A Dove – A reflection

A Dove – A reflection on Akiane Kramarik’s poem titled “A Dove” found on page 12 of Part 1 of her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem consists of four stanzas with four lines each. In the first stanza the “I” is the child in the womb of its mother. In this first stanza the child says “I gaze through ashes at my busy hands” and then talks about seeing a “limping dove with another bird on its back.” The ashes in this stanza speaks to me the reader of death to this child. The second stanza confirms this when the child talks about “welcoming weakness” and how the “heavy eyes of heaven open the gates.” Heaven welcomes the aborted children who return to heaven to be healed of the horrible wounds that were inflicted on them. Such as burning, poison, drowning, starvation and being torn apart limb by limb. Heaven heals their wounds yet they wear the scars from the wounds. Heaven is filled with millions of aborted children. The third stanza asks a very profound question. This talks about how “if love is the only true thing” “left” to us then “how do we risk carrying someone else?” This stanza addresses the profound mystery of true holy love which requires blind faith. Akiane’s family has this blind faith though they will tell you in their story which you can find online they did not believe in a God prior to Akiane’s birth. The reason Akiane’s family has this blind faith though at one time in their lives they simply did not know or believe a God existed out there and if so they did not think God was too interested in them. This family is very humble and they were open to however many children they could have as a couple in love and starting a family. Also, Akiane’s parents as their story goes were very poor when they had Akiane. Their faith was strong though they did not view themselves at the time as having faith. Their mutual love for each other was beautiful and they had their children from the beauty of their love. Akiane being one of their lovely children. This couple had faith in each other and in the power of their love for each other to start their own family regardless of finances or social pressure. When Akiane began to paint and write at such a young age this surprised Akiane’s loving devoted parents. This is when Akiane’s lovely parents began to believe there is a God a loving creator in heaven above who actually noticed Akiane and her lovely family. God gave Akiane her special talents to show the world there is a God a Father in Heaven who loves mankind his creatures. And to show the world that while some of us may not know of God or believe there is a God out there. God will never forget any of us. Akiane’s story and the story of her family gives testimony of the great love of our Heavenly father for all of us. So Akiane’s family showcased the power of love true love and the faith and courage that comes with this love by having a family regardless of the social and financial pressures involved in having children and raising them. It is through holy courageous true love that empowers men and women to be not afraid to “risk carrying someone else.” such as a helpless child in his or her mothers womb. The last stanza is very profound. The child says in the last stanza “if no man can hold the Creator’s hand” then the child asks “how does one dove nest right in God’s eye?” So profound it takes my breath away. What the child is saying not one of us can hold onto the hand of our creator because God is spirit yet God sees all of us in detail such as the “one dove” nesting “right in God’s eye.” What moves me is that heaven welcomes weakness yet our modern society discards weakness and does not welcome weakness especially the weak helpless unborn babies discarded as trash via surgical abortion. The unborn babies are too weak to care for themselves and must be carried for a time as they are totally helpless up to birth and after birth for a long time as well. God sends us children to teach us about weakness and how when we help the weak they grow big and strong and help us as we age and once again become weak ourselves. Very profound. Thank you Akiane for God revealed to you as an innocent child profound messages for the world mystical and mysterious. You Akiane received these messages these gifts as an innocent child. This was not given to an adult to give to the world but to an innocent child open to heaven’s messages. Thank you Akiane you are a gift to the world a gift from the beauty of true love found in your lovely loving family.  The photo for this post is one I took in Ireland and is a memorial set up by a loving grieving mother who lost one of her children.  I met the mother and her other children in person which is how I know.  To me this photo is poignant and relevant.  Heaven welcomes weakness not the proud or the strong.  The proud and the strong often forget to protect the least among us the unborn child.  Enjoy this song I wrote in memory of Baby India an infant rescued from a plastic bag in the woods here in the USA.  Enjoy my playlist too titled Songs for the fallen civilians of the world including those born and unborn including Baby India who was a victim of the war of the womb a war of words that gave the mother the impression it was acceptable to dump her own baby girl in a trash bag after all Abortion which is far worse is legal.  Let us all pray for the mother of Baby India that she got the help she needs to heal from whatever trauma she suffers from that led her down the road of discarding her own baby girl.  Prayer is a powerful healer.  I do not judge that poor mother because not one of us has any idea the hell she may have gone through and we also have no idea if her mental health was stable at the time.  I would say she was likely mentally unstable and not thinking clearly.  Heaven help us all!!!

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