I Love You – A Reflection

This poem titled I Love You was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 60. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem I Love You consists of three stanzas with seven lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is one of my own child squinting in the bright sun on a hot sunny day on Achill Island in Ireland.  I choose this photo because love is sacrificial and love is holy.   There is a lot of false love in our world these days and for centuries.  There have been centuries of false love. I will now discuss this awesome poem by Akiane titled I Love You…I love this poem…it is an allegory which is very much the essence of Akiane’s poetic style which transcends allegories to a higher three dimensional plain that no one can touch on earth…. There are so many meanings to her poetry I am awe struck. The first stanza opens with the line “A two-spotted ladybug snuggles between my knuckles”  This really speaks to me the reader because when I was a child I absolutely loved lady bugs.  Not kidding.  I still love Lady bugs to this day.  I also love the fuzzy caterpillars and in Upstate New York there are plenty of fuzzy caterpillars in the country side there.  I loved to pick them up and pet them.  Oh the joys of youth so carefree and full of excitement and joy over the smallest simplest things.  That would describe me as a child.  I loved the simple things and Lady bugs were my favourite simple thing to love.  I loved their bright colours and spots and everything about the little lady bugs.  I was always very child like even in my young adult years.  I was very gullible too and I am the one person who would believe you if you told me that they took the word gullible out of the dictionary.  True story someone told me this in my youth and I literally believed them.  A good laugh was had by all myself included.  It was very funny at the time.  Though I had six years of college done and dusted at a very young age.  I was very childlike and gullible for years.  This first stanza is so much fun it captures the joy of childlike innocence and childlike vibrancy.  In the second stanza Akiane writes about dashing into the forest “where a single ring swings on a mossy vine”  This is delightful prose and captures the magical way children think and play.  Hence the term the magical thinking of the child like or children.  The last stanza has a more serious tone.  I quote Akiane here:  “On the tree bark I love you is carved Like a brick in a wheelbarrow the hard trust is the shape of the forest heart Now it is time for me to carve the confession.”  Wow!!!  This confession could be anything from the words I love you too or I had an abortion or I am pregnant with your child or I miscarried your child….I say these things because the reader is left to wonder what will she carve in that forest in her confession???…That is between her and the forest and the God of life…This poem is brilliant and very deep and this prose does make me the reader pause and reflect which is why I am writing this series of reflections.  You see the words I love you are used a lot and many people say these words and use them to express their love for their beloved.  Whether that is a mother or father telling their child or children I love you or a couple in love saying I love you or any other scenario were feelings of love are expressed.  Sad to say many abuse the words I love you to manipulate others into believing they are loved only to discover they were literally scammed into a false love scenario.  This goes on a lot.  The cheating spouse male or female telling their married partner I love you then turns around and says the same words I love you to their lover or lovers.  Many false Christ preachers across the board express the words I love you and Jesus loves you meanwhile they do horrible crimes in the dark.  Many such preachers have affairs if they are married or if they take a vow of celibacy as is required in some organized religions many of them have lovers or women on the side.  They say the words I love you to these women and they say the same words I love you to their followers.  Horrible to reflect on the terrible reality that many false Christ preachers talk a good talk about faith and morals yet fail to walk the talk.  In other words they say a lot with their speech but fail by their actions to show good example.  This goes on a lot as well.  The other terrible reality is many use the words I love you to access children.  Single mothers can become targeted by horrible pedophile child abusers who get involved with these single mother so they can access their children.  There are many such stories out there.  They are horrifying terrible and sadly true.  The same is true in organized religions across they board many horrible preachers do the same.  They seduce families with their words into believing these preachers are the authority on faith and morals meanwhile they abuse the children in the dark often raping the boys and the girls in the dark or behind the scenes.  This is terrible horrible and true.  As evidenced by the scandals rocking most organized religions today in particular the relocation of vile pedophiles.  Now another way the words I love you are misused and abused is when couples fall on love but decide not to have children.  So while they do love one another their love is false because they make no room for the children in their lives.  Children are totally dependant on their parents and are very vulnerable it is the children who are the poorest of the poor the smallest members of our society the littlest ones.  The children in their mother’s wombs are the most vulnerable and are the poorest of the poor the littlest of the little.  Billions of children have been aborted worldwide in the name of a false love and in the name of a false god the god of “choice” the god of war the god of the war of the womb.  Now the God of life certainly gave us free will and we are indeed free to choose whether or not to serve the God of life.  So yes it remains up to each person to do the next right thing or make the correct best choice.  Sad to say however the word choice has lead to the annihilation of nations via abortion on demand.  To unborn children the words I love you can be terrifying today because many couples conceive children they do not want to birth.  So when contraception is used many times conception does occur but the womb is now a hostile environment so the newly conceived littlest of the little poorest of the poor child cannot implant and is washed out in its own blood.  Contraception often works or functions as an abortifacient something many people are not aware of.  Also, many unborn children are terrified of conception because to be conceived means certain death to billions of unborn children today.  If the child implants and starts to grow in its mother’s womb it is just a matter of time before that child’s life is senselessly destroyed via abortion on demand.  Unborn children can no longer trust that the words I love you applies to them.  Unborn children are terrified and afraid to be born.  Unborn children have immortal souls and their souls were prepared for conception by the God of life.  These immortal souls are now terrified of coming to earth via conception for they meaning these unborn children no longer know for sure whether or not they will be allowed to live to be born to live on earth.  On a mystical level the immortal souls of unborn children are now terrified of conception and terrified of the words I love you.  The words I love you should be the most beautiful words heard by the receiver.  However to the unborn child in the womb the words I love you does not apply to these children in many cases.  While couples love each other many today discard their children via contraception and abortion on demand.  So that when a child is conceived and implanted in the womb these children are not allowed to live to be born.   Many children who survive surgical abortion are left to die with no help.  So to billions of unborn children the words I Love You are terrifying terrible and traumatic.   Just as there are many false Christs as mentioned in Sacred Scriptures there are also many false loves out there.  Many versions of love and the words I love you are meaningless to billions of unborn children.  That is the terrible reality and fallout of contraception and abortion on demand.  The terrible reality too is this.  Many women have no idea how many children they conceived while using contraception.  Because these children could not implant into these women’s wombs which are now hostile environment’s to the newly conceived children who are washed out.  Many women have no idea this occurs with the use of contraception.  This will be revealed by the God of life on the day of judgment and many women will be in total shock.  For many today have no idea this goes on with contraception.  For the unborn children the world is a dangerous terrifying place a hell on earth and these children have no one to defend them and yes for billions of unborn children their own mothers have forsaken them forgotten them via abortion on demand.  Well the God of life never forgot the aborted unborn children whose sacred bodies were desecrated burned and torn apart limb by limb in the most gruesome war ever unleashed.  The war of the womb.   To all the children destroyed by abortion let the words I love you permeate your beings as coming from your creator the God of life who never ever forgot you and  never ever stopped loving you.  The God of life loved you into conception and into being and it is the God of life who heals you in heaven from the ordeal of abortion on demand.  To many people today the words I love you are misused and abused to manipulate and use others which is a tragic travesty and the fallout is massive billions of the poorest of the poor the littlest of the little the wee babies destroyed before their time.  Let us all take a moment of silence for the children who are no more due to contraception and abortion on demand.  The tree with the words I love you etched on it is offended that it’s bark was such marked with empty words that have been abused by mankind to manipulate and destroy others including their own offspring their own children.  Yes trees are living life forms and I declare it is fair to say and acknowledge that mankind has offended nature as well including the trees.  Instead of carving the words I love you on the bark of a living tree mankind needs to learn to love their children again and to welcome their children into the world with open arms.  Instead of abusing the words I love you beyond recognition and destroying their own progeny their own inheritance their own futures which should have been filled with children who are no more.  To all children destroyed by abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of wicked idolatry including ritualistic child sacrifices and all forms of child abuse done across the board by organized religions in the name of a false god a false Jesus Christ and a false love.  This reflection is for you.  The God of life never forgot you neither have I the author of these reflections forgotten you.  Though your voices were silenced too soon and before you could speak in many cases the God of life has heard your silent screams your silent cries.  Justice will fall with the help of heaven for no justice was given on earth to the fallen children.  The children destroyed in the name of false love a false god a false Jesus Christ.  These reflections are dedicated to the children destroyed not allowed to live for crimes they never committed.  Let the words I love you permeate the hearts of mankind as coming from the God of life who created us all and who loves all of us the same and asks that we stop annihilating the nations our own children via contraception and abortion on demand and all forms of child abuse and child murder.  Heaven help us all.  As a thank you for reading this reflection….Enjoy my Fake Diva playlist on YouTube…I was inspired to start a Fake Diva comedy section on YouTube making fun of all the lies and deceit in the world and all the false love out there.  No I am too old to be a real Diva so I enjoy being a Fake Diva…I hope this makes you chuckle or laugh…

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