Life – A reflection

Life found on page 21 Part one in Akiane’s  book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.   “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Life consists of 7 verses or stanzas consisting of three lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is a photo of the life of my own child in my womb before his birth.  That ultrasound was done October 1st 2007 five months before the birth of my new born boy.  You can tell from the Ultrasound that my baby was smiling and possibly sucking his thumb.  I was four months gestation then.  Or four months pregnant at that time.  Abortion for me was never an option though horrible doctors suggested abortion and I refused to be seen by these wicked doctors after that.  Also tubal ligation was pushed and I was asked many times if I wanted to get my tubes tied after I birthed my son.  I told them to “fuck off”  there was no way I was getting my tubes tied.  Sick bastards is what I call many in the medical profession hell bent on pushing willful sterilization on women of childbearing age.  Oh snap! I can still have children and there is not a damn thing the wicked medical profession can do about that.  The pressure put on me to have an abortion was intense and some Roman Catholic wicked witches also suggested I abort my baby.  A prelate who was also wicked suggested the same that I abort my baby boy by telling me that my baby should never have existed int he first place.  I hope that prelate rots in hell for all eternity for what he said to me.  God only knows whether or not that pompous jerk fathered children by rape and forced those women to abort their babies.  Many Roman Catholic Priests or Prelates rape women in various forms of rape get them pregnant and then force these women to abort their babies.  That goes on a lot in the Roman Catholic sex cult.  That is all that church is a cult like sex cult a child sex cult too.   It is a wicked putrid awful horrible church and I am glad I am no longer a part of the madness called the Roman Catholic Church.  I  make no claims as to statements of facts.  I am simply expressing myself as a work of art and as a woman who was raped by a horrible priest a horrid prelate.  Therefore, I speak my mind as a work of art full stop.  My baby no matter how he came to me was to be protected no matter the cost.  So help me God I protected my baby boy and I would take a bullet for my child.  Something not every mother is willing to do.  Sad to say man women are wimps whining whelps and poor excuses for feminism.  These false feminist witches destroy their own children by abortion and contraception and demand the blood of children like my child.  These witches do this by leveraging rape stories like my story and turning these stories into “narratives” to win abortion laws that allows for wholesale senseless slaughter of holy innocent babies.  Women like that make me sick and I have no respect for them.  Those witches are well on their way to hell fire and I have no problem telling them to go to hell where they belong and in fact to return to hell from whence they came.  It’s horrible women who demand the blood of the innocents via abortion on demand.  Well, not on my watch did my baby get aborted.  I am small but feisty and of course I am a feisty Irish mammy.  Enough said there!!!  I will discuss this poem titled Life now.   The child in this poem talks about the first time the child looked at itself was when the child got burnt.  Then the child tells how “The Spirit sent me to wash myself” The poem ends with the question “Is God’s road more narrow than our footprints?”  This is very profound.  This is the unborn child resting comfortable in the womb only to be burnt via first trimester abortion which is typically a saline abortion.  So that the horrible reality is this child once comfortable asleep is forced to look at itself burnt.  What a shock a terrible shock it must be for the unborn child to experience excruciating pain through saline abortion.  God’s road is indeed very narrow but too narrow for the unborn child whose footprints have not been made for they were not allowed to live to learn to walk or to feel their own footprints in the sand or on the earth.  Profoundly tragic.  If I was stupid enough to abort my own child in the first trimester or second trimester I would have committed homicide infanticide against my own child.  That is not something I would ever do to my child no matter how my child came to me.  I thank both my parents for instilling in me the value of human life.  My parents taught me this by their own loving good example.  Their excellent example of raising eight of us fearlessly and with holy love.  Enjoy one of my songs on YouTube titled Red Ocean which describes the Ocean of Bloodshed throughout the centuries not limited to the bloodbath of abortion on demand….

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