The Color Of A Smile – A Reflection

This poem titled The Color Of A Smile was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 29. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Color of A smile consists of two stanzas with six lines each.  I choose the same photo for this reflection as I did for the previous reflection.  This photo was taken of my own baby boy as an infant and look at his precious smile.  To me his mother this is one of my very favorite photos of my son as a baby.  His smile was precious and infectious even then.  The Color Of A Smile is an allegorical poem.  In this poem Akiane at age 7 describes a very visual picture of nature and life in general.  Life is beautiful lovely and smiles are lovely to behold as well in particular when the person smiling is pleased or happy.  Most people love smiles because smiles cheer us up and warm our hearts and lift our spirits.  As human beings we not only smile with out mouths our lips we also smile with our eyes and our whole being.  For many of us our eyes brighten up or light up when we are pleased and we smile with our eyes our mouths our lips and our whole being radiates joy.  Children are great at radiating genuine joy with exuberant smiles.   A parent who smiles at their child and shows their child or children that they are well pleased lifts the spirits of their children.  The same is true when an adorable child smiles brilliantly at their parents or parent.  The smile of an infant in particular little babies are heart warming and melt the hearts of parents and caregivers to their very core.  Akiane’s poem the color of a smile describes “apples drop with amber cores radiating the true color – the color of a smile”.  Smiles are warm loving and generally bring us joy.  An apple core to me speaks of satisfaction the joy of eating an apple and leaving the core behind for nature to dispose of.  Nature is beautiful as well and life in all its forms is lovely and beautiful also.  The first stanza of Akiane’s poem describes horses in a lovely allegorical way.  “leather saddles drop off all horses plowing without farmers”  Isaias In Chapter 36 Verse  8 said something similar about horses I quote Isaias here Ch. 36 Vs. 8 here: “And now deliver thyself up to my lord the king of the Assyrians and I will give thee two thousand horses: and thou wilt not be able on thy part to find riders for them.”  Douay – Rheims Holy  Bible –  There is more written in this poem by Akiane but I will limit my quote to this part of the first stanza.  Today many animals are going extinct thanks to the vast destruction caused by mankind.  There are many horses missing riders because the children were also destroyed who would have grown up to either farm the land with horses or contribute to society in other ways.  So to me this allegory speaks to the reality that if mankind continues as we are destroying our environment our animals our planet we will also destroy our own species and in fact there could end up being more horses left on earth than humans.  Horrible as that sounds this allegory written by Akiane at age 7 speaks to this “leather saddles drop off all horses plowing without farmers”.   Picture that horses without saddles for the riders are no more for the children meant to grow up and ride those horses are not here due to abortion and contraception and all forms of birth control.  Hence it is possible then that more horses could end up existing on earth than mankind our own species.  The cost of annihilating nations upon nations of children via contraception and abortion and all forms of birth control is astronomical and only God himself can tally the total cost.  Akiane’s poem The Color Of A Smile highlights the horrible reality that mankind is on the brink of devastating utter destruction and it could end up being that more horses than mankind exists on earth if we continue on the deadly path of annihilating nations via contraception, abortion and all forms of birth control.  The horses will roam with no saddles or riders or farmers.  Very profound and very true.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my sung version of Genesis Chapter One from Douay-Rheims Holy Bible…………After all  Genesis is what life is all about the begetting of children to raise them in the ways of the God of life.  If we as parents fail in this serious task the God of life will hold all of us to account on the day of contention.  Enjoy my playlist titled Sacred Scriptures In Song……Heaven help us all to return to our sense by learning to once more value human life human capital the human child……………………………………………………………………………………..

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