How Much Is It Worth? – A Reflection

This poem titled How Much Is It Worth? was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 27. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem consists of two stanzas 8 lines each.  The question itself asks many couples today who marry.  How Much Is It Worth?  After all many spend lots of money on lavish wedding celebrations and pour money into expensive lavish homes with few if any children to fill these homes.  The child in the womb asks this question of its future parents who refuse to allow their own children to exist.  Many children are conceived and washed out into the earth with abortifacient contraception which makes the womb a hostile place and so the conceived child cannot implant and is washed out in it’s own blood into the earth never acknowledged by man.  You see modern society in particular discards their children like trash via surgical abortion on demand and contraception and other forms of birth control.  The children have become a burden too much to bear worthless not worthy of even an unmarked grave.  Many spend tons of money on lavish weddings and lavish homes with no children.  Are the children worth discarding?  How much is it worth to throw away the children like garbage?  The cost is astronomical exponential and impossible to count.  After all society is made up of human capital and human beings contribute to economics.  In fact the whole basis of economics is human capital.  If you do not have human capital you do not have economics and so society falls apart.  Billions not allowed to live due to abortion on demand and contraception and all forms of birth control are human capital discarded like trash.  These babies could have invented new things or came up with wonderful cures or any number of wonderful contributions to society.  However, they are not here to fulfil God’s plan for them for they were destroyed for a price.  The price of convenience the price of wealth power and status.  The price of lavish homes and lavish weddings with no children to show for them or to fill their homes.  The children born today question why they were allowed to live while many of their siblings and other members of the community at large were destroyed by laws that allow for saline and surgical abortion on demand and contraception.  The whole childless society we have become is a hell on earth a blood bath and nightmare not witnessed by many who refuse to pay attention or even begin to count the cost of the annihilation of nations from abortion on demand and contraception.  The last question says it all “How much is my chiseled body worth as I savor my first and last eternity on earth.”?   These children were not allowed to survive outside their mother’s wombs and their tiny bodies were often torn apart limb by limb in the name of Choice and sacrificed on the altar of convenience.  Yet the question remains How Much Is It Worth?  Only God can answer that question because if we were to take into account the death toll of mother’s who died from abortions gone horribly wrong and mother’s who got sick from contraception and died the cost is astronomical.  It is an ocean of blood.  The earth is filled with the blood of dead children not allowed to breath air for the first time outside their own mother’s wombs.  Or if they survive abortion many are left to die like garbage.  Babies left to die under the word choice.  Well that baby was not given a choice and our creator did not intend for his creatures to destroy their own offspring.  Criminal is a better word for abortion and contraception.  Many say legalized abortion is better.  Legalized murder is unjust and is an unjust law for with this law comes the wholesale slaughter of helpless children the least and most helpless among us and these are left to die with no unmarked graves.  Discarded like trash.  Yes this begs the question How Much Is It Worth?  Well the price paid by society is huge we are destroying our own environment quickly as well.  Many animals are going extinct and in the process our own species is going extinct as well.  Is our own extinction worth the price of abortion and contraception on demand? The price of all forms of birth control.  Our own extinction.  Is the cruel merciless bloodletting of helpless children worth our own extinction?  I would hope many would think not.  When you have unjust laws that allow for legal murder in any form then we have legalized our own demise our own extinction.  How Much Is It Worth?


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