Under A Cast – A Reflection

This poem titled Under A Cast was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 42.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Under A Cast has three stanzas with eight lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is of a bird which you can see perched in a palm tree.  This palm tree was planted by mankind and as such does not have deep roots it is a tree without roots.  This bird was chirping away.  I choose this photo because this poem Under A Cast talks about birds planted on trees without roots..   To me the reader of  this poem and author of these reflections Under A Cast is deeper than just an allegory.  I am amazed at the depths of this prose from Akiane at the young age of 8.  The first stanza speaks about the passage of time and opens with the words “Between past and future”.  This stanza captures the reality that when unborn children are annihilated destroyed not allowed to be born then mankind sells these children down an ocean of blood or down a river of blood for convenience.  This stanza also talks about how to suit their tastes mankind sacrifices their own children for a lie a “pantomime of taste” as Akiane writes.  To me this stanza speaks of modern society choosing wealth and easy living and comfortable life styles over the bother of bearing or begetting children.  Now there is nothing wrong with choosing not to have children by living a chaste life.  However,  marriage should be between a man and a woman this is why our creator created us male and female.  And men and women who are married if they wish to keep their covenant with God must be open to begetting or having children.  These couples break their covenant with God when they use contraception and all forms of birth control including natural family planning.  There is nothing natural about preventing children from being conceived and it is not natural to murder children in the womb.  Many couples are realizing this and many couples are choosing not to use contraception and to become more open to having children.  That is a good thing and I hope this continues.  Our creator will forgive us anything as long as we are sincerely sorry from our hearts.  If we are not sincerely sorry from our hearts it is not possible for our creator to forgive us because of the lack of sorrow from their hearts of those who are not repentant.  Hence the term unrepentant.  Those who are unable to be sorry or repent for the murder of their own children via contraception – we must remember contraception works as an abortifacient – and abortion cannot be forgiven by our Creator Our God of Life for by their lack of sorrow they separate themselves from the God of life.  The good news though is many women and men are truly sorry for their crimes for many do not understand the gravity and serious nature of contraception and abortion on demand.  Once many figure this out many do come to sincere repentance and have a change of heart and our creator continues till the end of time to forgive all of us who are sincerely repentant from our hearts.  Many today have been deceived into believing that contraception and abortion are ok under the word “choice”.  This word “choice” has been abused to give women the right to order a legal hit on their own baby in their wombs legal murder or abortion on demand.  This is hell on earth and truly horrible for both women and children.  The first stanza of this poem ends with the words “and shoe soles wear out across the lands of haste”.  I would agree many go in haste to have abortions done only to realize when it is too late that they annihilated or murdered their own baby and as such stole their own future progeny their own future inheritance and have contributed to their own demise the extinction of their own lineage.   The next stanza confirms what I say the line of the second stanza opens with the words “Our wombs have felt a scratching fossil”.  This speaks to the fact that many babies are destroyed with the morning after pill and also with chemical abortion causing the child to die and as such the child is then either birthed dead or is torn apart limb by limb.  In any case the mother’s wombs are now tombs and their babies are dead fossils.  Horrible and true.  Now the term dead fossil does not literally mean dead fossil however the child is dead no longer alive and as such the word fossil refers to a dead unborn baby.  A baby not allowed to live butchered and destroyed on the altar of convenience.  My goodness centuries before mankind cherished children and rejoiced when their children came.  Now if some women get pregnant they are called “crisis pregnancies”  all of a sudden becoming pregnant these days is considered a disease to be dealt with or a crime of sorts to be dealt with.  Many so called “crisis pregnancies” result in abortion on demand many dead babies and mothers destroyed by the horror that they ordered a legal hit or murder of their own babies via legal abortion.  The last stanza ends with the words “the homeless birds pass only rootless tress”.  To me this is an allegory about children not allowed to live and as such are homeless.  Also the words “rootless trees” to me means that the roots of whole family lines have been destroyed.  After all if the children are not allowed to be born or live after they are born they cannot be raised up to adults to continue the family line.  What mankind forgets is that when parents raise children they are raising the world.  For these children will grow to become adults who will hopefully continue the family lineage via marriage.   My gosh for those of us who like to read the scriptures Abraham knew that much as did his son Isaac and the lineage of Abraham.  They knew enough from Genesis onwards to value their own children.  In fact Abraham and his wife Sarah did not have their own child until they were very old.  In fact this couple were so anxious to continue their own lineage that Sarah asked Abraham to know their maidservant so as to beget a child.  Sure enough Abraham did this and their maidservant Agar got pregnant and bore them a child whom they named Ismael.  Abraham and Sarah had to wait a very long time before they conceived their own child Isaac.  Could it be that the God of life wanted Abraham and Sarah to wait a long time to conceive so as to impress upon them the need and importance of valuing our own children.  I tell you this Abraham and Sarah treasured Isaac.  When Isaac grew up and just after his mother Sarah died Abraham saw to it that his servant found a worthy wife for Isaac.  Abraham did this to ensure his lineage would continue.  Also Abraham and Sarah were told by God himself to be good to their handmaid Agar who ran away at one time due to Sara’s harsh treatment.  This was before the 10 commandments given in Exodus Chapter 20.  Remarkably and to her credit Sarah was good to Agar and took care of both her and Ishmael.  Sarah was obliged to do this though since it was Sarah who told Abram to know Agar in the first place.  Now when Ishmael was still young God told Agar it was ok for her to go her separate ways from Abram and his wife Sarah and God promised Agar his protection and care.  God loved Agar and Ishmael and ensured they were cared for.  Look at society today – you do not see good will like this.  Instead you see single mothers and single fathers demonized for becoming parents too soon.  Also if a spouse has an affair today many women and men literally murder the guilty party or parties.  This is why God provided the 10 Commandments in Exodus Chapter 20.  God did this because God new mankind his creatures needed laws they needed guidance a moral compass to follow.  If mankind failed to follow this moral law or compass this would lead to the annihilation and extinction of our species.  It is fair to say that today with the rate of abortion and contraception being so horribly high that our species is well on their way to extinction.  Modern society literally panics when a woman gets pregnant and treats that pregnancy like a “crisis” in many cases justifying murder on demand of the unborn child via abortion.  Like it or not sex is a big responsibility and sex is sacred and meant to be between a man and a woman between a male and a female.  God asked mankind to take only one wife in marriage for their own good.  To provide a moral compass.  Raising children is not an easy task.  However, this task is made easier when our societies follow a moral compass of both natural and divine law.   Embracing the natural act of sex between couples in marriage whereby the wombs of the mothers are open to the conception of their own children or progeny to be welcomed into the world via the birthing process.  Anything outside of this is not natural or good.  This being said God brings good out of situations that are not ideal.  Look what God did for Agar and Ishmael.  God did not murder or destroy Agar or Ishmael or Abram or Sarah.  Instead God took care of all of them and even gave Abraham and Sarah a child in their older years.  If you study the life of Abraham and Sarah in their life story you see a recipe for success.  After receiving correction from God Sarah obeyed God and was good to Agar and Ishmael and God provided for them all.  God did not destroy any of them because God is a God of life not a God of death.  Society today kills all the time in various forms.  Murder is rampant today in various forms and the results are devastating.  Whole nations have been annihilated and destroyed which is irreversible in nature.  I am convinced only the God of life and heaven can help us now.  I wonder too if the God of life has forgotten us completely.  I tell you this the God of life has certainly left mankind to their own devices.  This is clear which is deadly for our species.  However, for those of us who have repented from our hearts and those of us who have renewed our covenant with the God of life we can stand on the hope found in sacred scriptures that the God of life will help us at the appointed time.  A time known to the God of life alone and a time when to many on earth all will seem lost.  As it is now nations are already lost to contraception and abortion on demand.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my playlist from our time at the Canary Islands of a bird show that was fantastic.  Birds are awesome…-… Life is awesome and the human child is very awesome!!!

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