Invitation To Love – A Reflection

This poem titled Invitation To Love was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 44. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Invitation To Love consists of two stanzas with seven lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of my hand wearing a ring I never purchased.  The other hand wearing a ring is a married lady who works at this store who allowed me to try on that expensive ring for fun and to photograph it.   This was a very expensive ring for sale at a store at Ashford Castle.  To someone like me an engagement ring means nothing to me neither does a wedding ring.  I got engaged twice over the years once when I was 21 and another time when I was 23 years old.  I was very young and naive then.  I am glad I broke off both engagements because I was not ready for marriage then neither were my partners to be….Marriage is a huge commitment and requires sacrificial love and love grows when the children come.  The only reason love does not grow when the children come to certain couples is because those couples were not fit for marriage in the first place and  never should have wed.  Too many couples are modern harlots slaves to their own depravities and are too busy limiting the births of their children to see the forest for the trees.  Many couples today have affairs and spread disease  and many couples abort their own children because they cannot afford number three four or five etc….I know that in my early twenties I myself was not fit for marriage or for holy sacrificial love.  I had a lot of growing up to do since then….Invitation To Love talks about engraved vows on wedding bands and the commitment between married couples many whom today commit themselves to limiting the births of their own children….Leaving their years together wasted and empty of the children meant to come to that couple from their union from the God of Life our creator…  Invitation To Love opens with some lyrical words then says “lies slap an invitation to love”  Then continues with these words “with salty good-byes” etc.  This stanza ends with the words “an engraved vow”.  So from the first stanza you can tell this poem is speaking of marriage a couple getting married or who are married.  Now what this first stanza tells me the reader is this:  Many couples do marry and exchange rings and vows and have formal weddings.  In fact there are many weddings that go on around the world on a regular basis.  Weddings are part of God’s plan for mankind and weddings should be a momentous joyful occasion for both the bride and her groom and for their families too.  However, the words “lies slap an invitation to love” tells me the reader that many couples embrace the lie that they should not have any children or too many children.  Consequently, many couples say “salty good-byes” to their own children by using contraception and all forms of birth control including abortion.  So yes for many couples today they believe lies from hell that it is ok to commit to marry without having children period or limiting the birth of their own children.  Consequently, the salty good-byes mean many things.  These salty good-byes could mean saline abortion on demand for couples who want to terminate their unplanned pregnancies this goes on a lot in marriages and many couples abort their own children when they have reached the desired number of births they refuse to have more children.  This means that number five is often aborted or it could be number 2 or 3 or 4 or any number for that matter.  In many cases it is number one.  So while many couples do literally have an “engraved vow”.  Their vow does not fulfil the covenant with the God of life because many today refuse to have children or if they have children at all they limit their births.  Hence many engraved vows with no true love for the children are forbidden to come.  Hence many couples have vows that are loveless.  These are loveless weddings and marriages for these couples refuse to welcome their own children into the world or if the children do come they limit their births.  Birth control has traumatized society beyond repair and recognition.  Siblings suffer when they learn their births were limited and these loveless couples teach their own children it is ok to allow some of their siblings to die via contraception and abortion and all forms of birth control.  That is what birth control is death to the children.  Even when conception is prevented in the first place that sperm and egg were meant to unite to conceive a child.  That was God’s plan for that sperm and egg.  Instead that child is not allowed to be conceived so the union between that man and woman is not Godly it is unholy and base.  They are refusing to allow natural conception to occur via their own natural union.  Instead their union has become debased unnatural by the use of contraception and all forms of birth control including the use of condoms.  Condoms are promoted to prevent STD’s known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  In fact the word Trojan is used for one Condom brand name.  The word Trojan is a war term and it represents warfare from inside similar to the Trojan horse in mythology whereby that Trojan horse was given as a gift but was filled with soldiers who overtook the place.  The same is true of condoms these are modern day trojan horses in a much different form used to prevent human life from occurring to prevent conception.  It is a known fact that Condoms do not protect humans from STD’s.  Condoms also cause problems for both men and women due to the material used to make them.  They are often made from latex.  Hence the term latex condoms.  Latex is a toxic plastic and many are allergic to Latex.  Latex can destroy these men and women and many women have terrible side effects from the use of Latex Condoms.  In the modern war on the womb it is fair to say that the condom is a modern day Trojan horse hell bent on destroying the children whose conception is prevented.  Also the use of condoms means the couple uniting are likely not married in the first place or if they are married it could mean there is an affair going on outside of marriage.  Or if they are married and using condoms this condom use breaks the covenant with the God of life.  No matter how you view it condom use is not good and is not the answer and the fallout is there for all to see.  Many today have STD’s and AIDS is particularly bad.  Our societies have not changed for the better that is for sure.  Now the second stanza describes a married couple the same couple who remained together for years in their marriage with no children or few children.  This stanza opens with “Now both of you are buried next to each other-”  The next part of the stanza is very profound “the only thing that has never changed and never been taken off were your wedding bands and your commitment.”  This tells me the reader that the couple remained faithful to themselves and their own plans for their future.  To this couple the wearing of their wedding bands with their engraved vows was what it was all about.  This couple never changed for the better nothing changed for this couple said their “salty good-byes” years before to their own children.  There are billions of couples like this today who are married and committed to each other yet limit the births of their children.  By so doing they broke the covenant with the God of life and though many couples like this do end up buried together.  They sealed their fate eternally by their refusal to beget or have the number of children the God of life planned to send them from their union.  For many couples like this by the time they pass away it is already too late for them.  Their ability to beget children has long since passed and they now face hellfire by their horrible selfish choices.  Many couples live in loveless Godless unions with few if any children by their own bad choices of embracing birth control in all its forms.  This has lead to the annihilation of nations and to the time of desolation mentioned in Matthew Chapter 24.  We are living in a time of desolation for the children clearly are no more.  The title Invitation To Love reminds the reader that all couples are Invited To Love and to truly love is to allow your own children to come.  To welcome your own children into the world with joy and love.  There are a number of couples around the world who do indeed welcome as many children as God wants to send them into their homes.  This is very good.  This needs to happen for all couples.  There are vast numbers of couples around the world refusing to have children at all or who limit the births of their children which has broken the covenant with the God of life.  These couples believe lies hence the words “lies slap an invitation to love”.  The lies that it is ok to limit the births of their own children or that it is ok not to have children at all slaps this Invitation To Love and destroys the Covenant with the God of life.  This is very sad because our creator the God of life Invites Couples to Love in the fullest possible way through Marriage open to children.  Marriages not open to children are godless and have broken the Covenant with the God of life.  This includes couples who are wilfully sterilized.  Which is the case in America and around the world.  Many couples get tired of using condoms or contraception and wilfully get snipped shall we say for the men and for the women it is a sterilization procedure called Tubal Ligation or tying their Tubes.  This goes on all the time in America and around the world and by these acts these couples have broken their Covenant with the God of life and they have slapped their Invitation To Love in the face and by so doing they have shut the door of their ability to procreate in the face of their own creator the God of life.  This is very serious and few couples realize or understand the gravity of this.  Many couples live a lie and go through their lives believing these lies that it is ok to break the Covenant with the God of life.  And so they pass away and are buried together as mentioned in this poem and yes nothing changed their children were not allowed to be conceived or born and all that is left of that couple is the few if any children they had on earth and their wedding bands their commitment to a childless or loveless union.  Unions between couples that are not open to conception are loveless and are ungodly unholy and not of the God of life.  Children build our world and make our world and are our future.  When couples destroy their own ability to procreate they destroy their Covenant with the God of life and when they die they die a second death in the final judgment known to God alone.  The God of life will not hold unaccountable those who refused to beget or have their own children.  This is very serious and few today understand the gravity of these types of wilful childless unions in all their forms.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Let Your Children Come…..

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