways of my people, to swear by my name: The Lord liveth, as they have taught my people to swear by Baal: that they shall be built up in the midst of my people.  But if they will not hear, I will utterly pluck out and destroy that nation, saith the Lord.”   Jeremias has a lot to say about the times we are presently living in.  We are living in a time of great desolation as mentioned in sacred scriptures.  After all many wombs today are barren and are grave sites death tombs to their own unborn children destroyed by contraception abortifacients and abortion on demand.  What Jeremias said has happened and is happening.  The God of life will do a great thing and in his great Mercy will separate the wheat from the chaff.  The wheat being the first fruit of the increase from Abraham the children of the Abramic Covenant.  By increase I mean the children the nations born to the nation of Abraham who are as many as the stars in the sky as promised by the Most High God to Abraham in Genesis.  These children whose lineage can be linked to the Christian nations will be plucked out of the chaff.  The chaff will be destroyed.  The chaff are the seed of the devil those hell bent on destroying children wholesale.  Those who rape sodomize and destroy children are the chaff.  The wheat shall be plucked out and God will return to the wheat and show them great Mercy.  However, if the wheat refuses to listen then as Jeremias says in verse 17 of Chapter 12 God says “But if they will not hear, I will utterly pluck out and destroy that nation, saith the Lord.”  Now Ireland is very ancient and it is believed that the tribe of Dan settled in Ireland and Dan is one of the lost 12 tribes of Israel.  Now if Ireland continues to embrace contraception birth control and abortion on demand like other nations then the warning is very clear.  Ireland recently passed an unjust law legalizing abortion on demand and because of this unjust law doctors and health care workers are under pressure to either refer women to abortion services or to perform these abortions themselves.  Ireland is an example of a nation that was once pleasing to the God of life.  A nation that brought forth many children.  Ireland however suffered terribly at the hands of the chaff as evidenced now by the systemic abuse that took place over Centuries here.  In particular crimes done to the children in the dark.  The evidence is there for all to see that in Ireland one in four children were victims of abuse either  in their home our outside their home.  This statistic is terrifyingly horrible.  If Ireland refuses to listen to the word of God and pursues the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn children under the euphemism choice and abortion.  Then the God of life will be obliged to destroy the nation of Ireland.  Now it is understood that Saint Patrick obtained the following mercy for Ireland.  If Ireland as a nation continues to be lost and continues on the death march of abortion on demand contraception and birth control.  Then Ireland will be destroyed by flood 7 years before the final judgment.  This was published in a book about Saint Patrick.  This link does a good job of explaining the prophecy of Saint Patrick that during the great apostasy from authentic Christian values that upon the collapse of one of the volcanoes of the Canary Islands named Cumbre Vieja which is prophesied to happen prior to the rise of the anti Christ or the beast.  Ireland it is said will be flooded by one inundation 7 years before the final judgment.  You can research this online and check out the link I provided here: Simply copy and paste this link to study these prophesies concerning Ireland and the end of the world.  Also you can read about Cumbre Vieja here on this Wikipedia Link which you can also copy and paste:  It is said that if Cumbre Vieja collapses it is possible that Ireland would not survive a mega Tsunami.  I recently visited the Canary Islands myself I went to Lanzarote Costa Teguise.  It is a lovely area.  At the time of my visit I was not aware that Cumbre Vieja is part of the prophesies of Saint Patrick for Ireland.  The reality to date is that nations have spoiled their children by discarding their own children like garbage like trash with no trace and no unmarked graves to honour there deaths thanks to aboriton on demand and abortifacient contraception.  We are indeed living in a time of desolation.  Hopefully Ireland and the world will once more hear the word of God in their hearts and minds and choose life for their own children instead of death on the chopping block of abortion on demand and abortifacients such as contraception on demand.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Princes of Breifne that I wrote about the scars left behind for us to inherit due to centuries of systemic abuse perfected by the dark arts of abortion and contraception and all vile birth control….