Scars – A reflecction

Scars This poem written by Akiane at age 7 is found in Part One page 14 of Akiane’s book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This Poem consists of five stanzas The first Stanza has five lines and the second stanza has two lines.  It is a very lyrical poem and can be summed up in the words “God wears our scars.”  This poem talks about “messenger’s silence” stoning “the crowds”  The crowds in this poem refers to the vast numbers of unborn children aborted via surgical abortion.  Silence in the face of surgical abortion and contraception is a death sentence for these children which are the crowds referenced in this poem.  This poem talks about “indifferent graves” and being “left behind”.  The “indifferent graves” are the unborn children destroyed not even given unmarked graves.  This poem talks about “someone’s harvest” being “our hunger” .  This refers to the huge business of abortion.  Abortion is a massive big business.  In America they sell the babies body parts and use the aborted foetuses for various scientific purposes.  Truly horrible.  Dead children tiny babies on petri dishes.  How did we come to this?  This poem talks about “change” being “near” “for God wears our scars.” Very profound and I would agree.  This refers to the need for God and Heaven to intervene to help mankind.  We are annihilating destroying our own species via surgical abortion and contraception.  Yes it is true God wears the scars of the aborted unwanted children.  The aborted babies whose little bodies are burned when the amniotic fluid is removed using luminaria and replaced with a burning substance.  These little bodies torn apart limb by limb mercilessly and cruelly for crimes they never committed.  Yes God wears the scars of the aborted annihilated unborn babies and God and heaven will intervene to effect change for the better so as to preserve mankind from destroying our own species.


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