..S..h..a..t..t..e..r..e..d.. – A reflection

 ..S..h..a..t..t..e..r..e..d.. – by Akiane Kramarik found on page 16 in Part one of her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger than I Memories of Tomorrow.  Akiane was 7 years old when she wrote this profound poem.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem is very profound it consists of three stanzas with six lines each.  The “fear” mentioned in this poem is the fear of mothers of having their unwanted unborn babies.  The “ripped clothes and broken chairs remember the deep moans”  is talking about the devastation of abortion.  The moans of the mother as she goes through with it.  Many times sad to say mothers also die from surgical abortion.  This happens often in the abortion business.  A horrible reality of the bloodbath of abortion.  The last stanza says it all “you sever” etc.  The “you” in this stanza is the mother who severs the future of the her unborn child by legalized murder called abortion.  This last stanza says  “you” reaches for “the copper door handle to feel purple snowflakes fall on your knees.”  The you is the mother reaching for the door after her surgical abortion.  The purple snowflakes are the body parts of her unborn child torn apart limb by limb.  Or washed out via abortifacients that force a miscarriage or the child to be washed out of the womb.  The “purple snowflakes” are the tissue blood and sinew and bones of the children torn apart limb by limb annihilated and destroyed not allowed to live in the worst form of terrorism ever unleashed called Abortion….


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