From The Fenced Lands – A Reflection

This poem titled From The Fenced Lands was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 59.“You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes”.

The poem From The Fenced Lands consists of three stanzas with five lines in the first stanza three lines in the second stanza and five lines in the third stanza.  The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken of me during my visit to Lourdes France in 2018…The weeping willow I sat under looked lovely and to me represented the tears that flowed from all who suffered on the green fields of France and all over Europe from all the wars and famines….Most land is fenced anymore and to walk on land that is not yours is a death wish these days.  In Ireland and most of Europe every section of land is cordoned off.  Every strip of land is accounted for so you better not tread on land that is not yours without express consent of the landowner!!! I will now discuss the poem titled From The Fenced Lands…  Wow!  This poem is profound!!!….Akiane’s poetry is so rich and profound that I limit my reflections to two or three poems at a time.  Or four at the most.  I mean these words are very deep and require prayer to understand them.  I am usually fasting and praying when I write these reflections there is no other way for me to accomplish this task.  I mean this 8 year old child is a binary genius after all and here I am a 46 year old grown woman of God attempting to do these poems some justice via these humble reflections.  If I do not pray and fast prior to writing I will surely fail in my attempt.  These poems are holy these poems are from the pen of a holy innocent child without blemish as children are pure lovely and without blemish most times.  If children are bad it is because the adults in their lives mistreat these children or show or teach these children to choose evil.  Children never wilfully choose evil it is the wicked adults who teach children to know to choose evil.  I add to this too woe to you wicked ones who teach children to choose evil the sacred scriptures apply to you and indeed it is true what it says in Matthew.  It is better that a milestone be hung about your neck and that you be drowned in the depths of the sea than to cause one of these little ones to sin.  This is found in Matthew and this applies to wicked adults who teach holy innocent children to sin and to know to choose evil.  Well Akiane at the age of 8 was pure lovely beautiful in every respect and the words that flow from her pen must be from the God of life as there is no other earthly explanation other than “binary genius” to describe Akiane’s work.  I will proceed now in my humble effort to do justice to these poems.  I am not fit to tie the shoes of Akiane or to kiss the ground that the holy innocent children walk on.  All the same I proceed in a spirit of gratitude that I have life in me to write these reflections as I am no different than my brethren a repentant sinner making my way to God like so many others.  Our sojourn on earth is very short compared to heaven and eternity many of us forget this.  This poem opens with the words “In resilient oceans where there are no days”.  To me the reader this describes the oceans of blood of the unborn children who though they are no more for they were annihilated via abortion on demand – nonetheless these children remain resilient.  Their oceans of blood is their testimony their blood has a loud cry all it’s own ignored by modern man but heard by the God of life.  Their oceans of blood is their testimony their witness to their deaths that were ignored on earth.  The second stanza also addresses the hard hearts the cold hearts of humanity gone horribly wrong.  The last line of the second stanza says it best.  “guilt touches frozen bosoms”.  This speaks to the guilt felt by women who regret having their abortions.  Many women do regret their abortions and this brings many mothers to sincere repentance from their hearts.  It is this guilt that can be their saving grace.  Guilt is a grace from the God of life and guilt can bring many of us to sincere repentance through sincere tears shed over mistakes we have made.  Many women and men who demand abortion do not understand how truly wicked abortion is and as such they do not understand how wicked they were deceived into becoming.  Many are deceived into becoming wicked and when many understand they are wicked this guilt is a grace and helps to bring about sincere repentance or conversion.  Now for many women and men guilt does enter in but they push this guilt away and they become even harder in their hearts and many are known as “hard men”.  Hence the saying “he is a hard man.”  Or for the women “she is a hard woman”.  These statements come from hardened hearts who do not allow the guilt to penetrate them instead they push guilt away and instead embrace an obtuse spirit.  They literally become possessed by an obtuse spirit.  A spirit of unforgiveness a spirit of unrepentance a spirit of bitterness and deceit.  This is how many are deceived into becoming wicked and many refuse to allow guilt to bring about their conversion and sincere repentance.  This is truly tragic and for many women in particular these words apply “guilt touches frozen bosoms”.  Yes guilt touches women who have a history of abortion and contraception and for many women this guilt touches “frozen bosoms” for their hearts are hardened their bosoms are frozen and the guilt touches them but falls off leaving these women to their own devices to remain hard of heart and unrepentant possessed by an obtuse spirit.  It is this obtuse spirit that pushes the guilt away and rejects the graces of the God of life which falls off them with no effect.  Those with hard hearts male and female do not allow God’s grace to enter them and as such cannot be saved until they repent from their hearts.  For many in this state repentance is not possible unless the God of life allows these wretched creatures to experience some serious devastations in their lives so as to bring these fallen men and women to their knees.  Even then many with obtuse spirits and hardened hearts are not capable of sincere repentance and have become truly wicked set to be destroyed by the God of life at the appointed time.  This is to be feared for billions do not know they are wicked.  The last stanza describes false love embraced by many today which is wicked in itself.  I quote Akiane here:  “Passion watches our diminishing attraction and the grain harvested from fenced lands”  This describes false love whereby many couples do fall passionately in love with each other but close their loins off to human life.  The woman takes contraception or has an abortion if pregnancy occurs or she gets wilfully sterilized via tubal ligation or unnecessary removal of her reproductive organs her womb known as a hysterectomy.  Now for some women hysterectomies are needed.  However in many cases they are not needed.  The same applies to the men who use condoms or opt for wilful sterilization via getting a vasectomy.  This is very serious and is what is called false love.  Many weddings today are not of the God of life and are empty devoid of true love for the children are not welcomed into their marriages.  For couples who cannot conceive and who are trying to conceive and cannot these words do not apply to you.  For you already understand by the tears you shed in sorrow that you cannot conceive what these words mean.  I am sorry to say that the fallout of contraception and abortion on demand is less fertility in men and women so that couples who do want to conceive are not able to conceive.  It is possible to consider too that the God of life closes the wombs of couples who refuse to repent this happens a lot also.  Many forget this.  There are many couples who when they cannot conceive they go to their creator in a spirit of repentance and pray and many couples who agree to the God of life to open their hearts and minds to their own children regardless of their number – these couples are miraculously blessed and become fertile.  This happens all the time.  Also couples tell tale after tale of how they opened their hearts to adoption due to infertility beyond their control.  What does the God of life do well he surprises these lovely couples and many are miraculously able to conceive after they open their hearts to adoption.  There are many stories like this.   You see these couples may not know this but when they open their hearts and minds to children they are restoring their covenant with the God of life who then blesses these couples with fertility the ability to conceive children of their own.  This is how and why many couples who were once infertile are miraculously able to conceive for they restore their covenant with the God of life who seeks to bless these couples and this is how many marriages are saved and become holy and how many marriages once bad are saved and restored via the covenant with the God of life being renewed.    The Fenced Lands Akiane writes about to me the reader means that the womb is fenced and is now hostile due to the use of contraception preventing children who are newly conceived from implanting.  The same is true of abortion the womb is no longer safe for millions of unborn children.  So many couples today negotiate a death contract a wedding a contract but fence off the their own children via various forms of birth control including the heinous natural family planning which is not natural at all.  Hence they dance with the devil the luciferian death contract via false Christ euro Christ rituals known as pseudo Christian weddings which are actually funerals for the children not allowed to be born if conceived at all since conception is clearly not an option for many couples like this.  They tie a knot alright but the knot they tie is with the devil himself who laughs in diabolical glee that couple after couple are deceived into wicked ways via saying no to their own children or limiting the births of their own children.  Oh how the devil laughs and billions of couples fall a mighty fall on the day of judgment.    Well the harvest from fenced lands is no more the children are destroyed and there is no harvest of children raised to adult hood.  This is how many couples contract with death they marry in the name of a false Christ a false god a luciferian false god and they say they are Christian but the children they refuse to have testify before the throne of the God of life this is not so for these children were not welcomed from the union of millions of couples today.  This is how many couples are deceived into becoming wicked and many take on an obtuse spirit and refuse to hear the word of God and refuse to allow guilt a grace from God to touch their hearts for sincere repentance.  This is how these couples broke their covenant with the God of life.   The good news is this for couples figuring this out rejoice because through prayer and sincere repentance you can restore your covenant with the God of life and by opening your loins to life via reversing the tubal ligation for women or the vasectomy’s for men and by ceasing and desisting all forms of birth control you can save your marriage and restore your house and home.  The God of life will be bless your union and your marriage will be saved and restored for centuries to come.  Many couples forget  weddings are an eternal contract a covenant with the God of life and has eternal consequences.  Once couples figure this out and renew their covenant with the God of life by opening their loins up for procreation.  The God of life will bless your union restore the covenant and save your marriage.  For those experiencing guilt be not afraid of the guilt and allow the guilt to convict you so that you can fall on your knees and repent sincerely from your hearts to allow the God of life to forgive you.  It is unrepentance brought about by an obtuse spirit that prevents the God of life from forgiving you for you are not able to repent and receive forgiveness.  Learn to fear this and ask the God of life to reveal to how it was that you were deceived into wicked ways.  Heaven help us all.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy two of my playlists here from my YouTube Channel.  One is two short videos of Children’s burial grounds in Ireland.  The man with the brown boots who is speaking was a very kind older man who grew up in that area and had a lot of knowledge about these burial grounds.  It was with his help and permission that I was allowed to set foot on one of those burial grounds.  There was no way I would have known it existed otherwise.  It was very meaningful to me to visit those places and of course the are is now very grassy on a high hill and would remind you of a scene from Harry Potter.  The burial ground is very old rather ancient now…..The other playlist is longer of lovely scenery from Ireland which is still very lovely and beautiful to visit to this day…

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