The Chosen Echo – A Reflection

This poem titled The Chosen Echo was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 50. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Chosen Echo consists of six stanzas opening with two lines then followed by one four lined stanza followed by two seven lined stanzas followed by one four lined stanza and ending with a two lined stanza.  The photograph I choose is of my own son sitting on a wall at the ancient Basilica of Saint John In Turkey.  We paid a modest admission fee to visit the Basilica.  Everything is very commercialized these days.  It was outside the Basilica of Saint John in Ephesus Turkey that I noticed a man or peddler selling Turkish Instruments and I purchased my lovely brown Flute from that man.  That is the flute I play on my YouTube Channel.  I will include a link to my playlist with those tunes at the end of this reflection….The Chosen Echo is a beautiful poem and profoundly sad.  This poem describes the horrors of abortion through the eyes of the unborn child.  This poem opens with these words “if no one reaches me i cannot see” The i is written in lowercase too to highlight how small this person is who is speaking.  This person is the unborn child aborted annihilated destroyed not allowed to be born or to exist.  You see the unborn child selected for abortion is The Chosen Echo.  No one hears or listens to the silent screams of that chilThe d while “turning away from the heat” the unborn child tries to escape it’s terrible death.  The heat of the saline as it burns the skin of the unborn child in a first trimester saline abortion.  The unborn child describes “sore hands are bound to my feet and for years my spine is being bent while the eyes cleave to me”.  This describes the horror of babies being torn apart limb by limb via surgical abortion.  Their spines are torn apart as are their limbs and their little hands are sore from the saline and are bound to their feet by the sheer force of the instruments of abortion.  Also a partial birth abortion is particularly terrible.  This is done in the 9th month where the base of the scull of the unborn child is pierced and the spine is indeed bent and the child is forced to suffer excruciating pain and is born dead or if born alive is left to die.  This is the terrible truth about abortion on demand.  Millions demand this for their own unborn children.  Hence millions chose their own child to be The Chosen Echo.  Abortions do not take very long and so in a moment’s time a whole lifetime is destroyed.  A whole future is stolen and we destroy our own world by failing to build our world by raising the children to continue to build the world.   This poem ends with the following statements very profound.  “when my weakness finds Your stretched-out hand i reuse my intelligence to delay the struggles.  but can the chosen echo reach its own end?”   Notice how the letter y in the word Your is capitalized while the word i is lower case.  Akiane wrote these lines this way for a reason.  You see the i represents the tiny or very little unborn child and the Y for Your represents the very large adult reaching with their instruments of abortion to destroy the weak helpless unborn child.   To me these lines do a great job of describing how in a moments time via abortion on demand the unborn child must “reuse” its “intelligence to delay the struggles”  meaning this child must somehow cope with the impending terror of it’s own untimely death.  This tiny child must “reuse” its “intelligence” because this child knows it cannot “delay the struggles”.   This child cannot do a thing to protect itself from certain impending death from abortion on demand.  The last question is so very sad and brings me to tears “but can the chosen echo reach its own end?”  The unborn child is the Chosen Echo the child selected for abortion on demand.  The screams of these unborn babies go unheard unnoticed for they are silent screams.  These screams echo throughout all of eternity and the God of life hears their screams.  Mankind ignores their screams and hence these children are nothing but chosen echos.  To be ignored and destroyed at will.  A chosen echo cannot reach its own end for its own end is already decided for it – certain death at the hands of the abortionist.  The end for the chosen echo the baby selected for abortion on demand is death on demand a hit a murder of the most brutal and heartless nature.  It is my hope that one day mankind will acknowledge abortion as a war crime and set up a memorial for the babies destroyed by the war on the womb.  It is my hope that the term war on the womb would be used in this memorial.  For the worst war ever unleashed upon our species was and remains the war on the womb.  Few today are able to comprehend or realize this.  This is why billions of unborn children are annihilated destroyed.  The war on the womb has annihilated nations.  Hence we are living in a time of great devastation already.  While nuclear war remains a very real and terrible threat to our planet and our world.  The horrible reality is that billions have already been annihilated and destroyed via the heinous war on the womb.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my playlist titled Basilica Of Saint John in Ephesus Turkey……

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