In An Unobstructed View – A reflection

This poem titled In An Unobstructed View was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 33.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled In An Unobstructed View consists of one long verse with 32 lines. The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken in Kusadasi Turkey in 2019.   The view was particularly lovely that morning with the sun rays reflecting off the water.  As lovely as that view was the human child is the greatest work of art ever created.  This poem In An Unobstructed View is mystical in nature and transcends time and space and intertwines heaven and earth throughout time and eternity.  The opening line is very profound “Immature life changed like a measurement for ocean.”  To me this speaks of the ocean of boys and girls destroyed via surgical abortion on demand and contraception which functions as an abortifacient.  These boys and girls were destroyed by the billions in an ocean of their own blood.  Another line says “The generations kept on climbing on mixed-up altars to defend their spiritual dreams.”   To me this means the idolatry that goes on today.  Many adore false idols and false Jesus Christ’s and false Mary’s the mother of God.  They do this with their statues and images their graven images.  They defend their dreams of futures with no children,.  Many religious refuse to marry or refuse to allow their members to take  a woman to wife hence their future has no children.  Instead many commit abominations instead.  They sodomize other men they rape boys and girls or they take women as lovers and leave many women pregnant to raise their children alone and many pressure these women to have abortions.  These are the mixed-up altars Akiane is referring to in this poem.  It is very mixed up to destroy and annihilate nations on the altar of convenience to defend their dreams of futures with no children.  That is indeed very mixed up.  These lines are prophetic also “And my vocal excitement was bold and bitter from prophecy A myriad of fields sank into the center of the harvest the abyss and nucleus of infinity.”  This is very profound and speaks to the vast destruction of nations via birth control in all its forms.  Including men and women who are called to marriage and holy love who refuse to marry either by entering religious life or other forms of idolatry.  The children meant to come to earth via marriage are not here and are no more thanks to the wilful sin of man who refuses to fulfil the covenant God made with Abraham.  Mankind broke this covenant with Abraham and made it void as prophesied in sacred scriptures in particular Isaias.  The futures of generations was stolen destroyed by many a false Jesus Christ and false Mary devotions and a myriad of illusive religions and idolatry in various forms.  Thus causing the covenant God made with Abraham to become void.  For the children are no more destroyed by the wilful sin of mankind.  These lines describes this spiritual organization as follows “My yielding and weak mind panicked—Translated emotions raced through me and my paralyzed eyes were filled with a surgery of innocence that held a real spiritual organization in an unobstructed view.  On the mosaic crystal lake everyone was adorned in either crimson or white.  I compared what I saw to what I ignored seeing—corruption was hidden in thoughts of possession.”  Akiane Kramarik My Dreams Are Bigger Than I  – Memories of Tomorrow In An Unobstructed View page 33 Akiane was 7 years old when she wrote this poem.  Very profound remarkable.  I will limit the quotes to these lines which capture the essence of this powerful poem written by a child age 7.  It is the children who must teach the world.  To me the mosaic crystal lake mentioned in this poem is the lake of the false goddess diana to whom many flock to and adore in false Mary and false Christ idolatry.  They call this goddess good and holy and many wear robes to appear holy and good such as crimson robes and or white robes.   Many religious organizations wear robes to signify various ceremonies.  Now this commentary is not directed at any particular religion or group.  However, it is plain to anyone of sound mind that many today idolize graven images in  various forms.   Many idolize one another or they idolize themselves for that matter in narcissistic vain idolatry.  Many idols exist today.  Now the corruption was indeed hidden for centuries.  So what Akiane says and I quote her here: “I compared what I saw to what I ignored seeing–corruption was  hidden in thoughts of possession.”  This is very true many today look at robes and people well dressed in black suits in black and white suits in various suits actually or covered in robes crimson or white or black for that matter and they idolize these people as gods unto themselves.  They ignore the crimes done in the dark the children destroyed in the name of idolatry in particular false Christ idolatry.  For their thoughts are focused on possessing the keys to heaven via idolatry and ignoring crimes done in the dark.  Many think they possess the keys to heaven and are sure of heaven hence thoughts of possession.  However their thoughts ignore the crimes done in the dark worldwide to holy innocent children.  Hence their corruption is hidden and they continue their idolatry.    Many are a deceived today into worshipping the false god diana the sacred feminine who appears in many forms.  This false god diana appears in various movies and music and she also appears in many religions including false Marys posing as the mother of Jesus Christ when in fact it is the goddess diana the mother of the false Jesus Christ.  This explains the mosaic crystal lake mentioned by Akiane this could represent the lake called “Diana’s mirror” found in Italy in which Emperors used to enter to sail into to assert themselves as stars.  The habit of idolatry is centuries old it is as old as the 7 hills mentioned in sacred scriptures in which the harlot sits drunk on the blood of her iniquities child slaughter in particular.  It is fair to say billions were annihilated and destroyed via abortion on demand which is an ocean of blood a cruel merciless bloodbath in the name of “choice” thanks to the idolatry of convenience the altar of convenience the altar of the goddess diana.   The spiritual organization Akiane describes is vast and does not include one singular religion rather it encompasses idolatry in its many forms.  Idolatry is found in most of the worlds religions in the form of graven images and placing their members on pedestals like they are human gods unto themselves.  The direct result of idolatry is this: the wrath of God was unfurled upon the earth in the form of God leaving mankind to his own devices.  I say his but also include her as men and women were left too their own devices and God allowed the nations to be seduced by the devil himself in the form of graven images and idols.  The result of such pagan idolatry is that it morphed into a pseudo false Christianity a false Christianity with many worshiping false Jesus Christs and false Marys.  The results are devastating and massive bloodshed occurred as a result and the just and holy ones were hunted down and destroyed in the worst annihilation of nations in human history.  Many nations have already been annihilated and destroyed.  I believe only heaven and the True Jesus Christ can help us now.  I am certain many believe the same that only heaven can help us now as mankind is on the brink of extinction and utter destruction.  Our environment has suffered irreversible damage as has our own species.  We can sum it up to idolatry and creating futures with no children thus robbing our species of our own futures our own inheritance.  The fruit of Eden was not resisted by mankind and the results of this fruit is devastating.  The children are no more which is why I write these reflections titled the Lamentations of the Unborn based on the writings of a child Akiane Kramarik.  Thank you Akiane for teaching the world through the great wisdom hidden in the prose of a child age 7 at the time this poem In An Unobstructed View was written.  As a thank  you for reading this reflection enjoy my playlist on YouTube titled Turkish Food and Culture from our time in Kusadasi Turkey in 2019……

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