A Present For My Father – A Reflection

This poem titled A Present For My Father was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 52. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem A Present For My Father consists of two stanzas with 10 lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of my own son taken during our visit to Meryemana – Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus Turkey….My son is a fatherless child.  My child is being raised by me on my own and as such I must play the role of both mother and father to my child.  It is not possible for me fully fulfill the role of father to my child because the role of father is unique to fatherhood and as such I simply cannot complete that task in it’s entirety.  I know my limits as a woman and a mother.  That being said the gift I wanted my son to have from me his mother was this.  I wanted my son to experience world travel at an age that he will remember this for the rest of his life.  I moved to Ireland with my son when he was Nine Years Old in 2017 shortly after his ninth birthday.  Nine is a very good age and my son will remember his two years in Ireland and the other six Countries I took my son to visit during our time in Europe.  My son has been to Turkey, Paris France, The Pyrenees France, Fatima Portugal and Lisbon Portugal and Nazare Beach Portugal.  My son has been to the Canary Islands to Lanzarote where he toured with me his mother the are where the movie Apollo 13 was filmed and where some scenes from the movie Star Wars were filmed.  My son visited England on our way back to the USA and during our time in Ireland I took my son on a vacation to Cape Cod MA a vacation I promised I would give my son.  We then returned to Ireland after our Cape Cod holiday.  My son told me he has fond memories now of all this travel.  Prior to returning to Ireland I took my son on an epic road trip to the Badlands of South Dakota to Mount Rushmore, To Bear Country.  My son tells me that road trip and Cape Cod MA and Turkey are his favorite holidays.  What I gave my son is the gift of fond memories….memories that will last a lifetime even when I am dead and gone my son will have these memories.  When we returned to America we had to leave our beloved border collie pet dog behind in Ireland.  This was very hard for us as a family.  We found a very loving home for our pet in Ireland and we keep in touch with the woman who owns our dog in Ireland.  We recently brought home a new puppy and our new puppy was delivered on Valentine’s day which which has created another fond memory for both my son and I his mother….I cannot possibly fulfill the role of father to my son in it’s entirety that is not possible.  The best I can do is be the best single mother I can and raise my son well to the best of my abilities that is the best I can do. In eyes though my child is the product of rape my child is a present to me his mother and his father who was a horrible man did not know to appreciate the gift the present in his own son.  That is the loss of this derelict father a bad man who serves only himself and no one else though he claims falsely to serve God…. I will discuss the lovely poem titled A Present For My Father now…This is a lovely poem describing how the child is a gift a “present for” its “father”.  Children are a gift and many fathers love their own children and treasure their own children.  Many fathers do a wonderful job raising their own children.  My own father showed all eight of us his great love for us.  We were all considered a gift to our father.  Not one of us was exempt from our fathers love.  For me the author I recall as a small child sitting on my father’s lap and playing with the buttons on my father’s shirt.  My father taught me my math tables at a very young age so that by age five I had mastered the multiplication math tables.  I learned these while sitting on my father’s lap.  My father took those moments to teach me my maths tables and I learned them by first learning how to count the buttons on his shirt that I loved to play with.  As I continued throughout the school system I was a year ahead and even though around age 9 I repeated a year I was able to obtain a four year degree in record time.  I was 20 when I got my four year degree while many of my peers were 21 or 22.  By age 25 I had six years of college under my belt.  This did not make me proud because while I was graduating with a bachelors degree at age 20 I had met a young genius age 16 who could run circles around me who was already a senior at the same University I attended.  This always kept me humble.  There is always someone out there smarter or better than us at one thing or another.  I am in my 40’s now and I am being taught by poetry written by an 8 year old child who wrote these brilliant poems.  We are never too old to learn new things and it is the children who can and must teach the world.  For many of us adults myself included we can have a difficult time realizing that we can learn from others much younger than ourselves.  I know I thought I  knew it all for a time.  Thank God that time was short lived.  The older I get the more I realize I know very little after all.  The early years that I bonded with my own father set me up for success later in life.  Father’s play a very important role in the raising of their own children.  Many fathers may not realize how very important their role is in the raising of their children.  My beloved father has since passed away and I am grateful for the love he showed me and all his children.  My father told me I am a good provider and to this day I have proven to be just that a good provider.  This positive affirmation spoken to me was a blessing.  My father spoke a blessing to me and I lived up to it.  I worked very hard to become a good provider and while my life did not turn out the way I dreamed it would as a small child.  I have learned how to be happy with what I have been given and this is better than having ostentatious wealth and being unhappy.  Wealth cannot buy happiness this was a lesson I learned a long time ago.  Children are the light of the world and are a joy and are at the end of the day our true wealth for the children are our future.  This line from the poem A Present For My Father is very sweet.  “As I hammer heliconia into his forehead naively hoping this to be an exhibition a loving gift.”  The child is hammering a floral arrangement into the forehead of his or her beloved father.  In the second stanza these words are profound too “His fine hair tickles the blossom pores and I begin to feel, I own his pain.”  This line describes how the fine fair of the child’s father tickles the pores of the living floral blossom.  The child then says “I own his pain.”  This speaks to me of the father’s who have experienced pain in various forms in their lives.  Many fathers have lost their own children to abortion on demand against their wishes.  Many fathers would have done anything to be given a chance to raise their own children.  Many mothers deny fathers this right by abusing the word “choice” and destroying their own unborn children.  The fallout is fathers who are devastated by this and fathers who are angry too that their future was stolen from them.  That their inheritance was taken from them the inheritance of their own progeny their own children.  Men cry too and many fathers have shed silent tears and loud tears over the loss of their own children to abortion on demand.  I wish more men would step up and add to the Me Too Movement and speak about their losses and the abuses they have endured.  We have millions of fathers whose voices were not heard and that has to change.  For our world our societies to heal we must acknowledge the war on the womb.  The unspoken holocaust in our midst to this day the holocaust of abortion on demand.  It is true a number of fathers demand abortions be done also.  However, there are a large number of fathers who regret this once they understand the horrors of abortion on demand.  Certain lifestyles have led to abortion on demand and that is horrible too.  These children are given a death sentence they do not deserve for the crimes of their own parents.  The children should not have to be sent to the chopping block of abortion on demand so the parents can live as they choose…..As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my playlist of educational activities I did with my son during our travels….

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