The Lips Of Wars – A reflection

This poem titled The Lips of Wars was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 30. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem The Lips Of Wars consists of three stanzas with four lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of myself taken on a small boat going from Hyannis Port to the Island of Nantucket in Cape Cod, MA in 2018.  Instead of building bridges with our lips and our mouths mankind has destroyed whole nations from hate speech crimes spewing from their “Lips Of Wars”.  This is very evident when millions of women around the world scream like loud witches demanding the blood of the unborn child under the soft speech or euphemism choice.  The human child has been reduced to nothing but an opinion a “blob of tissue” thanks to “Lips Of Wars”.  The unborn baby in the womb unlike birds cannot fly away or escape the chamber of the womb of it’s mother.  That womb fast becomes a death camp a death chamber thanks to “Lips Of Wars”.  The first stanza of Lips Of Wars opens with “Birds who cannot fly must hide. Chains fall on cemented hearts.”  This opening line describes the total and utter helplessness of the unborn child who try as it might to hide in it’s mother’s womb this child cannot fly or walk or talk or speak or defend itself in any way.   Hence the cemented hearts who decide the fate of this child are as follows: – all those involved with abortion contraception and birth control directly or indirectly are responsible for the death of this helpless child who has no one to defend it.  This child has no place to hide and the Lips of those legalizing abortion on demand contraception and all forms of birth control declare war on the womb and war on this helpless child with no one not even its own mother to defend it.  The second stanza opens with another very profound truth. “Centuries will never heal the wounds, If  wars keep coughing up the rage. Under the tongue of sin iniquity hides.”   This is very profound as well.  God says in sacred scriptures that it is from the heart the mouth speaks.  Well many today have “cemented hearts.” Dead hearts – hearts filled with sin and iniquity and vile hatred for human life our own species.  These “cemented hearts” are chained and slaves to their own devices.  For these men and women claim to be godly and holy and good yet they spit out their own children like trash.  They use contraception, abortion on demand and all forms of birth control and by so doing destroy the Covenant God made with Abraham.  Centuries before.  Therefore Akiane’s words at age 7 are correct “Centuries will never heal the wounds.”  For the children meant to be born into this world to grow up and contribute to our world to “Build Paradise on earth.”  To build nations are no more.  The spoken word of horrible men and women who used their tongue as a vicious sword to destroy nations.  They invented words such as “Choice” and other euphemisms to encourage mothers to forget the child in their wombs and to bring about the worst bloodshed in the history of mankind.  Akiane says it best in the second stanza of this poem titled The Lips OF Wars “Bloodshed is a net in the cage.”  So true for bloodshed occurs wholesale with the wholesale slaughter of children in the wombs of their mothers.  The wombs of these mothers have now become tombs to their own offspring their own children.  This is the worst war ever unleashed on our own species.  A war of words led to the annihilation of nations via abortion under the euphemism choice and contraception the same and all forms of birth control.  Akiane at age 7 says in the last stanza of this poem “Childhood falls off a tangled swing. Sons stand up and ravens take up the shores.”  Isaias said it very well also in Chapter 13 verse 18 which I quote here: “But with their arrows they shall kill the children, and shall have no pity upon the sucklings of the womb: and their eye shall not spare their sons.” Douay – Rheims Holy Bible – Akiane’s poem confirms the prophesy of Isaias centuries before.  This stanza ends with Akiane’s profound words “Buried chests cover lips of wars.”  The children destroyed via contraception and abortion on demand and all forms of birth control are the buried chests.  These children were not given the dignity of unmarked graves for these children were totally ignored and not given a voice at all.  “Lips of Wars.” resulted in the Annihilation of many nations via abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of birth control.  Yes what Isaias said has happened the Covenant with Abraham has been made void destroyed by the iniquity of man.  So true “Under the tongue of sin iniquity hides.”  Akiane Kramarik age 7  The utter devastation of abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of birth control was hidden by “Lips Of Wars – Under the Tongue of sin.”  Akiane Kramarik age 7.  I conclude with this the man of perdition set about destroying mankind with vile suggestions and willing lips spoke iniquity and brought about the annihilation of many nations with their “Lips Of Wars”.  Thank you Akiane for your profound wisdom at age 7.  It is indeed the children who are teaching the world.  For mankind has lost sight of the pinnacle from which they have fallen when they are comfortable abiding with wholesale death and destruction of nations their own species under euphemisms such as “choice”.  “Choice” is one of the words used by “Lips Of Wars”.  Oh the war they waged on the least among us the helpless babes in their mothers wombs is the most hostile and dangerous and terrible of all the wars.  Yes “Wars keep coughing up the rage.” Akiane age 7.  This is why “Centuries will never heal the wounds”  Akiane age 7 because the damage done is irreversible and futures were stolen by “Lips Of Wars”  Akiane age 7.  So true so profound and terribly sad.  Thank you Akiane Kramarik for your great work at such a young age.  It is the children who must teach the world…….  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy the footage below from my YouTube channel from the Ireland School Of Falconry located at Ashford Castle.  Notice how Harris the Hawk can fly but is very well trained and motivated to obey his teachers by food.  My son taught me his own mother how to be a better person.   So to my beloved son who is as tall as me now this reflection and post is for you.  Enjoy my playlist too titled…. Ireland’s School Of Falconry.

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