Clay Cradle – A Reflection

This poem titled Clay Cradle was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 56. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Clay Cradle consists of two stanzas with seven lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is a photo I took of my so during our visit to the Island of Nantucket in 2018.  My son a young lad a boy enjoys a soda outside a small shop on the Island of Nantucket.  Children today do not always get to be just children.  Too many demands are made on modern children with grueling school schedules here in the USA and grueling after school activities and then if a child is bullied in school the child is expected to act like an adult and make a statement or file a report with the help of staff and parents  That is not always easy for children to do. Children do not think like adults do.  It took my son more than one year to tell me things he experienced both good and bad or indifferent a year before.  Children’s brains cannot process life and events the same as adult brains.  I will discuss the poem Clay Cradle now.   The first stanza talks  about  “sinking into the sinkhole of childhood horns chase the hornet nests, and each race races with its lips”  To me the reader this speaks to the horrible fact that with their “lips” a war of words was waged and under euphemisms such as “choice” “abortion” and “contraception” nations were annihilated and destroyed thanks to this war of words.  A war of “lips”  The second stanza makes this clear with these words:  “How thick, bouncy, yet slippery this lip ground is! If a prison survives trust the snow balls of centuries’ agony cannot grow any more — The pain may not enter the future.”  To me this speaks to the horrible reality that modern society tries to avoid pain at great cost many times.  People spend a lot of money on creature comforts.  Also comforts to either ease pain or to avoid pain.  The same is true of abortion on demand.  Many choose abortion and contraception to avoid the pain of birthing unwanted children.  Many want the pleasures of the world including the comfort of partnerships and the pleasures that come with such arrangements but they want to avoid the pain of birthing children.  This is why the words “The pain simply may not enter the future” is so profound.  Modern society strives to avoid pain at great cost.  This great cost includes billions of dead children slaughtered on the chopping block of abortion on demand to avoid the pain of childbirth and the pain of raising children.  Hence “The pain” is not allowed to enter the future because these children are no more they are not here and so no future was built.  Life is not easy and like it or not we all must live with some form of pain.  It is not possible to live in this world without experiencing some form of pain.  Be it emotional spiritual or physical or sexual.  I add sexual because the pain caused by sexual abuse is horrific and sexual abuse crimes go on all the time.  Also the pain caused by unwanted sex or non consensual sex is also terrible and adds to our suffering as a species.  This means that billions of children die due to abuses of our sexuality.  Women’s bodies are reduced to being objects of pleasure for their partners who often do not want children or life to be brought forth from the wombs of these women.  Many women go along with this and as such contract with death by taking contraception and having abortions on demand or wilfully sterilizing themselves to avoid birthing children.  This is done to avoid the pain the inconvenience of birthing children and as such the pain does not enter the future.  The future is now a vast bleak empty space or sphere with no children to build our world our world crumbles and falls.   The war on the womb was a war of “lips” a “slippery lip ground” used to annihilate and destroy whole nations with euphemisms such as “choice” etc.  Words have power and might and strength and we need to be careful how we use our words.  We can use our words to speak blessings over others or we can abuse our words to destroy or tear others down.  Verbal abuse is horrible and those who have suffered heinous verbal abuse suffer terribly.  Verbal abuse can change the human body on a cellular level since our bodies are made up mostly of water.  Many who have survived years of verbal abuse experience chronic physical pain known as cell memory and this manifests itself in various forms such as Chronic fatigue due to mild or severe depression a general malaise due to years of sorrow or sadness from the verbal abuse.  Many conditions that are mysterious in nature are found to be from the source of years of heinous verbal abuse.  Verbally tearing others apart which also includes the professional term known as  “gaslighting” which is a term used to describe the process of destroying or annihilating the character of others inside and out.  Is horrible.  Wikipedia provides a very good definition of the term “gaslighting” which can be found on this link here:  Many victims of gaslighting question their own sanity at times.  Stockholm syndrome is another professional term used to describe how survivors of verbal abuse often develop positive feelings towards their abusers and Wikipedia does a great job of defining this term found here:  Many survivors of verbal abuse and all forms of abuse were in essence captive in horrible abusive situations.  So while the term Stockholm Syndrome describes those held in captivity.  This also applies to survivors of intentional abuse often experienced in their own homes.  The fall out of this system of abuse is incalculable.  It is terrible and this has resulted in many grown men and women who are now afraid to have children of their own or if they have children they are now afraid to have too  many children as a direct result of the traumas of their past.  Adult survivors of trauma often have a trauma based view of the world which affects their future decisions which is why many choose abortion on demand and or contraception.  The whole world needs a massive healing experience and millions need to be healed from the traumas of their past in particular the traumas of their youth or past abusive relationships.  I hope and pray that this large scale healing will occur among billions not just millions so that mankind can learn to love again and by so doing learn to hope by welcoming the children no matter how they come.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy this song I wrote inspired by sacred scriptures titled…The Lord Causeth The Rain To Fall On The Just….For I believe that the God of Life causes the Rain to fall on the mass graves around the world filled with holy innocent men women and children from all the wars particularly the war on all flesh done in the name of God of all things!!! This is my belief my opinion as a work of art and we are all entitled to our opinions…Sad to say thanks to opinions the unborn child is often not allowed to live for the unborn child has been reduced to nothing but an opinion from the war of words the “Lips Of Wars” from what I call the war on all flesh…..I make no claims as to statements of facts this is simply my work as a work of art who has opinions of my own…..

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