One Wave – A Reflection

This poem titled One Wave was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 61. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

One Wave consists of two stanzas with six lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is of myself with my hair wild from the wind and my son in the back of me exploring Ireland…Ireland is by the ocean and Ireland is a small Island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  One large Tsunami Wave could drown Ireland forever…Ireland is indeed a beautiful small island…I will discuss Akiane’s awesome poem titled One Wave now…I love this poem it is very profound which is typical of Akiane’s work.  I remain in awe of the depths of writing from the pen of an eight year old child.  It is the children who must teach the world.  The first stanza opens with the words “Lost in the ocean I am with you, –  Ready for our boat to crash – We both have sunk our oars.”  The last stanza ends with the words “And I hold onto your wrinkles, So I do not fall into the ocean – one wave is a journey.”   To me the reader One wave means one person one unborn child in the ocean of mankind.  I say this because the second stanza opens with these words “When you hold me, Your childhood map etc.”  So to me the reader One Wave is one unborn child who represents one wave in the ocean of mankind.  The last sentence of this poem “One wave is a journey” means that every unborn child has a journey to make to be born and to be raised in a loving home to adulthood.  Today we have an ocean of blood from abortion on demand and contraception too.  We must remember that contraception often times fails to prevent conception and instead functions as an abortifacient whereby the newly conceived unborn child is unable to implant into it’s own mothers womb due to contraception causing said womb to become a hostile environment for that unborn child.  Consequently, we have an ocean of blood of unborn children unable to implant into their own mother’s wombs due to contraception who are then washed out in their own blood.  This is a grievous miscarriage of justice.  No justice for that child no life afforded that child and many mother’s are not aware this happens when they use contraception.  Many women have limited knowledge or understanding of the multifaceted dysfunction of contraception use.  It is fair to say that we live in a culture of death and mankind has made a pact with death itself.  We have billions of unborn children destroyed via abortion on demand that is an ocean of blood in and of itself around the world.  Unlike the World War’s before us these children are not given the dignity of an unmarked grave and there are no songs or poems written to deal with the war on the womb.  The war on the womb is the worst war ever unleashed upon our own species and this war goes unnoticed unacknowledged meanwhile millions lament that they ever had an abortion and many parents shed copious tears over the loss of their children after the abortion is done and they begin to realize the horror of their choice.  Death to their child for convenience.  Yes “One wave is a journey”  how many Journey’s were stopped due to abortion on demand and contraception?   Billions of Journey’s were stopped in their tracks and now we have an ocean of blood from the war on the womb.  This ocean of blood is greater than all the world wars and all the civil wars around the world combined.  The war on the womb gives the plague a run for it’s money.  The black death or plague that destroyed many in Europe has got nothing on the war on the womb.  The war on the womb is the worst form of terrorism ever unleashed upon our unborn children.  Contraception is the same as the end result is always abortion a dead child.  Many unborn children fall into the ocean of blood of their brothers and sisters annihilated and destroyed on the altar of convenience under the euphemism choice – abortion or chopping block on demand.  The outcome is horrid horrible and I wonder will mankind ever learn to lament this and to erect memorials for the war on the womb.  Will mankind ever set up museums of instruments used to procure abortion on demand.  Will mankind set up a museum showing the instruments used in the war on the womb.  Instruments of death torture and destruction and lament this and shed tears.  I am not certain that day will ever come.  However there are many items that would fill these types of museums.  The instruments used in abortion are many.  Laminaria for the first trimester.  MVA – or Manual Vacuum Aspiration used to abort a child between 3 and 12 weeks gestation.  This MVA is literally a Vacuum that is not very strong consequently the child is slowly ripped apart limb by limb.  This is the worst torture imaginable.  Will mankind ever learn to lament this?  Another instrument of abortion is the Uterine Curette – one side of the loop is sharp for cutting the child apart and the other side scrapes the uterus to remove the placenta.  Syringe with spinal needle – this instrument is used to inject salt water into the uterus the baby swallows and breathes the poison.  The cause of death is congestion, haemorrhage and shock. The mother goes into premature labour and a day later delivers a dead child.   This is done in first trimester abortions known as saline abortions.  The purpose of this salt water is to soften the corpse of the dead child for ease of removal.   The other use is to inject the chemicals digoxin, potassium chloride etc. into the heart of the baby.  This produces a dead baby which will either be delivered the next day by the mother due to premature labour or torn apart limb by limb with the instruments of abortion.  A more modern method for chemical abortion is chemical abortion with prostaglandin.  Prostaglandin is the use of large doses of hormones to produce a violent premature labour with the intention of delivering a dead child.   The violence of abortion on demand is very real and how we got to this is beyond my understanding.  How women can sign up for these procedures is beyond my understanding.  Yet billions of women worldwide demand death to their unborn children via abortion all the time.  The purpose of the chemical abortions is to also soften to corpse of the dead baby for ease of removal so that the corpse can be torn apart limb by limb for surgical removal if the child fails to be born dead.  The tool used to tear the dead baby’s body apart limb by limb is called a forceps.  The forceps is used to crush grasp and tear the dead baby apart limb by limb for removal from the uterus of the mother.  Cervical Dilators are used to dilate the cervix so that abortion instruments can be used.  The embryotomy scissors is used to cut off the head arms and legs of the baby for removal from the uterus.  This is chemical warfare on the womb.  This describes the war of the womb.  Chemical warfare on the helpless unborn child with on one to defend it.  How did we get to this point?  Women sacrifice their own babies to baal a false God a false Jesus Christ in many cases as many women who use contraception and abortion identify as Christian of all things and many fill Christian Churches.  My head spins when I hear this because these women broke the Covenant with the God of life long before and have no idea they made a blood pact with death via their contraception uses and abortions.  This pact with death is not of the God of life.  So many women are in ungodly unholy unions from the bowels of hell when they pop contraception pills or go around the corner for an abortion on demand.  Many of these women fear their own husbands and many also do not trust their husbands and are afraid to tell their spouses if they are pregnant.  That is insanity.  If you cannot trust your partner whom you live with every day of your life then who can you trust?  That is no way to live it is not a life it is a pact with death.  The God of life intended to bless marriages and for couples to “be fruitful and multiply”.  No where in the Bible does God say go ahead and destroy your own children on the altar of convenience.  Look at the story of Abraham.  God tested Abraham to see would Abraham be willing to sacrifice is only son Isaac.  Abraham was terrified and out of holy fear was willing to sacrifice Isaac.  What did the God of Abraham do?  He sent his holy angel to speak to Abraham and instructed Abraham not to harm Isaac but to offer an animal sacrifice instead.  So when couples are using contraception or having abortions.  This is not Christian this is not Godly and there is no Covenant between you save a blood pact with the devil himself.  Therefore by your decisions and horrible choices you cut the God of life out of your life completely and you have nothing left to show for your unions.  Yes you may have up to four or five children and boast incessantly about how wonderful you are to be raising your children.  However if you are using contraception or abortion or any form of birth control then you have broken the Covenant with the God of life.  No amount of boasting changes that.  Also many couples today are insecure and many men and women do not trust their own spouses with whom they live with day in and day out.  That is madness when you think of it.  Also, for many today their wedding ring does not mean anything to them.  They spend tons of money on lavish weddings then turn their backs on their own children via contraception and abortion and all forms of birth control and by so doing they cut themselves off from the God of life.  Now for many couples when they perceive or realize that it is possible that the God of life has closed the wombs of their spouses.  They begin to pray for children.  This is very good. There are many couples who desire children but are unable to have children.  Consequently, they are obliged to pray for children.  The God of life can close the wombs of women.  This is evidenced in sacred scriptures when God closed the womb of Rachael the wife of Jacob in Genesis Chapter 29 Verse 31 which I quote from Douay Rheims Bible.  “And the Lord seeing that he despised Lia, opened her womb, but her sister remained barren.”  Genesis Chapter 30 then shows how Lia’s sister was obliged to pray.  I quote Genesis Chapter 30 verses 1 – 8 and Genesis Chapter 30 verse 22. I quote as follows from Douay Rheims Bible:   “And Rachael, seeing herself without children, envied her sister, and asked her husband:  Give me children, otherwise I shall die.  And Jacob being angry with her, answered: Am I as God, who hath deprived thee of the fruit of thy womb?  But she said: I have here my servant Bala. Go in unto her, that she may bear upon my knees and I may have children by her.  And she gave him Bala in marriage, who when her husband had gone in unto her, conceived and bore a son.  And Rachael said: The Lord hath judged for me, and hath heard my voice giving me a son.   And therefore she called his name Dan.  And again Bala conceived and bore another, For whom Rachael said: God hath compared me with my sister, and I have prevailed.  And she called him Nephtali.”  Now verse 22 shows how God heard Rachael’s prayers.  Verse 22 “The Lord also remembering Rachael, heard her, and opened her womb.”  This is very powerful.  I must add that Lia in Genesis who is one of Jacob’s wives had her womb closed for a time as found in Genesis Chapter 29 Verse 35.  Which I quote here from Douay Rheims Bible –  This is Lia:  “The fourth time she conceived and bore a son, and said:  Now will I praise the Lord, and for this she called him Juda. And she left bearing.”  Now in Genesis Chapter 30 Rachael perceiving herself as barren gives her husband Jacob her maidservant Bala who then conceives and bears two sons.  The first son Rachael names Dan and the second son Rachael names Nephtali.  Meanwhile Lia realizes she is no longer conceiving.  As evidenced in Genesis Chapter 30 verse 9 “Lia, perceiving that she had left off bearing, gave Zelpha her handmaid to her husband.”  Here we go again.  Now in Genesis Lia and Rachael really wanted to bear children because children were considered true wealth.  So it gets interesting here as mentioned in Genesis Chapter 30 verses 10 – 22 Douay Rheims –  “And when she had conceived and brought forth a son, She said Happily, and therefore called his name Gad.  Zelpha also bore another.  And Lia said:  This is for my happiness: for women will call me blessed, Therefore she called him Aser.  And Ruben, going out in the time of the wheat harvest into the field, found mandrakes: which he brought to his mother Lia. And Rachael said: Give me part of thy son’s mandrakes.  She answered: Dost thou think it a small matter, that thou hast taken my husband from me, unless thou take also my son’s mandrakes?  Rachael said, He shall sleep with thee this night, for thy son’s mandrakes.  And when Jacob returned at even from the field, Lia went out to meet him, and said: Thou shalt come in unto me, because I have hired thee for my son’s mandrakes.  And he slept with her that night.  And God heard her prayers and she conceived and bore the fifth son.  And said: God hath given me a reward, because I gave my handmaid to my husband. And she called his name Issachar.   And Lia conceived again, and bore the sixth son.  And said:  God hath endowed me with a good dowry: this turn also my husband will be with me, because I have borne him six sons.  And therefore, she called his name Zabulon.  After whom she bore a daughter named Dina.  The Lord also remember Rachael, heard her, and opened her womb.”  This is very powerful as it testifies to the fact that the God of life can open and close the wombs of women.  Also nowhere in the holy bible do you find words like contraception or abortion.  Isaias however does indeed lament the times we are presently in.  Isaias laments this in Chapter 13 verses 16 – 18  “Their infants shall be dashed in pieces before their eyes, their houses shall be pillaged, and their wives shall be ravished.  Behold I will stir up the Medes against them, who shall not seek silver, nor desire gold.  But with their arrows they shall kill the children, and shall have no pity upon the sucklings of the womb: and their eye shall not spare their sons.”  What Isaias said has happened and is happening as we speak.  Isaias describes the instruments of abortion with one word arrows.  I could not say it better my self.  Also the word arrows means hate speech words used to justify abortion on demand.  Unjust laws are also arrows and are part and parcel of the arsenal of words and weapons used in the war of the womb.  Now Isaias continues to lament in the same chapter 23 verse 19 as follows “And that Babylon, glorious among kingdoms, the famous pride of the Chaldeans, shall be even as the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha.”  It is fair to say that the times we live in are in many respects worse than the days of Sodom and Gomorrha and the days of Noe.  I end with the following I hope all who read this reflection will pause and take a moment of silence for the unborn children scheduled for the chopping block of abortion on demand and for all the fallen children the silent tiny soldiers destroyed by the silent and deadly war on the womb.  For the smallest littlest of the little the truly poorest of the poor the unborn child in the womb.  This reflection is for you both living and deceased in particular for all children destroyed by abortion on demand.  As a thank you for reading my reflection enjoy my ocean playlist from My YouTube Channel. I love visiting the ocean especially beaches….This is a small playlist of prayers I was inspired to sing by the Ocean I visited…The Atlantic Ocean from different parts of the world….

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