The Knocks – A Reflection

The Knocks Authored by Akiane Kramarik at age 7 in her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  Page 20 Part I.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Knocks is very powerful it consists of four stanzas alternating between three line stanzas and five line stanzas.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is a photo of my own grandmother’s house located in County Leitrim Ireland.  It was important to me to allow my own son time to live in Ireland to connect with his Irish ancestry.  My son will remember these travels as the years pass.  As you can see the house is dilapidated now and no one lives there.  I have fond memories of visiting my grandmother as a child.  We would go and visit her and we would stay overnight too.  This was a big adventure for me.  This was my grandmother Alice’s house on my mother’s side of the family.  I am named after my grandmother.  I will now discuss the profound poem titled The Knocks.  The Knocks describes the unborn child knocking with it’s tiny hands on the wall of the womb of it’s mother.  This child laments the “delay of provision” and says that “From exhaustion from the delay of provision dreams are born.”  Very profound.  This is a short poem so I limit my quotes to the last verse which tells it all.  So many unborn children not allowed to live who could have made our world a better place.  I wonder when I am out whom I have not met that would be here were it not for abortion and contraception and all forms of birth control.  I wrote this song titled Unfaithful which talks about ways false Christianity and false Christians have ruined and destroyed whole societies and the dreams of their tribes via abortion and contraception and all forms of vile birth control.  My own grandmother had five children and would have had many more if her husband who was my grandfather had not died in his early 30’s in the 1930’s.  My grandmother Alice was holy because she never used vile birth control and was not afraid to welcome all five of her beloved children one of whom is my own mother.  My mother is also holy because she fearlessly welcomed eight children into the world while suffering from at least one miscarriage.  My father the same he was holy because he also welcomed however many children the God of life wished to send him and mom.   I am numba five out of eight children.  I spelled number wrong on purpose one of my nicknames is numba five!!!

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