A Wedding – A reflection

This poem titled A Wedding was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 7 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part One Page 26. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This lovely poem conists of three stanzas the first has four lines the middle stanza has 3 lines and the third has four lines.  The photograph I picked for this reflection is a photo of my own parents.  My own Mother and Father as Newlyweds with two young children.  These two babies are my two oldest brothers.  I took a snapshot of this nice photo at my Mother’s sister’s house during my time in Ireland.  I visited my mother’s sister who is also elderly a few times.  Now back to the poem titled A Wedding….   Akiane’s poetry does an excellent job showcasing that life is a beautiful mystical dance.  Life is beautiful wonderful lovely and weddings are a celebration of life in particular love.  Where weddings go horribly wrong is when the bride and groom contract in essence or agree verbally not to have children or if they have children to limit the births of children in their marriage.  So many wedddings today consist of couples living together using birth control in some form such as the woman on contraception or other forms of birth control or the use of condoms or wilful sterliziation in other cases.  So that by the the time the wedding comes the couple already know each other and so they continue their mystical dance and formalize their union with a wedding ceremony.  However, these wedding ceremonies done in various venues and churches around the world are now monsters balls for their use of various forms of birth control destroys the children meant to come to earth from their union.   The opening line in Akiane’s poem says it all and I quote Akiane here in her poem titled A wedding “pearl chains fence the whole heart and the favourite feather masks are picked for lava faces.” Since this poem is short I will limit the quotes the opening lines tell it all.   It is so true many weddings today are lavish and massive celebrations of love and they do look good on paper and to society as a whole.  In fact there is a large couples club in modern society men and women married who are not having children or if they are having children they limit their births to one, two three or at most four.  God forbid some of these couples have five children.  This is in itself is a cult a religion all its own a religion of false love a love of self of the pleasures life and love has to offer with no room in their hearts for their own chldren.  These children then grow up in homes with little true love in them and these children like their parents embrace contraception and abortion out of fear of having too many children.  Couples like this use a variety of birth control methods including natural family planning to limit the births of their children.   It was never natural neither was it ever part of our Creator’s plan to limit the births of children from the seed of mankind.  After all God made a covenant with Abraham promising him many nations from his seed.  God never said to limit the births of your children.  God never says that in the sacred scriptures.  No where in the sacred scriptures do you find God ever saying limit the births of the seed of man.  No instead God tells mankind from Genesis onwards to “be fruitful and multiply.”  After All God created the world and all living things which he blessed and commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply”.  God and heaven seeks to bless the earth and mankind with abundance.  It is mankind who has destroyed the earth laid it to waste and has also destroyed billions of children our own progeny our own seed.  So with both natural family planning which is in essence not natural by its very ethos and with contraception abortion and all forms of birth control mankind broke the covenant God made with Abraham.  Making the covenant void as prophesied by Isaias in sacred scriptures.  So there you have it many weddings today are not of God and are no longer holy good or true.  Many weddings today are a lie and are what I call love fraud.  Fraudulent weddings not good or holy or just for that matter.  Mankind can write law after law justifying these weddings but the law of God is eternal never changing and remains the same.  Man must Marry and beget children according to the covenant God made with Abraham in Genesis.  Sad to say as prophesied by Isaias the covenant has been made void and the earth has been laid waste thanks to the annihilation of the nations via all forms of birth control.  No form of birth control is natural for it is not natural to tell God “no I will not serve and no I will not be fruitful and multiply.”  Which is what man does when he limits the birth of his own children in any way shape or form.  Also sacred scriptures not only states clearly that Man must marry but that part of the duties of marriage is to become one and as such beget children.  So when under so called natural family planning the spouses abstain from their marital union they are saying no to God their creator who seeks to bless their union with children.   This is why most marriages today are false null and void and not sacred good or holy or acknowledged by the God of Abraham for the covenant was made null and void when they stopped begetting or having their children by limiting the birth of children in all forms of birth control.  Also sacred scriptures clearly states that God made man male and female.  God made them male and female for marriage and to beget children to be fruitful and multiply.  Anything else is not of the God of Abraham or of the covenant God made with Abraham and his seed.  All other weddings are false love and love fraud and a lie from hell itself.  Many women die from cancer caused by birth control in its various forms such as IUD devices, contraception and abortion.  The list is long.  Mankind made a pact with death and many weddings today are monsters balls as a result of this pact with death and birth control in all its forms.  Large families never killed anyone and only served to add to the benefit of society as a whole and the parents were better for it truly blessed.  Mankind cannot take money property prestige power and lust etc. to heaven.  None of that lasts.  What does last is the legacy of children given to man from good weddings blessed by the God of Abraham the God of the true covenant asking mankind to marry and beget or have children.  As a thank you for reading this reflection.  Enjoy my comedy section on YouTube this YouTube video is my version of what a Luv letter looks like from a corrupt lawyer or attorney.  I hope it makes ya laugh…… Check out my comedy play list on YouTube found in the link below this silly corrupt Luv letter YouTube video…….

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