The Strength – A Reflection

This poem titled The Strength was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 40  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Strength is a very short poem consisting of three stanzas except in this case they are three lines with little words.  So three stanzas with a total of 6 words in the first stanza and five words in the other two stanzas.  To me the little words speak for the little ones the little children the littlest of the little the wee babies in the womb.  The tiniest of the tiny the littlest ones newly conceived who cannot implant due to a hostile womb caused by the use of contraception.  Also to me it is the true Jesus Christ who is speaking in this poem.  I say this because the true Jesus Christ is the son of the Author of life.  The true Jesus Christ is the son of the God of life.  The God of life creates and the God of life does not destroy.  The God of life does not lie cheat kill and destroy in the name of a false Jesus Christ.  Any society that lies cheats kills and destroys in the name of a god murders in the name of a false god and a false Jesus Christ which is idolatry at it’s finest which requires blood sacrifice in many cases.  In modern society false Jesus Christ idolatry is rampant and it is the children who always suffer.  As such the children are then sacrificed in a wicked blood sacrifice of chemical and surgical abortion on demand and contraception.  This stanza is so short I will simply say it is about being silent and listening.   The I in this poem to me is the true Jesus Christ speaking.   Jesus says in this stanza that he tries to “teach and they run away” he then listens “and they come”.  Jesus then says his “strength is his silence.”  This is very profound and tells me the reader that the world is not listening to the teachings of the True Jesus Christ the son of the Author of Life for many today do not know sacred scriptures.  Many today say they love Jesus Christ and many today fill various churches declaring their love for Jesus Christ yet throngs of people are woefully ignorant of sacred scriptures.  These are the people who say they believe in God and they love Jesus Christ yet they do not listen to the teachings of the true Jesus Christ and ignore sacred scriptures.  As such they are ignorant of the word of God and as such have lost sight of  the author of life the true God of life.  Many today are the blind leading the blind and have no idea how lost they are.  They are so lost they do not know they are lost.  The true Jesus Christ tried to teach mankind via sacred scriptures how to live according to the Law of the Most High God the author of Life.  Few today truly understand or know how to live according to the Law of the Most High God.  Many today do not know the 10 commandments.  To the unborn children this ignorance of the laws of the God of life means certain death.  Death to the unborn children in the billions.  Many mother’s have wombs that are now as tombs to their unborn children whom they denied life to via their use of contraception which makes their wombs a hostile environment and as such newly conceived children cannot implant hence the abortifacient effect of contraception.  Also when contraception or other forms of birth control fail these mothers pursue abortion on demand either chemical if early in the first trimesters such as the morning after pill and chemical abortion or surgical abortion later in the first trimester and into the second and third trimesters of their pregnancies.  This is hell on earth for the unborn children and their mothers.  Many mothers regret using contraception once they learn how truly wicked contraception is to their sacred bodies as well as their unborn children who die by the billions.  Also many mothers regret having an abortion once they realize the horror of what was done to their baby.  So yes the True Jesus Christ is correct when he says his strength is his silence after all the world refuses to listen anymore to the word of God and many are woefully ignorant of the teachings of the true Jesus Christ.  I would add to this too that the I in this poem can also mean each individual unborn child not allowed to live.  Yes the strength of each unborn child is their silence.  The God of life the author of life hears the silent screams of the aborted and contracepted unborn children.  As such their silence remains their strength just as the silence of the true Jesus Christ remains his strength.  The true Jesus Christ listens and hears the cries the silent screams of the aborted and contracepted unborn children and the true Jesus Christ welcomes these holy innocent children back to heaven before their time and heals them of their heinous wounds.  The wounds the unborn children experience are as follows:  Cold hatred from the hardened hearts of their parents who do not want their children and discard these children like trash.  The true Jesus Christ must heal the unwanted annihilated aborted children from this cold hatred.  Also the true Jesus Christ must heal the aborted annihilated children from the horrible ill will of their murderers.  Those who declare with their mouths that they love the Author the God of life yet with their words murder their own children via legalized abortion and birth control in all its forms.    Heaven now is faced with healing billions of unwanted murdered children from this heinous bloodbath.  The wounds of the unborn children are many. The unborn children who return to heaven need physical spiritual and emotional healing and this is why tears fall from heaven like Rain for these children are no more.  Heaven is closed to many in modern society for many today by their actions cut themselves off from the God of life.  Many today broke the Covenant with the God of life and as such cut the God of life out of their lives.  This is why many today are totally lost and do not realize they are lost and are the blind leading the blind.   Many who pray today think that this world on earth revolves around them and they make demands from heaven such as:  Heaven help me find a job which is a worthy prayer and heaven help me to increase in wealth which is not a worthy prayer.  Many today make demands from heaven to suit their own needs forgetting that heaven is busy healing the wounds of the nations annihilated and destroyed by vitriolic hate speech and legalized abortion and birth control.  These same ones who hate and despise their own children and by their actions and horrible choices show the God of life the Author of life that they hate the God of life then make demands from heaven via many prayers said that are not well said or even pleasing to the Most High God of life.  Mankind cannot expect to have their prayers answered by the Author of life if they are at the same time destroying annihilating their own children.  For by their actions they broke the covenant with the Author of Life the God of life and the God of life takes no part with the wicked idolaters who destroy their own children in various forms.  Why would heaven hear these prayers when heaven is busy healing the children destroyed in the name of a false god a false Jesus Christ.  Mankind has broken the Covenant with the Most High God and has slammed their door in the face of heaven and the Author of life God himself.  This is why heaven is closed to many today.  For the children are no more and heaven shall not be comforted neither shall I the author of this reflection be comforted for indeed the children are no more.   I end with the following sacred scriptures.  For we must no forget that the God of life is a jealous God and mighty in strength.  Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 5 Douay – Rheims Holy Bible  ” I am the Lord thy God mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”  This scripture verse packs a punch and is very powerful.  For those of us who value human life the next verse is a comfort.  Verse 6 in Exodus Chapter 20 says ” And shewing mercy unto thousands to them that love me, and keep my commandments.”  Those of us who strive to keep the commandments of the God of life the Author of life can rejoice and take comfort in sacred scriptures.  However, woe to those who broke the Covenant with the Most High God of life .  For sacred scriptures describes very clearly how the Author of life the God of life deals with those who hate him.



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