Gratitude – A Reflection

This poem titled Gratitude was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 43.vvc“You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Gratitude has Four Stanzas The first and last Stanzas have two lines and the middle Stanzas have three lines.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of a table on my patio with food on it and a little candle too for ambiance.  My parents taught me how to be grateful and I have never forgotten how to give thanks how to be grateful and neither have I ever forgotten how to cry.  Learning how to cope was the greatest part of my own healing process.  Learning how to cope was the greatest gift I could have ever received.   Life is full of blessings – blessings we do not have to look for – blessings that are right there in front of our eyes.  Tis the little things that brings me great joy.  I do not need much to be happy and in reality mankind does not need much to be happy and fulfilled.  The poem Gratitude is lyrical prose mystical in nature and very profound.  As I write this series of reflections I am amazed at the depths of wisdom written by the hands of an 8 year old girl.  This poem opens with the question “Out of how many blessings we receive – do we declare?”  Then this poem asks a second question “Out of how many light questions we carry do we ignore the heavy answers?”  Many today do this they literally ignore the heavy answers and as such have gone mad in their own insane inability to accept the truth terrible though it be the truth remains the truth.    The rest of the poem addresses these two questions.  This poem is short yet very profound and is typical of Akiane’s writings.  Akiane’s poems whether long or short are packed with profound three dimensional deep meanings that confound many adults.  Children are a blessing full stop.  God our creator the God of life has a plan a design for each and every child meant to be welcomed into this world this mighty frame created by the God of life.  Human life is spontaneous in nature and in fact Akiane uses the word Spontaneous in one of the stanzas of her poem.   From the moment of conception to the moment of birth human life is a dynamic miraculous process.  An amazing process.  We are born into this world totally and completely helpless we are born as wee helpless babies.  As babies we cannot speak for ourselves we cannot walk and we do not have control over our own faculties.  As wee babies we are completely and totally dependent on our parents our mothers and our fathers and our care givers if neither parent is able to raise their baby.  Human life lies in the balance of the ability and willingness of societies and communities to raise these babies to adult hood.   These days human babies are discarded like garbage like trash because these children are not convenient and many modern people do not want the bother of raising their own babies to adult hood.    I would say this the lineage or algorithm of the culture of death is as follows.  Pride – Inability to repent or say sorry for wrong doings – unforgiveness – the inability or unwillingness to forgive the wrongs or faults of others.  This is the recipe used to destroy our species actually whole nations.  This recipe has resulted in large scale wholesale abuse in various forms such as verbal abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse.  Consequently children who were raised by abusive parents or raised in abusive situations outside their own homes grow up to become adults who are now filled with fear.  Many adults who were abused as children are afraid to have children or they are afraid to have more than a certain number of children.  These adults are the result of systemic abuse and as a result they have become adults filled with fear.  These adults are decent hardworking people and are not afraid to help others in need.  For the most part these adults overcame terrible childhoods to become decent law abiding citizens who have done very well for themselves.  However, our societies fell apart out of fear of having and raising Children.  Many couples operate out of this fear which has become a core part of their being a belief system.  These couples embrace the use of contraception and various other forms of birth control including abortion on demand if the contraception and other birth control fails.  When whole societies and communities have stopped embracing and welcoming their own children into the world there is no life anymore because these children are blessings.  Akiane says it best at the end of this poem “There is no life without blessings”.  Children are blessings and without the blessings of children there is no life.  Our world is no longer the same world our ancestors knew.  There was a time when children were plentiful and children were running around and playing outside and many homes were filled with the joy of children welcomed into their homes with love.  Men and women used to follow a very ordered law this was the law of the God of life.  This meant following the recipe for success found in Exodus Chapter 20 – Douay – Rheims.  I mention Douay – Rheims as this is the bible I study.  However if you have a different bible that is ok simply look up and study Exodus not certain if the Chapter and verse are the same.   Exodus Chapter 20 outlines the law of the God of life in detail also known as the 10 commandments.  When we think about it the God of life did not ask to much of us his creatures.  It truly was not too much to ask that if man is to know woman man must marry.  That is not too much to ask.   When mankind followed the natural and divine law of the God of life by waiting to marry and beget or have children homes were filled with joy because of the children.  Children are a lot of work and are a challenge this is true and children are the joy of the earth.  Sad to say many people have children for the wrong reasons and bring children into this world setting those children up for abuse and bad treatment.  This goes on a lot.  Also many people are careless today and operate with no moral compass and treat their sacred human bodies horribly and allow their sacred bodies to be used for pleasure and they also use others for pleasure.   Men and women do this and the results are devastating.  For example,  many men and women love to go out to socialize have a few drinks and dance the night away.  On the surface that all sounds like a lot of fun.  However,  the lives of children hang in the balance.  If a young man and woman are dancing the night away and they find each other attractive especially if drink is involved the chances of an unplanned unexpected pregnancy are very high.  This is how many “crisis” pregnancies occur and sad to say rape occurs very often in these places of drink dancing to seductive music.   It is fair to say that the devil who is satan also known as lucifer seduced the nations with his wicked art of seduction via music alcohol drugs.  Hence the worldly terms of “sex” “drugs” and “rock n roll”.   You could sum up the annihilation of the nations via abortion on demand and contraception as well to those three words “sex” “drugs” and “rock n roll”.    The price or cost of this lifestyle cannot be measured in particular when unplanned pregnancies occur that are labelled “crisis” pregnancies the chances are very high in the 90th percentile in America and high around the world that this child will be sent to the chopping block of abortion on demand.  This child committed no crime yet these children are sacrificed to the devil wholesale in the billions over the last century in particular.  Because this poem was so profound I made sure to quote Akiane because Akiane deserves credit for her wonderful writings.  I did however make sure to leave out some of the poem to honour  the instruction that limited quotes are allowed for purposes such as this series of reflections.  I hope those who study this series of reflections will purchase their very own book so that they can read Akiane’s poems in their entirety.  Akiane is one of the many blessings in the world today.  Akiane was welcomed into her home to loving parents who were open to having however many children our creator the God of life sent them.   Regardless of the circumstances if mankind learns to welcome children into the world once more our world can be rebuilt and renewed.  When we raise up our children we build the world.  When we destroy our own children we destroy the world.  The devil knows this well and this is why lucifer seduced the nations with lawless lascivious amoral and immoral lifestyles.  Many today suit themselves and are full of themselves filled with diabolical pride.  Many today have no need for God and so they make no room for the God of life in their lives.  Many do this with contraception abortion wilful sterilizations and all forms of birth control including natural family planning which is not natural at all.  The natural law of the God of life is to marry and beget children full stop.  Anything outside of that breaks the covenant with the God of life.  It is fair to say the devil has seduced the nations into breaking the covenant with the God of life and instead into making luciferian blood pacts with the devil himself by shedding the blood of their own innocent children in the womb and outside the womb.  The worst form of terror and war fare ever unleashed upon mankind is the war on the womb.  Unborn children are subjected to chemical warfare via chemical abortions such as the morning after pill and the first trimester early saline abortions which literally burns the skin of the child.  This is terror this is horrible.  The war on the womb continues then to later in the first trimester to second and third trimester whereby the child is poisoned and torn apart limb by limb in the worst form of terror ever unleashed.  This child cannot speak for himself or herself.   This child cannot walk or talk.  This child is helpless totally dependent on its own species to take care of it.  Well our species has done the opposite we are destroying our own progeny wholesale so as to cause our own species to literally go extinct.  Those who support the war on the womb are many these great number of people refuse to look at the vast bloodshed done by abortion around the world.  This bloodshed is now an ocean of blood in fact it is oceans of blood.   It is fair to say that the God of life is not pleased and not happy with the war on the womb.  Many refuse to listen and many no  longer recognize the God of life for they pick and choose their own core belief system to suit themselves in luciferian pride and the children fall wholesale.  No mercy was shown these children in the womb.  How can mankind expect the God of life to show mercy to the wicked those who are responsible for the war on the womb the worst war of terror ever unleashed upon mankind.  This war is a silent war because these children were not heard and their screams were “silent screams”.  Well the God of life has heard the screams of these terrorized children.  There is a Chinese proverb that says “mankind does not shed tears.  Mankind sheds blood.”  I would agree many today shed crocodile tears.  Crocodile tears because they are sorry they were caught or they are filled with self pity because their lives did not meet their own demands.  Many today are not one bit sorry for the war on the womb and many are literally insane by their own inability to shed real tears for the unborn children sent to the slaughterhouse the chopping block of abortion on demand.  Many today are literally insane drunk on the blood of their own iniquities.  Sacred scriptures speaks to those who are “accursed” those who gave themselves over to the devil who is satan also known as lucifer.  Those who did this are “accursed” in the eyes of the God of life and as sacred scriptures says the God of life will deal with these “accursed”.  The God of life will destroy the “wicked” at the appointed time known to  God alone.  Few today are ready for this and many refuse to come out of the darkness they are living in.  Many prefer to embrace the insanity of their own dark rabbit holes of satanic birth control in all its forms for convenience.  There is hope as the God of life always gives us hope.  Many are realizing their faults and are sincerely repenting from their hearts.  We can all rejoice in this.  The God of life will forgive those who can sincerely repent from their hearts.  The God of life does not play games and so those who say they are sorry with their words and shed false crocodile tears will be dealt with.  This is not a game.  The God of life knows the heart of his own creatures. Many today fool themselves for they certainly do not fool their own creator the God of life.  Only the God of life can search the heart of man.  I hope that as more and more men and women become enlightened to the horrible reality that the war on the womb is the worst war ever unleashed upon our species that this terrible truth will fill them with holy fear of the Most High God of life and bring them to sincere repentance.  I end with this do no fear to have or beget your own children instead ask the God of life to teach you holy fear.  Ask the God of life to teach you how to fear the God of life so as to avoid sin.  Many today do live in fear but this fear is not holy or Godly this fear is fear of failure or fear of rejection or fear of poverty or fear of having too many children.  These are not holy or godly fears.  Instead ask the God of life our creator to teach you holy fear so as to avoid the insanity or rabbit hole offered by the wicked luciferian culture of death.  For those of us who have repented from our hearts we can rejoice in this and we have nothing to fear.  Ask the true Jesus Christ to teach you how to walk with him.  The true Jesus Christ will walk with his people if invited to.  Many today are deceived into wicked false Christ idolatry.  Sacred scriptures warns mankind to look out for the false Christ’s in our midst lest we be deceived.  These days there are many great deceptions and these deceptions are wicked and ungodly and unholy which is why the children are no more.  I the author of this reflection shall not be comforted neither will heaven be comforted for the children are no more.  I pray and fast for justice for these children for these children did not receive justice on earth.  Justice must now come from heaven from the God of life who will deal mankind a mighty blow.  Many who are filled with pride will be brought to their knees.  The God of life will “scatter the proud in the conceit of their hearts” as mentioned in Luke.   The proud will be scattered and those who are able to accept humility through prayer and fasting and who can repent from their hearts sincerely from their hearts will be saved.  Those who continue to fool themselves remain in darkness and the God of life takes no part with them.  There will be a great shaking upon the earth and the proud will be scattered as mentioned in sacred scriptures.  May the God of life and heaven help us all in these perilous times…  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my free tips playlist from my YouTube Channel…. My little way of being grateful is by sharing what works for me on YouTube….I include a clip from my YouTube of a refund I got when I was traveling.  Notice how nasty this merchant was.  I got my refund that day.  What was so strange was I had literally just bought or purchased the item changed my mind and returned within five minutes of making that purchase with my receipt.  The product was not damaged it simply was not fit for purpose which is what I told that merchant.  You will see that clip here too…Refunds are possible when you know your rights!!!

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