Tracked Down – A Reflection

This poem titled Tracked Down was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 54. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Tracked Down consists of three stanzas the first stanza has four lines the middle stanza has six lines and the third stanza has four lines.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is another collection of photos from our time in Turkey…This poem is another allegory and it speaks about the cold which to me the reader speaks about the hardened cold hearts of modern mankind.  The first stanza opens with “Inside an icicle a trapped blade of grass calls for the sun to ice fish it”  Yes a trapped blade of grass inside the morning dew frozen or encased in ice from freezing rain does depend on the sun to “ice fish it”.  Very profound.  The same is true of the unborn child.  The unborn child is totally dependent on its mother and the womb is supposed to be the safest place for the growing unborn child.  Also the unborn child is subject to the opinions of others and in many cases the unborn child has been reduced to a “choice” a false realism as if this child is not living at all.  Meanwhile the child is living and growing yet in many cases faces certain death due to the influence others have on pregnant mothers.  Many mothers are pressured into having abortions.  This goes on across the board regardless of their circumstances whether married or living with a partner or single.  Many mothers are pressured into aborting their own child for convenience.  The lines in the second stanza speaks to this found in the third line of the second stanza as follows:  “feeling the influence of one soul to another and the circle of impermanence turns inside out”  To me the reader this speaks to the influence others have on pregnant mothers who then succumb to this pressure and by abortion on demand these unborn children are destroyed.   Life is delicate anyway and babies are particularly delicate especially when they are growing in their mother’s wombs.  These mothers are also delicate and need to be loved both the mother and baby need to be loved and accepted regardless of their circumstances.  Also not every mother wants to meet her unborn baby which is ok especially of that poor mother suffered the trauma of rape or sex without consent which goes on a lot.  Or if the mother was drugged etc. for sex and became pregnant.  It is ok for that mother not to want to meet her baby.  These women and all pregnant women need to be shown love and acceptance so that they can birth their babies in a safe environment and if they never want to meet that baby that is ok.  Many women who have a history of abortion and contraception are learning the hard way that their ability to conceive later on is now compromised.  These poor women who have already suffered so much are then unable to conceive when they have found a worthy partner.  This affects their partners too these men who also suffered the loss of fatherhood in the past and are likewise excited to be with the partner of their dreams only to learn they cannot conceive.  This is terrible and is very often thought not always a direct result of contraception and abortion or an indirect result of a history of abortion and contraception which affects whole lineages.  It is a fact that infertility is passed from one generation to the next due to a history of abortion and contraception.   Killing the children in the womb via abortion and contraception was never the answer and it is not the best natural answer.  We must remember that contraception functions as an abortifacient whereby the child was conceived but could not implant due to the womb now becoming a hostile womb and so the child is forced out in it’s own blood.  Albeit very tiny but still a living human being.  Dr. Seuss said it best when he said “a person is a person no matter how small.”  I agree with this statement.  The last stanza describes the horrors of abortion very well I quote Akiane here:  “Cooling ashes fatigue my hands – Dawn tracks down my spirit – embraces me and pauses so I could feel her longer”  To the unborn child its mother is its whole world the mother is the whole universe for this unborn child.  Unborn children can recognize their mother’s voices from the wombs.  Many fathers do a great job too of bonding with their unborn children by talking to their children in the womb as the child grows and prepares for birth.  Abortion and contraception is a very cold terrible tool hell bent on destroying children wholesale and this also affects these mothers who are later on unable to conceive or carry their future children to term which is tragic.  I agree that not every mother wants to meet her unborn child.  This is understandable if that poor mother was raped or drugged or forced into sex without consent.  This is totally understandable.  These mothers need to be shown love and acceptance and they need to be reminded it is ok not to want to meet this child.  However, birthing the child is the healthiest choice because it is the most natural choice for the mother.  The professionals can care for the child and find a home for that baby.  Many today would love to adopt and there are many couples who are childless which is very sorrowful for them.   These couples would love to adopt a child.  This way the mother who suffered so much trauma can heal naturally also and then move on with her life.  Then if she meets the partner of her dreams she will have a better chance of conceiving naturally and having future children with the right worthy partner.  Abortion and contraception are not natural never was this natural and the fallout is incalculable.  We cannot calculate the damage done not only in the numbers of dead children but also in the numbers of women who cannot conceive afterwards or who if they are able to conceive are then unable to carry their wanted children to term due to complications from their history of abortion and contraception.  Many women are figuring this out and many men are also figuring this out.  The good news is many women are healing from the traumas of their past including the trauma of their history of abortion and contraception.  These women are healing and living fuller lives now.  The same is true of men who have suffered traumatic pasts including the loss of their fatherhood through abortion and contraception.  These men are coming to terms with this and healing and also getting on with their lives.  Mankind needs to learn once more how to love beginning with welcoming their own children into the world regardless of the circumstances and showing all involved love and acceptance including arranging for adoption as needed in cases where the mother and or father are unable to raise the baby.  Unborn children should not be sentenced to certain death for crimes they never committed so the parents can live as they choose and I must add so that those who pressure these parents can dictate how these parents especially if they are young should live as those influencing their choices choose.    This was never the answer and thanks to the God of life many men and women are figuring this out.  No one should ever suggest to a mother that she murder her own child.  That is a terrible idea and never was the answer.  Instead that mother needs to be shown love and acceptance and encouraged to naturally birth her own child and throughout that process she needs to be told it is ok if she does not want to meet her child.  That is not a bad thing it does not make the mother bad.  It simply means that poor mother suffered so much trauma in particular the trauma of how this child was conceived that she is not able to deal with meeting this child.  That is ok.  What is amazing though is there are many women who do change their minds over time and do indeed meet their unborn babies at birth and some do continue to raise their own child and this has transformed their lives for the better too.  Regardless of her situation society must stop calling women evil and their children evil and the same goes for the fathers.  Society must stop calling these fathers evil.  The greatest evil is to do nothing in the midst of a genuine crisis so as to leave the mother on her own feeling forced most of the time to abort her own child due to the hardness of the hearts of modern mankind.  For mothers who choose not to meet their children and choose the life affirming option of adoption.  This a is a beautiful courageous act heroic in nature and mothers in these situation deserve the same degree of respect all mothers receive.  It is not easy to find out you are pregnant especially if the child conceived in your womb is not welcome or wanted or is due to rape etc.  No that cannot be easy.  However birthing your own child is the most natural and safest option and it is ok not to want to meet your child.  You can arrange for the professionals to care for your child and subsequent adoption.  Many mothers in this situation discover as they go through the natural option of birth that they do want to meet their child after all and many end up raising their own child.  Either way the best most natural option is to birth the child.  This gives that child a future and a hope this child otherwise would never have and the mother can heal more naturally and move on with her life giving this mom a greater chance of conceiving with a worthy partner in the future.  Even if that mother does not desire future children.  Avoiding abortion and contraception means less risk of cancer and other complications and these mothers who avoid the pitfall of abortion and contraception live longer healthier lives.  The good news for women who have a history of abortion and contraception is this:  Once you figure it out that this is not good for you due to all the complications involved.  Many women in this situation simply stop using contraception and stop using abortions as birth control.  For women who are figuring this out be prepared for a brighter future ahead.  Your body is sacred and should not be subject to the poison of unnatural choices such as abortion and contraception which often leads to despair and depression for the moms.   We can rejoice that many women are figuring this out and making healthier better choices for both their own sacred bodies and their children.  There is no shame in natural choices such as natural birth regardless of the circumstances.  There is no shame in not meeting your child and allowing your child to be adopted.  It is time for women to realize that abortion and contraception is a form of shaming women and this sends women the message that their bodies are not sacred or of value and that these women are not worthy of love and respect.  Well it is time to crush this lie from hell and to not allow abortion or contraception to ruin your sacred bodies or lives ever again including robbing you of your future wanted children with the right partner.  Also the child or children you choose to birth naturally whom you do not want to meet will always love you in their hearts for you gave them a future and a hope they would not otherwise have.  By so doing you also give yourself a new lease on life and the hope of a bright future with a worthy partner which could include children when you are ready.  Abortion and contraception robs women of their future wanted children due to complications from abortion and contraception use especially long term.  Children no matter how they come are the hope of the future of our world.  Let us build our world by taking care of our children regardless of how they come.  In this way we will all build a better world instead of tearing our world down by tearing the children apart limb by limb from their own mothers wombs and by so doing we tear down and destroy whole nations and societies.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled False Love Is A Losing Game inspired by Amy Winehouse….Let’s face it great pressure is put on young people today both male and female to not have children until they done with college or until they get their career path in order.  That is why many have abortions also great pressure is put on married couples to limit the births of their children due to financial pressures.  It is no longer possible to live on planet earth and those families brave enough to welcome however many children they are meant to have like Akiane Kramarik’s parents did and other families like them including my own beloved parents these couples and families experience hatred and hate speech and threatening speech as well.  Many large families are glared at and corrected for having too many children. My horrible aunt Sheila a Catholic Nun of all things whose religious name is Sister Leo.  Told me during my recent time in Ireland and I quote my witch of an auntie here:  “Your mother had too many children.”  I glared at this false Christ nun who was spoiled rotten all of her days and said that I am number five out of eight children and you dare to speak death over me when you sit there on your fat arse and tell me that my mother had too many children!!!  I was livid.  My mother is elderly now but my mother was and is a beautiful woman very attractive and she was always very slim too.  I often wondered how did my mother keep the weight off as I myself struggle with keeping the weight off.  My lazy fat spoiled rotten aunt Sheila could learn a lot not only from my mother and father but from children too.  My father was Sheila’s brother and Sheila is the only living member left on father’s side of our family.  Sheila is a disgrace a washout a spoiled rotten religious who is good for nothing save vile gossip and vicious verbal attacks on other women like me her own nice whom she loves to hate.  Women like this make me sick to my stomach.  That witch is a teacher of all things and taught in the wicked druid like Irish school system for years.  All that lazy fat woman could do when I was in Ireland was complain about our family and put others down.  Such as one of her former students whom she calls “pupils”  which to me is a weird term for student.  Anyway Sheila told me her former pupil wrote to her because her partner had an affair and left her.  I am not certain who wrote Sheila if it was the husband or wife.  All the same Sheila had no business telling me the business of her former students or “pupils”.   I state this because many nuns and priests are conditioned to hate women like especially when we are single mothers.  Single fathers also experience the same kind of putrid hatred. I also add to this families in general are hated by many wicked horrible people on pedestals too full of themselves to care about anyone else or anything else.  Never mind leaving room in their hearts for a God of any kind.  I hope you enjoy my song titled false love is a losing game.  This is so true for all of us including many in religious life who are married to ideals to a deity and standards they themselves often fail to live up to yet others place these vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing on pedestals.  The song false love is a losing game was inspired by Amy Winehouse highlights and talks about ways false love can kill us.  Amy Winehouse may she rest in peace was like a deer in the spotlight of fame and a gravy train to many in her life.  I am one of many in the public realm who miss the presence of Amy Winehouse in the world.  Amy Winehouse was a raw talent gone too soon.  Please join me in a moment of silence as a mark of respect for the grieving family of Amy Winehouse and for the Passing of Amy Winehouse…

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