He Had To Hope – A Reflection

This poem titled He Had To Hope was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 48.“You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem He Had To Hope consists of three stanzas with seven lines each. The Photograph I choose for this reflection is of a tree that was knocked down by some serious storms in the small village in Ireland that I lived in at the time. What appealed to me with that photo was the way the sunlight made the wood look so bright particularly a piece of wood that looked golden in hue… That piece of wood really sparkled in the natural sunlight of the day…This poem He Had To Hope does a great job of describing the dependency of the child on their mother whether born or not babies totally depend on their mothers both inside the womb and outside the womb.  This poem captures this reality very well.  As the title is He Had To Hope says this poem describes the unborn boy clinging to the Hope that his own mother will allow him to live.  The words in the first stanza speaks to this in the fourth line “She was too young to see me born.  She was too old to see me leave.”  This is very profound and describes the death of the unborn child too soon.  Many women who have abortions do not see their babies born alive instead their babies are given saline abortions or suction abortions and often these babies are literally torn apart limb by limb by instruments of torture used for abortion.  Instruments used for surgical abortion are instruments of torture and death to the unborn child in the womb.   The womb was meant to be a safe place for the child to grow and prepare for birth and for billions of children today the womb is no longer a safe place.  To this mother this child was as Akiane writes in the third stanza “I was just another stranger letting go of her arm”.  The poem continues to say “Yet I hoped she would cry in my eyes, Yet I hoped that savoring thirst the hunger would pass.”  This speaks to me of more than just the mother and  her unborn child being aborted.  This also describes the woman doing the abortion.  Many women do these abortions as do men.  They are called abortion doctors.  Look up the name Stojan Adasevic from Serbia.  This abortion doctor performed numerous abortions but was miraculously enlightened and stopped doing abortions.  You will find his story compelling and filled with hope.  The hope that Stojan Adasevic offers mankind is the age old hope of redemption the redemptive value of repenting from our hearts like Stojan Adasevic did and discontinuing our horrible choices. I include one link here of many links containing Stojan Adasevic’s amazing journey of conversion away from abortion to authentic Christianity…Before I include this link I have noticed that many organized religions around the world try to leverage stories like Stojan Adasevic’s story to increase their followers.  Churches like the roman catholic church are notorious for leveraging stories like this to raise money and to increase their followers.  Though I must add that I never heard about this story when I was a roman catholic because it seems to me as a former roman catholic now in recovery from years of abuse as a roman catholic that this church focuses more on keeping their followers captive using coercive control in various forms verbal abuse threatening speech in various forms and psychological warfare in various forms making their flocks feel guilty for crimes they never did so as to get money from their lost flocks.  I state this as a work of art and as a mere opinion and we are all entitled to our opinions and as such I make no claims as to statements of facts.  All I do is use my voice to speak from my own experiences as a work of art with opinions of my own which I am entitled to…  Here is one link with Stojan Adasevic’s story…https://christianpipesmokers.net/viewtopic.php?t=7874 – The last stanza of the poem He Had To Hope is the aborted baby about to die or dying from the terrible ordeal of his abortion hoping that “she would cry in my eyes.”  This child hoped that both his own mother who had him aborted and the abortion doctor would learn to cry in his eyes.  Doctors who used to do abortions but no longer do them are many.  Dr. Bernard Nathanson also learned to cry through the eyes of the children he destroyed by abortion.  Dr. Nathanson produced an anti abortion movie titled The Silent Scream.  You can look up this Doctor and his movie that he narrated called The Silent Scream.  Thanks be to the God of Life many former abortion doctors and abortion workers are learning to cry through the eyes of the children they destroy and many are becoming more enlightened are ceasing and desisting any and all abortion activities.  My hope is that the whole world will learn to cry through the eyes of the boys and girls destroyed by the abuse of the word “choice”.  By learning to cry through their eyes perhaps then we can learn to preserve and save our own species from extinction by stopping all forms of birth control….You Know it does matter when we fail and yes it really does matter when we falter.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled It Matters from my YouTube Channel…

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