Part II – “I listened to everyone’s advice but found my solution on the cross.” A Reflection

Part II of Akiane Kramarik’s book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow are a collection of poems written by Akiane at age 8.  Part II opens with a photo of Akiane and her world famous painting of Jesus Christ and the following quote from Akiane.  Found on Page 37:   “I listened to everyone’s advice, but found my solution on the cross.” Akiane – Age 8

The photograph I choose is of a marked grave that looks like an unmarked grave erected by a grieving mother in Ireland who lost at least one of her children.  I am not certain if this grieving mother had a miscarriage or how she lost her child.  I met the mother personally which is how I know this was erected as a memory for her beloved lost child.  That grieving mother is holy because she understands and knows how to grieve the loss of her child.  Before I begin my next series of reflections I write this reflection on Akiane’s quote.  May this reflection be a prayer that the God of life and the true Jesus Christ will guide my writing in honour of the children who were not allowed to live under the worst war of words ever unleashed upon mankind in particular the word “choice”.  The word “choice” comes from the man of perdition.  For the man of perdition prophesied in sacred scriptures is a lier a murderer and a thief and he has seduced the nations with his war of words from “lips of war.” {Akiane age 7]  In the name of “choice” nations have been annihilated and destroyed via surgical abortion on demand.  Women and men declare with loud voices that it is the woman’s “choice” as it is her body after all and she can do with her body as she pleases including ordering abortion on demand the murder of her child in her womb.  The God of Life says that mankind must not kill yet many today worship false gods all of these idols and false gods lead to the god of death lucifer and hellfire.  The word “choice” is from the god of death seducing nations into embracing a false light a false ideology that has led to the wholesale slaughter of innocent children in their mother’s wombs.  Billions have embraced this false light ideology of the god of death who presents himself in many forms but is simply the devil at the end of the day.  The devil always was and always will be a lier a murderer and a thief.  The devil was this from day one and will always be this until he is crushed by the God of life.  Mankind who embrace wholesale death made a pact with lucifer and his apostate host.  Many who do these crimes in various forms kill all the time consequently we no longer know if the person we are sitting next to in public is a murderer or not.  For many today kill all the time.  They murder with their tongues with their speech and with their unjust laws.  They murder their own children with abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of birth control.  Natural family planning is not natural it is not of God.  Many couples who use this become angry and bitter and many times their marriage falls apart either the husband or the wife or both have affairs.  This goes on all the time because for natural family planning to work they must abstain from their union their bond for a time which can cause stress and friction in their married life.  It is not natural for married couples to abstain from their marital union which is the greatest way they bond in the first place.  Holy love in holy marriages where the couples are keeping the covenant God made with Abraham and are open to however many children may come experience more happiness in their marriages.  Horrible people many who claim to be Christians put a price on the head of their children and say we cannot afford more than a certain number of children so many limit the births of their children to between 1 and 4 at the most.  If number five makes it the couple complains and refuses to have more children.  Thus destroying the Covenant God made with Abraham.  By refusing to be open to children couples remove themselves from the God of life.  Even couples who have four or five children if they wilfully remove the option of more children in their marriage then they destroy their own union and the covenant they made with the God of life.  By their actions they turn their backs on the God of Abraham who told mankind to “be fruitful and multiply” and who told Abraham that he would give Abraham “descendants as many as the stars in the sky.”  The God of life never in his sacred holy scriptures and holy word ever told mankind to limit the births of their children.  You will not find the word “birth control” in sacred scriptures.  The genesis of natural and divine law are as follows.  For man to know woman in the biblical sense then man must marry.  Then in marriage through holy love man must beget children “be fruitful and multiply”.  The God of life seeks to bless marriages in this way by blessing the couples with children.  Many couples turn their backs on the God of life and limit the births of their children or refuse to have children at all.  All other unions outside of marriage blessed by  the God of life for begetting children are not of the God of life but of the god of death.  Billions today worship and serve the god of death and enter into unions that are abominations in the eyes of the Most High God of Life.   God created man and woman and the woman was created to be a helper to man.  The genesis of the law of  God is that man must marry if he is to know woman in the Biblical sense.  All other unions outside of this is not of the God of life.  This being said our creator understands we all fall short of his glory and we all make mistakes.  Hence the key to returning to the God of life is to repent from our hearts from our past do penance by prayer heartfelt prayers said in tears and sincere sorrow and fasting so that the God of Life will see our sincere tears of sorrow and prayers and fasting and we must come out of the wicked harlot the god of death.   If we show the God of life we are sincere in our hearts we do this with our actions.  So women who are becoming enlightened to the reality that contraception is very bad for their sacred bodies can repent from their hearts stop taking contraception and by their actions show the God of life they are sincerely sorry.  The God of life will forgive and is waiting to forgive however, to be forgiven sincere repentance and sorrow is required otherwise it is not possible for the God of life who sees everything his creatures do and fail to do to forgive.  For by their actions they cut off the God of life.   The good news is many women and men are becoming more enlightened and are realizing that contraception and birth control in all its forms is not good for our species and many are coming to terms with this and stopping the use of all forms of birth control.  The God of life who sees these men and women change in their hearts and minds will gladly forgive them and receive them back into his fold with open arms and heal them as well.  The God of life is healing mankind and there is a movement whereby men and women are moving away from abortion on demand and contraception.  As men and women become more enlightened regardless of their state in life and regardless of their lifestyles once they begin to realize this lifestyle is not good for them they can repent from their hearts and come out of that lifestyle and begin a new life with the help of heaven and the God of life who will bless them for their sincere repentance of their hearts and minds.   Many today call God Lord Lord yet the Lord Lord they worship is the god of death and the God of life does not know those who call upon the god of death.  Many Christians have been deceived by the devil himself into worshiping the god of death by their actions and their fruits.  Their fruits of no children by wilful birth control in all its forms.  Jesus Christ says in sacred scriptures “by their fruits you shall know them.”  Very true.  Jesus Christ also says in sacred scriptures “A good tree can only produce good fruit and an evil tree can only produce evil fruit.”  Very true where there are no children due to wilful birth control you will not find the God of life present instead you find the god of death.   Children no matter how they come regardless of the state in life of the mother are a gift from the God of life.  Our societies around the world have a sacred duty and obligation the help each other and help the children that come into the world.  We must help all parents as best we can whether it is a kind word a smile or sharing what little we have or encouraging these parents to be the best they can be.  We are obliged by both natural and divine law to help each other in particular our children.  Our children are our future so regardless of how they come we must all do our best to help each other to lift each other up in holy love.  Tearing each other to pieces with verbal abuse in various forms and demanding pregnant mothers abort or destroy their own babies is not the answer –  death to the infant in the womb was never the answer.  All forms of verbal abuse are also a war of words when single mothers and fathers are condemned to hell by horrible false Christ followers who say they are Christian yet they hate the children including their own children whom they refuse to allow to be born with wilful birth control including wilful sterilizations.  All who were wilfully sterilized so as to have no children must show the God of life they are truly sorry by getting that heinous procedure reversed by a doctor who values human life.  Many doctors no longer value human life in particular the doctors who promote sterilizations in the first place and the doctors who push contraception and abortion on demand.  These doctors are doctors on paper but are not true doctors they are ministers of death providing blood sacrifice to their god of death in the name of “choice” on the altar of “convenience”.  Many of these doctors make a lot of money which I call blood money.  The devil rules the earth and offers riches to many whom the devil seduces into his service with promises of wealth fame and fortune.  All of that including status and power is of the devil.   Pride is at the center of it pride and compliments wins many souls to the service of lucifer and his apostate host.  Akiane at the age of 8 had more wisdom than many adults today.  Instead of incorporating the bad advice of horrible people Akiane “found her solution on the cross.”  Let us all find our solutions on the cross of the True Jesus Christ of the God of life and stop worshiping the false Jesus Christ of the god of death or the son of the devil or lucifer who seeks to pose as the son of the God of life.  May all men and women today become enlightened as Akiane has become enlightened and find their solution on the cross instead of from horrible advice from horrible people who idolize the god of death….. I hope this next series of reflections honours the work of Akiane and the unborn who were not allowed to live and are not here for their voices were silenced before they could learn to speak and their footsteps were destroyed before they could learn to walk.  Their futures stolen and their lives robbed in the worst theft ever unleashed.  The theft of human beings thanks to a war of words from “Lips of War” [Akiane  age 7.]  As a thank you for reading this reflection you can listen to my song titled Floral Scarf in honor of the unborn children not allowed to live an not given the dignity of unmarked graves….

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