The Ark – A Reflection

This poem titled The Ark was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 31.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Ark consists of three stanzas and is one of Akiane’s longer poems.  The first two stanzas have 9 lines each and the last stanza has 10 lines.  In the poem the Ark Akiane describes her own experience of her first Sketch of Christ for those familiar with Akiane Krmarik’s incredible experience with Christ many know that heaven taught Akiane to paint.  Akiane Kramarik is a world renowned painter as well as writer and is considered a binary genius based on her unique ability at a very young age to combine complicated subjects in a very simplified manner which is mystical in nature.  Akiane Kramarik is an example of one of the many Gifts God gives to mankind when children like Akiane are welcomed into the world by loving parents.  In her this poem titled the Ark Akiane describes how “the quiet petrified me.”  Akiane describes in her profound poem the passage of time and how time was not at first accurate.  In the last two lines of the second stanza this is very profound Akiane says “I was naming and counting.  Naming and counting the young souls.”  To me this means that Akiane was naming and counting the children destroyed forced to return to heaven and God above via abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of birth control.  In the last stanza Akiane writes in the 4th sentence and I quote Akiane here: “I spotted a strange clock that showed me the wrong time.  Then I heard: My portrait has no details.  I will help you.”  Which tells me it is plain for all to see that heaven and Jesus Christ himself taught Akiane Kramarik to paint this is evidenced by her remarkable miraculous story also.  Then Akiane writes at the end of the last stanza in her poem The Ark “I have one more thing to say before I go.  Follow only one way.  Remember —-you are not forgotten.”  To me Akiane’s poem speaks to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Ark of the Covenant God made with Abraham.  Jesus Christ is the mystical Ark of the Covenant the new testament is a confirmation of the Covenant God made with Abraham and Jesus Christ is the Ark of mankind.  Now the children are no more billions have been and are being annihilated wholesale by abortion on demand and contraception.  This has affected mankind in unspeakable unquantifiable ways.  This is why time has been altered time has changed for mankind stolen by theft of the futures of their own progeny their own children by not allowing them to be born.  Not allowing these children to breath the air of earth.  So the counting and naming of young souls that Akiane did in her writing are the children annihilated destroyed by abortion and contraception and all forms of birth control.  These are the young souls not allowed to fulfil their God given lives on earth.  To me too Christ tells Akiane to follow only one way which is the way of Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the light as mentioned in sacred scriptures.  Also God says in sacred scriptures “I am the God of life not the god of death.”  Very profound.  The devil is the false god of death and the devil seeks to devour mankind at every turn that is also mentioned in sacred scriptures.  Well the children were destroyed are continually being destroyed by abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of birth control.  Therefore what Isaias said has happened the Covenant was made void by the sin of man.  Jesus Christ is the Ark of the Covenant which was confirmed in the New Testament which served to fulfil the old testament.  So the true Jesus Christ is the Ark of the Covenant and mankind made this Covenant void by destroying their own children.  This is why billions are lost today to idolatry and false gods and false Jesus Christ’s when they embrace abortion and contraception and all forms of birth control they embrace a false Jesus Christ which is actually the god of death not the God of life which is the true God the true Jesus Christ.   I would say this that the true God of life and the true Jesus Christ taught Akiane Kramarik to showcase in her amazing art and prose the beauty of God’s creation.  There is only one way the way of the true Jesus Christ who is the Ark of the Covenant who fulfilled the old testament.   I remember too what Christ said to Akiane in her poem titled The Ark “you are not forgotten.”  God never forgot his people or his children though mankind has forgotten the least among us the tiny children in their mothers wombs.  The God of life and the true Jesus Christ has not forgotten these children.   I end with the word Amen which means I believe as many do in the God of life the true Jesus Christ.  With these words I also like many today renounce the god of death.


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