I AM – A reflection

I Am – A reflection is a reflection on Akiane Krmarik’s poem titled “I am” penned at age 7 and found on page 11 of Part 1 in her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem consists of five stanzas with three lines each. What I find remarkable about these poems is they do not say a lot and they are short but packed with profound meaning beyond human understanding at times. Therefore while the poems are short they actually speak volumes in a mystical profound way. This poem talks about opening a “small shell” and finding “something small like a pearl.” In this poem the speaker says “I hear the spirit say” that “each feather is a gift from Me”. In this mysterious poem the “I” is the child in the womb. The “Me” is the Triune God. The third stanza is very profound “answers poured from My thick truth” The “My” is the child in the womb and the “truth” remains that this is indeed a child. The third stanza talks about how “answers poured from My thick truth” “only” to “harden questioning mouths.” and “wasting the years of only the arrogant”. This child is declaring that mouths who speak for abortion who support abortion who question the right to life of the child deny the reality that this is still a child. Abortion supporters and providers vehemently deny this is a child. And those that do not deny this is a child forget this child has a voice. This child has a tiny voice unheard a “silent scream”. God our creator has heard their painful cries. As Akiane says so well “the truth is still the truth even if it stutters.” When the child says “I waste the years of only the arrogant.” The child is stating that the “arrogant” who boast about their right to choose life or death for the child waste their years in lies and deceit. At the end of the day they remain responsible for murdering a helpless child in the womb. Mothers who abort their infants suffer from depression and anxiety and need therapy to come to terms with the trauma of what they did. Many mothers in fairness do not fully understand what abortion does and what it means. There are women who do fully understand and use abortion as birth control and boast about it. The abortion industry boasts about the good they do. These people waste their years in lies and deceit and must face at some point in this life or the next the horrible reality they are responsible for murdering innocent helpless children in the womb. Men who pressure women into having an abortion are no different they too waste their years in lies and deceit. They do not see their own child in its mother’s womb so the order a legal hit on the baby via legalized surgical abortion. Many women today are pressured into having an abortion the same for many men. The child in this poem speaks to this when he or she talks about hardening “only questioning mouths.” Mouths of those who speak for and support abortion and boast about the good they do meanwhile the bloodbath remains the same and the truth that helpless infants in the womb are murdered in cold blood does indeed “harden questioning mouths.” I wonder if the people who verbally support abortion would be able to do the actual procedure? Or if they watched the actual procedure would they still support this? Would “questioning mouths.” if they felt searing pain and fully understood the horrors of abortion still support this? God only knows. I do know a certain number of people support abortion on demand regardless of the cost or the price the child must pay or the mother and family. All you need to do is read their abortion diatribes online touting the benefits of this horrible service. Abortion activists treat the women as victims of circumstances and do not allow the woman the dignity of taking responsibility for her own child in her womb. Regardless of how the child came to be mothers deserve the dignity and respect of being informed they are responsible now for another human being another life. If they choose to terminate this pregnancy this is murder and results in a dead child. Many mothers with this new understanding and with a clearer picture in their minds of exactly what abortion does will refuse to get an abortion. The verbal euphemisms designed to talk women into abortion are horrible and most mothers do not fully understand what abortion is and does to their own child. There are countless stories of mothers screaming in horror when they see what the abortion they paid for did to their babies. This traumatizes many mothers for life. To the mothers who experienced this horror I tell you this I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry you were deceived into believing abortion was the only or best solution for you and your baby. God and heaven will heal you from this trauma because God understands that you knew not exactly what abortion is and does to your baby. The tragedy and full accountability falls into the hands of those who legalize abortion and deceive women into believing this is the only solution these mouths that speak this way are more guilty of the crime of abortion than the poor mother who is deceived. The same is true for the fathers. I tell you fathers the same Sir I am sorry for your loss I am sorry you felt pressure to believe abortion was the best and only solution for the child you fathered. I also say to fathers who have no voice or were given no say in the abortion. I am truly sorry for your loss and that you were not given a voice are the chance to step up and raise your own child. God knows the fathers who would have loved to have been able to raise their own children but were not given the chance because the mother under the euphemism “choice” terminated the pregnancy against the wishes of the father. There are many fathers in this world who are devastated by abortion as are the parents and grandparents and whole families. To all families affected by abortion I tell all of you I am truly sorry for your loss. God knows what is happening in the abortion business and it is a nasty ugly underbelly of a business. I hope these words will comfort all who have suffered the trauma of abortion. Including abortion workers who are often times very traumatized by their work but are afraid to get help to get out because of the stigma of abortion work. May God continue to bring healing to our world and continue to enlighten mankind about why abortion and all killing must stop. Thank you Akiane for your great contribution to mankind in your poems and art God is teaching mankind to embrace what is truly good and beautiful. Holy Innocence found in helpless children and all life must be valued especially human life. What is truly beautiful is the family raising children to the best of their ability. What is truly beautiful is a human being doing and being the best they can be in their role in life be it single or married. What is truly beautiful is the love between a parent and their child or children. Nothing is more lovely than the love between parents and children. May God continue to heal our world and enlighten his creatures mankind along the way. Regardless of who you are where you come from. Regardless of race colour or creed. All of us came from a father and a mother and we must nurture a love for our parents even if our birth parents cannot always be with us or raise us. We all come from a father and a mother. This is the foundation of our world the foundation of our species men and women in love having families. That is truly beautiful.  Enjoy this song that I wrote titled Everybody has a story because all of us no matter how small has a story.  Particularly the unborn too they also have stories the tragedy is their stories were not allowed to unfold.  Also to lighten the burden a little I also have a playlist called Silly Songs on you tube so check out my Silly Songs playlist too for laughs.  Life is too short to be serious all the time.  I say this because humor is one of the ways I have learned how to cope since I have not had an easy life like so many today. 

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