The Robe – A Reflection

This poem titled The Robe was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 32.“You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Robe consists of five stanzas with four lines each. The photograph I choose for this poem is myself standing on a little bridge at a fabulous Resort we stayed at in Kusadasi Turkey in 2019.   This poem is very profound and allegorical in nature.  The robe consists of five stanzas four sentences each.  This lovely poem describes the stairs to heaven itself and the beauty of souls coming to earth from heaven and going back up to heaven.  The first stanza opens with: “Love was walking forever until one moment when She was shown the stairs so narrow so long and so deep as heaven itself.”  To me this describes a woman hence the word “she”.  The most lovely of women Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.  Mary the “she” in this poem is shown the stairs between heaven and earth. Very profound.  The third stanza describes the two worlds the world of heaven and earth and all over the worlds as follows:  “Another stair was filled with life from all over the worlds.  Next stair was filled with truth which angels interpreted Then Love landed on the Age stair Same age as herself.”  To me the word “Love” describes the most beautiful woman ever created by God the mostly lovely a woman who epitomizes the word Love perfectly – Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.   This poem is mystical in nature and describes the reality that our earth is only part of a mystical series of worlds. Also this poem confirms what sacred scriptures say there are Angels in heaven and on earth.  God’s holy Angels who interpreted for the woman who saw the stairs in Akiane’s poem.  Mary the Mother of God was told by God’s Holy Angels of the cries of the children destroyed.  Heaven heard their silent screams and now “She” the woman the Mother of the living the mother of God is obliged to return to earth.   Heaven is one of the worlds we have yet to experience and earth is our present world that we know in our present form as human beings.  As human beings we are also spiritual beings we are human and spiritual.  There is more to us than just our human bodies.   We have brains and we have a mystical connection to a higher power a God greater than ourselves.  A God who created us and endowed us with free will.  In her poem The Robe Akiane describes one who did not know she was wearing God’s Robe as described in the fourth stanza “Just for a moment She did not realize that She was wearing God’s Robe.”   The poem ends with “The Robe was so heavy that it pulled Her right to Earth where children were waiting to swing.”  Very profound ending too.  Who could the “She” be that Akiane was writing about we may never know.  My best guess is the “She” could be Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ the Mother of the Son of God.  For surely Heaven has heard the silent screams of the aborted children and contracepted children.  And since this is clearly so perhaps then the “She” in this poem is Mary the Mother of God who now wearing God’s robe is obliged to return to earth for the children are no more.  In the fourth stanza Akiane describes this one wearing God’s robe as follows.  “She saw the rains of the Earth crying for Her”.  This must be said also that nature is crying out to God as well for restoration and a return to order for the sin of mankind has destroyed our planet.  A lot of Akiane’s paintings showcase not only the beauty of nature and creation but also the devastation caused by mankind.  To me the reader of this poem the word “She” and “Her” speaks to me of the woman from Heaven Mary the Mother of God whom as is said in Luke every generation shall call Her Blessed.  I do know this God and Heaven loves mankind in particular holy innocent children.  God is our creator not our destroyer.  And God is a God of life not a god of death.  I would say this the “She” and “Her” in this poem is Mary the mother of God who is exalted in Heaven though not on earth.  “She” is the mother of God and as such the mother of the living and the mother of Love holy love and the mother of Life.  For “She” carried in her womb the author of life Jesus Christ the son of God the ark of the Covenant.  The first stanza of this poem The Robe does an excellent job of describing the most lovely woman ever created.  Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ hidden in the scriptures yet very much a part of the word of God.  I end with the first stanza which says it all.   “Love was walking forever until one moment when She was shown the stairs so narrow so long and so deep as heaven itself.”  The Robe  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Terrestrial Paradise inspired by sacred scriptures from my playlist on YouTube called Incense.  I included a link to my Incense playlist too……..

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