Yes, I Am Weak – A Reflection

Yes, I am Weak – A Reflection on Akiane Kramarik’s Poem penned at age 7 and found on Page 10 in Part 1 of Akiane’s book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem has two stanzas with 11 lines. In the first stanza the child in the womb is saying “Yes, I am weak” The child then says he or she is “one year behind” “The moment” the child turns his or her “eye from you” you meaning the mother. The child in this poem then says “I fall down on the earth.” and “my” meaning the child “simple life stands in front of you.” The last two sentences are very profound. The child talks about how “My great-grandchildren are still your children.” This is prophetic as well. You see with every aborted baby every dead baby generations of human beings are destroyed. Because that child if allowed to live could have grown up gotten married and had children of their own. Those children would have had more children. So the child is correct. “My great-grandchildren are still your children.” so profound. Every time a baby is destroyed in the womb the future generations to follow are destroyed. So not only are the mothers and fathers robbed of their child they are robbed of their future inheritance of more children to come for the continuation of their family lineage. This is huge. One dead baby means the destruction of future generations meant to come from that child. Modern man has failed to grasp the ramifications of abortion and contraception they are far reaching beyond our ability to grasp in many respects. The second stanza repeats “yes, I am weak.” The child in the womb then says if “I were not” meaning if I were not weak “love would fade in my own reason and I would not find your wisdom.” This is a strong statement meaning if the child in the womb could protect itself defend itself from certain death it would not find anything in common with the type of wisdom used to destroy the child. The child talks about being able to hide for a time which makes sense since the child was safe for a time. Then the child says in this stanza how he or she cannot hide in the same place anymore. The stanza ends with “I can hide only inside of me where you are.” How profound is this. The child is saying he or she can only cling to himself or herself “where you are” meaning where “you” the mother are. The child is with the mother until birth If birth is not allowed to happen the child faces certain death. This poem is the unborn helpless child lamenting his or her fate via surgical abortion or contraception which acts as an abortifacient in many respects forcing the “product of conception” to be washed out and “fall down on the earth.” as described in the first stanza of this poem by the unborn child in his or her mother’s womb. If you research Akiane Kramarik you will notice Akiane paints phenomenal paintings and some of her paintings depict the destruction in the mother’s womb. One of her paintings is of the tree of life which represents the life giving qualities of a mother’s womb. Akiane has been taught by God himself with the help of heaven as a small child to paint the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. Thank you Akiane for teaching mankind to appreciate what is truly beautiful and good. Life in all its forms human and nature including the animals and all of God’s creatures. What a gift Akiane has given us. And Yes I agree with Akiane’s poem “yes” the helpless unborn babies are weak which is why we must protect our own children and our own species from extinction. America brought back the bald eagle from the brink of Extinction now mankind must bring our own species back from the brink of extinction by stopping all killing especially abortion and contraception. “yes” The children in the womb are weak and helpless and we must protect both the mother and the child not kill the child and traumatize the poor mother and father and family.  I was inspired to compose this song titled Strength Of Nations which is a prayer for strength.  For all of us are weak myself included.  We are all only human and we cannot stop the machinations of evil in this world particularly the machinations of abortion so rampant around the world particularly in the western world.  I hope you enjoy this song titled Strength Of Nations which is a prayer in song that I composed.  Also check out my playlist titled Princes Of Breifne from whom I am a descendant. 

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