The Fingerprints – A Reflection

This poem titled The Fingerprints was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 8 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 41. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Fingerprints consists of five short stanzas with a few words in each stanza consisting of three lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in January 2019.  This photo shows me with two wonderful Dolphins.  Every creature is unique humans and other species too like Dolphins.  Wow! Fingerprints is a powerful poem and each word packs a punch.  This poem describes the self imposed horrors of hell on earth brought upon our own species by the wilful bad choices of mankind.  The word “rebel” is used in this poem to describe “our afflictions” and “our failures”.  This is very profound and very true.  You see by our failure to protect the littlest of the little ones the wee babies in their mothers wombs then yes “Our Afflictions and Our Failures rebel against the law and peace” of the Author of life the Most High God.  I put the sentence “Our Afflictions and Our Failures rebel against the law and peace” in quotes  because this is what Akiane wrote in this profound poem I am simply rephrasing it but I give credit to Akiane the author of this poem at the young age of 8.  Well done Akiane and very profound.  This poem also addresses the need to embrace “white truth” in quotes to credit Akiane for writing these words in this poem.  To me the words “white truth”  means the truth of the word of God the Author of Life and the true Jesus Christ.  There is no other truth and no greater truth than this.  To lie cheat kill and destroy in the name of any god is false and is not of the God of life.  I love what Akiane says in the third stanza and fourth stanzas “as the future finds our covered footprints we find the present.  Divine fingerprints always match ours.”  Wow!  so profound I am in awe of the wisdom in the poetry of Akiane at the age of 8.  To  me the words “as the future finds our covered footprints we find the present”  To appreciate all of this great poem you will need to purchase your own copy of this great book from Akiane online.  This poem The Fingerprints describes the futures stolen from the unborn children.  The children who never learned to walk who were never allowed to set foot on our soil their little feet were covered instead in a bloodbath of wilful legal annihilations via abortion and birth control on demand.  Hence their footprints are indeed covered because these unborn children never got a chance to learn how to walk because they were annihilated not allowed to be born.  These children who were not allowed to be born or to live were not given a chance to make their mark in this world not even a chance to learn how to walk and place their little feet on our soil.  This is horrible and true.  This is the devastation of birth control in particular contraception and abortion on demand.  Also the words “divine fingerprints always match ours”  describes the terrible horrible truth and reality that the fingerprints of these children that never left their mark on earth their little fingers were sent to the chopping block of chemical and surgical abortion on demand.  However, the Author of Life the God of life who is spirit and male his “divine fingerprints always match ours”.  Is very true for it is the God of life who created each and every one of us and it is the God of life the Author of Life whose “divine fingerprints always match ours”.  So profound from an 8 year old girl named Akiane.  These poems bring me to my knees in awe of the depths of wisdom in these words.  It is true the Unborn Children were not allowed to live they were not given a chance to learn how to walk or talk or make their mark with their little feet or little hands.  However they certainly have made their mark in heaven and the God of life the Author of life has not forgotten the annihilated nations the unborn children destroyed on the altar of convenience.  It is true the Futures were stolen from these unborn children and it is true too that “The Future Never Gives Up” [ authored by Ilia Kramarik Akiane’s brother before or around the age of 8. ]  Ilia’s book titled the Future Never Gives up was given a copyright in 2008.  By 2008 Ilia was only 8 years old as Ilia was a welcomed new addition to the Kramarik family in 2001.  I will be writing a series of reflections on Ilia’s book separately.  Ilia’s message to the world is also very profound and it is a very beautiful positive message as are Akiane’s messages.  You see if mankind once again embraces our own species our own children and learns to truly care for our children we will save our own species from total devastating destruction and once more start to build bright futures.  Our Children are our future and when we destroy our children we destroy our futures.  By annihilating the children in the womb and outside the womb we annihilate and destroy our futures and our planet and as such we alter our world.  Our world is already damaged and altered beyond repair with damage so immense it is irreversible.  Also an aborted child can never be replaced.  That right there is immense irreversible damage done to a whole lineage a whole line of our species wiped out in a short time with chemical or surgical abortion.  The reality is this the worst chemical warfare ever unleashed on our species is self imposed via chemical abortion on demand the same is true of surgical abortion and contraception.  This is the worst warfare of all this is the war on the womb.  The war on women and children the weakest members of our society.  This war has resulted in children destroyed wholesale.  While what Ilia Kramarik said is true in his book titled “The Future Never Gives Up”.  It is up to mankind to cooperate with the Author of life the God of life and once again learn to welcome children into the world no matter how they come.  I am not the only one concerned that our species is in grave danger of extinction by our own hands and failures to protect our own children from slaughter.  I am not sure if mankind can learn to love again by embracing our own children no matter how they come.  I am concerned as are many that our species is too far gone too lost and billions are unable or not capable of recognizing how truly lost we are as a species.  This is why I am convinced only  heaven and the God of Life can help us now.  I am convinced of this and trust that the Author of Life will intervene at a time known to the God of life alone.  I say this with the Authority found in sacred scriptures the word of God which speaks to these times.  I say this that heaven is being forced to act by the actions of mankind.  Mankind is bringing upon themselves the mighty arm of Justice from the Most High God.  I end with the following sacred scriptures.  For we must no forget that the God of life is a jealous God and mighty in strength.  Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 5 Douay – Rheims Holy Bible  ” I am the Lord thy God mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”  This scripture verses packs a punch and is very powerful.  For those of us who value human life the next verse is a comfort.  Verse 6 in Exodus Chapter 20 says ” And shewing mercy unto thousands to them that love me, and keep my commandments.”  Those of us who strive to keep the commandments of the God of life the Author of life can rejoice and take comfort in sacred scriptures.  However woe to those who broke the Covenant with the Most High God of life .  For sacred scriptures describes very clearly how the Author of life the God of life deals with those who hate him. As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my playlist from YouTube about how awesome Dolphins are.  All of God’s creatures and all of God’s creation is awesome especially the human child………

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