The Waiting – A reflection

This poem titled The Waiting was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 39.“You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This Waiting consists of four stanzas with four lines each.  The photograph I choose was taken by me in Ireland of a snail in it’s shell eating leaves.  Sometimes life can seem to be moving at a snails pace.  The snail in the photograph represents to me the passage of time and how time can move very slowly at times. The poem The Waiting is a different kind of waiting it is about the unborn child waiting to be born and nurtured into adulthood.  Children are conceived to be nurtured first by their own mother’s wombs which are sacred and then by their own mother after birth throughout the years into adulthood.  It is true raising children is no easy task.  Raising children is a big responsibility.  For those of us who believe in a God a God of life a creator greater than us this responsibility is very serious.  We are obliged to raise our children in the ways of God and if we fail in this task we will all be held to account by the Most High God of life.  To me this short poem titled The Waiting talks about Children waiting to be born the unborn children.  Now the last stanza says it all and I quote “Rain will stop when my planted sycamore is grown.”  I limit my quotes to this last line.  To me this unborn child is saying the Rain which to me means tears from heaven – the “Rain will stop when my planted sycamore is grown.”  Tells me that heaven sheds tears over the billions of unborn children not allowed to be born and not allowed to live due to chemical and surgical abortions on demand and this includes contraception which functions as an abortifacient.  To me the word Rain in this poem represents tears falling from heaven like rain for the children are no more.  Billions are annihilated destroyed via chemical and surgical abortion on demand around the world and few on earth shed tears over this horror.  I would agree with the last stanza the Rain or Tears from heaven will only stop when mankind stops destroying our own species via contraception and abortion and all forms of birth control.  Only then when the children are once more welcomed into the world and allowed to grow up will the tears or Rain from heaven stop falling.  Children are a gift no matter how they come.  Our task as a species is to do our best as a society to care for our children no matter how they come.  This is why adoption is an option for parents who are unable to care for their children.  Adoption is a wonderful life giving option and many adopted children grow up and do very well.  No child deserves a death sentence via contraception and all forms of birth control including abortion on demand for crimes they never committed.  May mankind learn to shed tears like rain for the children are no more.  By so doing perhaps mankind will save our own species from total and devastating destruction and stop annihilating and destroying our own children.  A mother’s womb is sacred and should never be a tomb or death bed for her own children.  This is why tears from heaven fall like Rain for the children are no more and heaven shall not be comforted.  Neither shall I the author of this reflection be comforted.  I hope we will all learn to shed tears for the unborn children who are no more.  By so doing these tears would bring healing to our world and teach mankind to love again by welcoming their children once more into the world to be raised with love by our societies into adulthood.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Let Your Children Come from my YouTube channel….

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