The Departure – A Reflection

This poem titled The Departure was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 34.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Departure consists of seven stanzas withe three lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is of my son and I during our time in Ireland.  The photograph reminds me of our time in Ireland before the moment of departure for us when we departed from Ireland and returned to the USA. In the poem titled The Departure the opening verse captures this whole poem “yesterday you asked for eternity yet today nobody woke up in your room and nobody will hear your departure.”  I will limit the quotes to the first stanza.  To me this poem addresses the mother who choose abortion on demand for her child.  This mother asks for eternity perhaps this mother initially thought she wanted to bear a child then changed her mind and ordered a hit titled abortion on demand for her child.  This poem describes the silence of the mother who sheds a tear after she threw away her child in the form of abortion on demand.  Many mothers who willfully demand abortion are narcissistic to the core filled with diabolical pride and self love to such an extent they no longer care for the child in their own wombs.  These mothers shed tears of regret for years after their crimes.  Many women who signed up for abortion on demand regret their decision for the rest of their lives and the knowledge that they wilfully murdered their own child stays with them and haunts many of these women.  Many women who had one abortion or many abortions suffer from the trauma of the knowledge that they subjected their innocent babies to a cruel merciless blood bath for convenience and choice.  For many women like this they become dead inside spiritually dead and are like the walking living dead.  There is no life to them and they continue to destroy their own lives and the lives of those around them for many women with a history of abortion and contraception and all forms of birth control suffer terribly and cause others to suffer as well.  Many suffer from depression and mood swings and a myriad of health problems.  Thank God many women are experiencing healing from the trauma of their past use of contraception and abortion for many women in fairness do not understand the gravity of their crimes until it is too late.  God is healing these women and many women with a history of birth control are becoming enlightened and are repenting from their hearts and making their way back to the True Jesus Christ who seeks to heal them from their traumas.  The God of Abraham does not condemn women who had abortions or used contraception rather the God of Abraham encourages these women to come out of their idolatry and come to terms with their crimes repent from their hearts and receive forgiveness from the True Jesus Christ and the God of Life.  The god of death seeks to destroy women and children and their fathers.  Abortion and contraception and all forms of birth control come from the god of death and idolatry.  Whereas the God of life the God of Abraham and the true Jesus Christ seeks to call these people out of their idolatry into the light of the God of life.  God will forgive mankind anything as long as the person is sincerely repentant from their hearts.  Saying you are sorry then committing the same crime over and over is not sincere and the true God knows this for the true God knows the heart of man.  We only deceive ourselves at the end of the day when we cafeteria style our belief systems to worship a god of death or a false Christ or a false Mary in many forms.  The tragedy for the women who repent of abortion and contraception and birth control and for the men too these fathers who either coerced or pressured their women to have abortions is they cannot bring back the child or children they lost to the god of death.  The worst war ever unleashed on mankind is the war of words using euphemisms to justify crimes against humanity in particular crimes against the least among us the little children in their mothers wombs.  I end with this sacred scriptures say “though a mother forsake her child I will not abandon you.”  The God of life has not forgotten the children forgotten by mortal man.  Nobody hears the departure of the unborn children annihilated by abortion on demand….No Unmarked Graves are given the tiny soldiers fallen in the worst blood bath in the history of mankind.  The bloody war of the womb the bloodiest bloodbath of them all resulting in 60 million slaughter holy innocent USA children since Roe Vs. Wade in 1972 and billions slaughtered around the world.  Now Ireland decides to join in the madness via legalized abortion on demand.  How long must we cry out to the God of life for Justice!!! Justice!!! Justice!!! For the children are already no more and I one from Dan shall not be comforted.  I join my loud cry to the cry of Rachael in Rama for the children are no more and I shall not be comforted!!!  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled The Oak Of Weeping on YouTube here… This song is from my playlist titled Princes of Breifne…..

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