Trespassed – A Reflection

This poem titled Trespassed was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 45. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Trespassed consists of five stanzas with two lines in the first stanza and five lines in the second third and fourth stanza and two lines in the last stanza.  The photograph I choose for this stanza is of my own eyeballs that I was allowed to take from my eye exam.  I wear glasses and must get my eyes examined regularly…People trespass with their eyes all the time and then from their mouths they also trespass with their “War Of Words” which comes from their lips. I quote “War Of Words” to credit Akiane Krmarik for writing those words in one of her poems.    I love lyrical prose and Akiane at the young age of 8 has mastered this art which is incredible.  I agree Akiane Kramarik is a binary genius and while I am not qualified to say this I can agree with the professionals who did declare that Akiane Kramarik is indeed a binary genius.  Amen to that.  This profound poem Trespassed opens with the words “numbers on my door do not belong”  The second stanza is very descriptive of a home that has a “trellis” and “patio windows”.  The third stanza address someone with the words “you cross your freckled legs and peel off my signature pushing the life trapped by pyramids”  The third stanza goes on to say “you have already Trespassed a pair of my eyes” etc.  The poem ends with the words “yet silence for me is simple enough to heal”.   To me the reader the word “you” in this poem is the mother who refuses to allow her own children to be conceived or born after conception.  The word Trespass says it all.  This word is describing how mothers allow their own wombs to be trampled upon destroyed via contraception abortion and wilful sterilizations.  This goes on all the time.  Hence one woman using various forms of birth control during her life time can in essence prevent conception or prevent her unborn child to live over a million times.  This is possible when you consider that women ovulate once a month and some women ovulate more often than this if they have certain conditions.  So theoretically a sexually active grown woman could be preventing her conceived children from implanting in her womb because her womb is now a hostile environment due to contraception use or other forms of birth control.  This also explains why many women who have a history of birth control in all its forms have difficulty conceiving and if they conceive they have difficulty carrying their children to term when they are ready to have children.  This happens a lot and in fact the fertility of many women today has been altered beyond repair.  Many women and men are less fertile today which is terrifying.  Few realize how horrible this is and that our own species is well on it’s way to extinction.  These unborn children have no voice because their screams are silent and they have not yet learned how to speak or walk and such because they were not allowed to live full stop.  Also the children that are born and welcomed into this world have a terrible time growing up.  So many today hate children and abuse children verbally physically and sexually.  Many parents are terrified that a vile pedophile will abduct rape torture and murder their children.  Or that their child could be taken and forced into child sex trafficking which goes on all the time these days.  This is the horrible reality for children growing up today.  Also sad to say many parents continue cycles of abuse in their own homes and as a result many parents abuse their own children.  Also many parents do not believe their own children if their child or children tell them a bad man or woman outside their home is molesting them or abusing them.  This kept outside abuse hidden and enabled and allowed this abuse to continue unabated around the world for years.  Parents have forgotten how to treasure their own children and many parents do not listen to their own children or believe their own children who were entrusted to these parents by the God of life.  This is all very serious.  Also many children grow up in single parent homes mostly raised by single mothers though many single fathers also are doing their very best to raise their children.  Single fathers deserve a lot of credit as do the good men who are decent fathers out there.  And this must be said too that there are many fathers who need to be acknowledged whose voices must be heard who were denied their rights to their own children via the holocaust of abortion on demand.  Many fathers have lost their sons and daughters to abortion on demand under the word “choice”.  Well these fathers were not given a choice in the life of their own child and this is devastating.  I would like to see more men join the Me Too Movement and speak out against the abuse they have received from horrible women.  Many women have abused men too and have taken advantage of decent men so as to manipulate these men abuse these men and ruin their lives.  Women are guilty of horrible behaviour as well and this must be addressed.  Men and women of God the true sons and daughters of the God of life are sick and tired of seeing good men abused this way and taken advantage of and their voices are silenced and not heard.  Well the God of life hears the cries of the fathers who lost their sons and daughters to the holocaust of abortion on demand.  The God of life has heard your cries and seen your tears.  Men cry too and it is about time our world allowed fathers who lost their children to the holocaust of abortion on demand to cry out with a loud cry and voice as well.   I hope more men will join the Me too movement and let their voices be heard also.  As a society we need to stop treating each other like garbage and instead learn to treat one another with respect and consideration.  Also if someone has harmed us we must forgive no matter the cost.  Even if that horrible person is not capable of asking for forgiveness forgive them anyway so as to avoid resentment ruining your life or your day.  Forgive them anyway for your own sake for your own well being and sanity.  This way horrible abusive types will no longer have power or control over you and you can be set free to enjoy your life to the fullest.  We do not need to be wealthy to feel valued or loved or to enjoy life.  We must learn how to cope and how to be happy with what we have been given even if what we have is not much or little that is ok.  I am tired of seeing good men treated terribly by horrible women.  This goes on all the time and there is not enough said about those cases.  So I will say it here.  I hope those decent men will rise up with a loud voice and join the Me Too Movement and say “Me Too!” I  was horribly treated and taken advantage of by bad women as well.  It is time for men and women to face up to their faults repent from their hearts and begin new lives in closer union with our creator the God of life who loves all of us the same.  Too many today Trespass on each other all the time.  They stomp all over others with verbal abuse and all kinds of abuse and this must stop.  The result of this abusive Trespassing has resulted in the fallout of dead children destroyed by contraception condom use abortion on demand and all forms of birth control.  To the single father’s and mother’s out there and to all parents regardless of race colour creed whether married single or living together.  I tell you all the same thing the God of life loves all of us the same and all that the God of life asks of us is to do our best.  So if we make mistakes which we all do then all that the God of life asks is that we do our best to make things right and do our best to do the next right thing.   So if we made a mess of our past then we must own it accept this and do our best to do the right thing going forward.  It is true for many of us today that it is not always possible to mend broken fences from our past mistakes.  However, we can all learn from these experiences for these experiences terrible though they may be make us who we are today and they make us stronger and better for it in the end.  So to all parents out there the God of life loves all of us the same and do not be afraid to welcome your own children into the world.  The God of life will provide for you just like Jesus did in sacred scriptures with the miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes.  The God of life will continue to do this for all families doing their best to care for their children already here and for couples united in holy love open to begetting or welcoming their own children into the world.  The God of life will continue to provide for you.  We must remember too that for large families the miracle of the loaves and fishes occurred on a daily basis.  Many large families will say it was a miracle how they could cook a meal for their family and still be able to feed their hungry neighbour be it a man woman or child.  This happened over the years and there are many stories like this.  Today man modern men and women live in fear and are afraid to have large families because they forgot to trust the God of life and the ability of the God of life to increase their work and increase their food via the simple miracle of the loaves and fishes.  Many have forgotten how to trust our creator our God of life and as such have broken their own covenant with the God of life by limiting the births of their children or refusing to have children out of fear.   The desolation today is there is a profound silence over our planet the silence of the voiceless unborn children who were annihilated and destroyed not allowed to live out of fear of inconvenience. As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my crazy playlist on YouTube done for Halloween…..Titled Halloween Fun…..

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