Letters – A Reflection

This poem titled Letters was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 57. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Letters consists of three stanzas with three lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is two photos combined.  It was taken on the Island of Nantucket in 2018 where I was pretending to post or mail a letter to the faeries in this darling fairy garden that we discovered on the island of Nantucket.  Words have power words have strength to them.  Words can be used for good to heal us of the past or to encourage us or words can be used for bad to harm others or to drag others down.  I have experienced this a lot in my life at the end of this reflection I will include a letter I had to send in the form of an email to get a horrible woman to stop harassing me through her own father.  This is a woman I met in person years ago and I also met her now elderly father and her now deceased mother and her brother.  I do not know her brother very well though he seems to be a very nice person on his own unique spiritual journey.  This woman told me that she was “jealous of me”  years ago she admitted this to me.  This woman verbally abused me so may times I lost count.  This woman then proceeded to compromise my safety years ago on numerous occasions and is known for badmouthing me behind my back telling others including her own father that I am a horrible person.  I know this because this woman’s own father told me these things that his daughter bad mouths me all the time to him and to others.  I want my readers to understand that verbal abuse is not good and verbal abuse does a lot of damage.  Words have power and words do hurt and words can harm others.  First I will reflect on this awesome poem titled Letters then share the letter I had to send by email at the end of this reflection…. This poem Letters opens with the word i in lower case.  The reason the word i is in lower case to me the reader is to showcase the voice of the unborn child who was never given a voice or a say and had no way to protect itself from the devastation of abortion on demand.  Because this poem is so very short I will limit my quotes to the last stanza which says it all.  “my mother was waiting and waiting until you crocheted my eyes to hold the dawn”  This unborn child is lamenting that it was aborted and this child’s eyes were literally destroyed.  The horrors of abortion on demand are worse than your worst nightmare.  Many times babies body parts are literally torn apart limb by limb and in fact many times too the eyes of the children are removed from their sockets.  This happens often with saline abortions early in the first trimester.  Abortionists have to reassemble the babies body parts after the child is surgically aborted.  The child’s body parts are then reassembled.  Abortion is so macabre that many times too the body parts of children are thrown in piles with other body parts of children.  Abortion clinics that do many abortions throughout their day must dispose of piles and piles of dead babies body parts.  This is horrible a nightmare worse than any nightmare you can imagine.  So the words “crocheted my eyes” describes the horrors of abortion.  Unborn children are not allowed to be born they are not allowed to see the light of day and if they survive the ordeal of abortion and are born alive these babies are left to die.   These horrors are all in the name of “choice” and it is big money as well.  Big business and I call it blood money because that is what abortion is blood money a hit on the unborn child for a price.  Horrible and true.   It is not possible to sugar coat the horrors of abortion on demand.  The world refuses to listen to the voiceless unborn many children meant to be born are denied this basic right and the lineages these children are conceived into are literally losing their bloodlines and going extinct thanks to abortion on demand and contraception.   As the horrible history of mankind’s grave errors continues to unfold.  It is my hope that Abortion and Contraception will be one day classified as tools of war in particular the war on the womb.  Also that certain words like “choice” and “abortion” and “contraception” will be labelled war crime words.  It is my hope that an international memorial will be set up to acknowledge the billions destroyed in the womb not acknowledged by mankind and ignored by a world gone mad a world insane drunk on the blood of their own iniquities.  The blood of the dead aborted children destroyed for a price on the altar of convenience using the euphemism “choice”.  So many today want to say “yes” to abortion on demand and these horrible people demand their “yes” to abortion on demand never taking a moment to think about what this means to the unborn child and the mother of that child.  No thought is given only a greedy selfish loud cry like the cry of the demons from hell declaring “yes” give us abortion on demand we want the blood of the lambs the blood of the babies slaughtered on the chopping block of abortion so that “we” can live as we choose.  This is a war cry from hell and brings more hell on earth to the unborn children and their mothers.  I declare woe to you who vote for abortion on demand and declare with your selfish greedy evil voices “yes” we want abortion on demand under the euphemism “choice”.  You know not the evil you choose neither do you know the evil of your own words.   Because you are lost to the devil himself and you do not even know yourself never mind the God of life who created you.  Woe to all of those who support the slaughter of holy innocent helpless children the least of the least the littlest of the little and the poorest of the poor.  Mother Teresa was right in her concept of helping the poorest of the poor.  However I declare that the unborn children are the poorest of the poor the least of the least the smallest of the small.  These unborn children are people too no matter how small they are people too.  As Dr. Seuss said “A person is a person no matter how small.”  Woe to those who vote for abortion on demand who demand that abortion be allowed under the word “choice”.  The blood of the unborn children falls directly on your heads and their blood bears testimony before the throne of the God of life that you by your selfish wicked agenda support with your wicked words abortion on demand and certain death to innocent children for crimes they never committed.  Woe to you wicked ones your time is short and the God of life will deal with you at the appointed time.  No justice was shown the unborn children on earth and no their silent screams were not heard these silent screams were ignored.  Well their blood is now oceans deep worldwide and the God of life has had enough.  The blood of the unborn children cries out to the God of Life for Vengeance and the God of life will have vengeance destroying the wicked at the appointed time.  For anyone who ever supported abortion or anyone who ever had an abortion or used contraception or is presently on contraception or having abortions.  Now is a very good time to repent from your heart for these crimes.  For many it is already too late many are not capable of repenting for their hearts are hardened beyond repair.  However for those who are sorting this mess out and who are learning and figuring it out that contraception and abortion is not the answer.  Rejoice in this and be not afraid to repent from your hearts.  The God of life will forgive his creatures  anything as long as sincere repentance comes from the heart.  The God of life knows the heart of fallen man so false repentance will not fly.  In other words if you speak with your lips and your mouth the words I am sorry but behave and act as if you are not sorry the God of life sees this and knows your repentance is not sincere.  The only person you fool is yourself and others but not your creator the God of life.  Now to receive sincere repentance it is advised to pray and fast.  Repentance is not always easy and sincere repentance can be difficult at times.  However seek the God of life with your whole heart your whole being and the God of life will lead you and help you attain sincere repentance.  Pray in tears on your knees and cry out to the God of life to help you to repent sincerely from your heart.  If you do this well you can be rest assured of the word of God being on your side.  As sacred scriptures say that the God of life will surely forgive a sincere repentant heart.  This is why Jesus Christ came to earth to show fallen man the way to God.  To show fallen man how to forgive and to make forgiveness possible.  Also to be forgiven by the God of life we must forgive each other at all times no matter the cost.  Forgiveness is a requirement for heaven.  Not one of us can afford to hold onto resentments bitterness and hatred and to refuse forgiveness.  For to refuse forgiveness to others is to refuse the God of life in your heart.  Also learn to forgive yourself too and ask the true Jesus Christ born of blood and water from the womb of Mary Most Blessed to teach you how to be good to yourself so that you can learn to love yourself the way that Jesus loves you.  So that you can forgive yourself and forgive all those who hurt you in the past.  Jesus says we must do good to them that hate us this is a requirement for heaven.  The words on the cross apply to many people today including women who have had abortions and used contraception and men too.  These words are powerful and mighty from the mouth of Jesus Christ on the holy cross “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”  These are powerful words.  However, we must guard against presumption and we must not allow ourselves to remain ignorant of sacred scriptures and ignorant of the law of God.  For to do so is to die.  Ignorance is very serious especially wilful ignorance refusing to learn of the ways of the God of life so as to remain ignorant is very serious and this will not fly before the Throne of God.  God knows the heart of his creatures and God knows who is searching for truth and who is crying out for the grace of sincere repentance.  God knows all his children his creatures so do not play games with yourself or God for to do so is to die.  By playing games I mean acting like you are sorry speaking the words you are sorry but persisting in your ignorance of sacred scriptures and persisting in supporting abortion and contraception in the lives of those around you.  The God of life sees what you do and do not do.  Also the God of life will not hold you unaccountable for the things you failed to do.  This applies to all of us including me the author of this reflection.  We are all in the same boat which I think many of us would agree is a shipwreck.  The only one who can help us now is the God of life and heaven above.  Heaven help us all and if you feel called to repentance rejoice in this there is nothing the God of life will not forgive as long as you are sincere in your heart crying out to our creator to become a new whole living person in the true God of life the true Jesus Christ who loves all of us creatures very much.  Heaven help us all.  As a thank you for reading this reflection I will share an email I had to send to a horrible woman to put a stop to harassing phone calls that were coming from her father and to put a stop to her horrible behavior towards me in general.  Treating single mothers like me like that is not good – treating any other person the way she treated me is terrible.  I will title my letter…. Get A Load Of This…Here goes…  Also as a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my small section on YouTube titled Hobbies are good for us.  I have many hobbies now that keep me busy.  Hobbies are ways that I have learned how to cope….  Before you read Get A Load Of This I must provide a little background.  It was only when we had to move for emergency purposes did I reach out to this false friend to ask for a small loan to help with our moving process.  He was kind enough to lend me a modest sum less than one thousand US dollars.  Just so you know it was generous of him and I will repay him when I can.  Also so you know it is not a very large sum yet large enough for me.  I do not earn or make any money from my blog or YouTube something horrible false friends fail to get or understand.  I made sure that man had my contact details in Texas otherwise there is no way he could contact me.  It is the harassing horrible behavior that I address here.  Helping someone in their time of need in any way shape or form does not give the person helping the right to be abusive which is what occurred in this case.  This fake friend did a lot of damage to me and time has come to end this.  Once I am able to I will be sure to repay this jerk.  Thank you for reading my reflections and testimony of ways people can be horrible particularly horrible to single mothers like me….

Get A Load Of This

In the subject heading of this email sent to that wicked horrible witch of a woman.  I stated “This email serves as a legal document – read this in it’s entirety…. I changed the signature at the end to reflect how I feel as a single mother harmed by this woman.  I simply said Signed by the Grieved party One little Ms. Single Mother….Read the email I sent to that wicked witch here…Notice the advice provided to my by the local police department…Advice I am following…

I have notified the local police department where I live in Texas that your father has been harassing me for some time now.  At exactly 9:03 am my time I received a call from a restricted phone line.  I typically do not answer restricted lines unless it is a call from the police department in response to reports I am making or my doctor.  Your father did not tell me why he was calling except to ask about my blog and my life and my activities now.  I informed the local police department that I do indeed owe your father a small sum of money.  Money I intend to repay when I am financially able to do so.  This email is my request in writing asking you to cease and desist discussing me my name my life my blog or any details with anyone because that is verbal abuse and a form of harassment it is in fact harassing behavior.  Further to this I ask that you print this email and give this to your father.  I ask that you tell your father to cease and desist contacting me in any way shape or form either electronic in writing by phone or in any form.  When the money is there with the help of my attorney I will repay your father what is owed him.  If this harassing behavior is not stopped I will be obliged to pursue legal action.  Something I prefer to avoid.  I trust you prefer to avoid legal action which will include making public the actions done by your father concerning me.  I record all restricted phone calls which is my right and my duty.  When I called your father back this morning to ask him to leave me and my family alone he told me to “drop dead”.  Your father continued to verbally abuse me and attack me by calling me a horrible person a terrible person.  I trust that is your doing as you are responsible for bad mouthing me to others behind my back and compromising my safety in the past.  See to it that your father is informed of this request.  On my part I am speechless appalled by the disgraceful behavior of your father.  I have no other way to let your father know that what he has done to me is very serious and is harassing behavior.  Your father has a history of calling me and accusing me of doing things I do not do not limited to accusing me of taking advantage of him as an elderly man.  Your father did apologize for that after reducing me to tears over the phone.  I have experienced heart palpitations increased blood pressure and duress in the form of tears shed by verbal abuse from your father.  Your father tells me that you tell him things about how horrible i am all the time.  Your father has told me this many times. What you have done is perpetuated a cycle of verbal abuse that must be stopped.  I will pursue legal action for harassment if this kind of behavior is not stopped.  Tell your father to stop calling me.  Tell your father to stop telling me to “drop dead” and other horrible things.  I do not deserve to be treated that way by anyone.  I do not want to ever hear from you or any member of your family ever again.  To me you are accursed to me you are horrible people.  The only good person in your family was your beloved elderly mother who passed away due to neglect and not one of you were fit for the task of advocating for your poor mother so that she would not have died as soon as she did due to breaches of standard of care during her hospital stay.  Your father told me about your mother’s medical case and I went to the trouble of providing your father with a phone number for the State of New York to contact for instructions on how to file a breach of standard of care for your poor deceased mother.  All I get for the help I tried to provide to your father is nasty behavior verbal abuse and annoying calls.  Whatever evil befalls your family you bring evil upon yourselves.  I never wished any evil upon any of you yet your own father wishes evil on me by telling me to “drop dead”.  That is vile and disgusting behavior.  I declare let your own devices condemn and convict you let your own wicked evil ways destroy you.  I do not need to do a thing to you for you are destroying yourselves.  You are horrible people too full of yourselves to leave room for a God of any kind in your lives and oh how you love to preach about Jesus Christ of all things.  Look at how you treat me a single mother due to rape from one of the prelates in your filthy church.  Look at what you did to me and continue to do to women like me.  You are hateful despicable disgusting.  I will not let you or your family be the death of me.  Rather death will come to you at the appointed time known to my God the God of life alone as your reward for harassing the piss out of a single mother.   How dare you jealous fiend.  You horrible wicked witch.  You told me yourself that you are jealous of me you have been jealous of me for years.  Why in hell you are jealous of me is beyond me.  But you told me that yourself.  You never stopped harassing me through your own father.  Your father told me many times the terrible things you said about me.  You are a disgrace a poor excuse of a woman and not fit for authentic Christianity or anything resembling Christianity.  I am making a copy of this email available to the local police department for their records.  I will pursue legal action if you do not cut out what you are doing to me attacking me through your father.  Cut it out or face legal action.  I just got off the phone with my own local police department who confirmed that it is ok to send this email request.  I was advised not to respond to any future correspondence or phone calls from your family. Do not reply to this Do not contact me and tell your father to leave me and my family alone.  As for the “drop dead” comment I am speechless as that is threatening speech.  Enough Said!!!  Respectfully Submitted and Signed by One Little Ms. Grieved party a single mother….  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Maeve and her lips of wars…This is a mystical song about gossip and how machine gun attacks occur in many forms not limited to actual machine guns but verbal abuse and verbal attacks…Maeve is someone I once knew who was horrible to me in person and behind my back…This horrible women inspired me to write this song titled Maeve and her Lips Of Wars…

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