Today – A reflection

Today Authored by Akiane Kramarik at age 7 in her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I  Memories of Tomorrow.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

Akiane’s Poem titled Today consists of two stanzas 8 lines each.  This poem speaks to me of a very short lived life.  The child in the womb laments it’s short life.  The first stanza speaks about “Half built bridges like ashes at night”  how “By themselves they bridges do not stand.”  The second stanza speaks about “I touch your greasy hands and with stitches in my mouth I pray.” Also the child laments “My short life cannot pass you”  This is the unborn baby in the womb lamenting their short life.  This child is set to die at the hands of an abortionist who will use instruments and their bare hands with medical gloves on their fingers to destroy the unborn and the “land” the womb in which the child lives.  To an unborn baby the land is their mother’s womb.  This is their land their space their home.  These children’s homes are  robbed emptied of the life within the helpless child.  What Isaias said has happened and is happening “for with their arrows they shall kill the children.  Their babies are dashed against a stone.”  “For with their eyes they took no pity upon the sucklings of the womb and their babies are dashed against a stone.”  “The women are ravished and their houses empty.”  Yes the children are no more and I one from Dan shall not be comforted.  It is with tears that I write this reflection on the lamentations of the unborn who far too many forget to shed tears for they are no more.  Their blood is an ocean in size due to the billions annihilated via abortion on demand on the altar of convenience.  Let my tears be my bread day and night for every second a child dies to abortion on demand somewhere in our world that has made a pact with death with the devil himself the father of lies and deceit and death.  In honour of the ocean of blood shed by the unborn forgotten by many may these reflections move those who read them to tears and may the Most High God swing his mighty arm of justice at the appointed time known to God alone for the children are no more and I shall not be comforted.  The heart of mankind has grown stone cold when millions can abide and live within the most wicked culture of death ever unleashed upon our species.  May the Most High God hear the tears and prayers of the just and may his mighty arm of Justice fall for the children are no more and  I shall not be comforted.  It is with profound gratitude and patience I one from Dan await the day of justice with every breath I take and every tear I shed for the unborn coldly mercilessly destroyed in the most wicked manner possible abortion on demand.



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