So Much Of You – A Reflection

So Much Of You – A Reflection on Akiane Kramarik’s Poem found on Page 8 of Part 1 of her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I. Memories of Tomorrow.  Penned by Akiane at age 7. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

So Much Of You has four stanzas with three lines each. The first stanza talks about wanting to “catch a butterfly” and how every time the child who is the “I” in this poem wants to do this the child feels like “a stray dog on a leash.” The second stanza describes the sheer horror of the abortion business. The child talks about “crowds” banging on “my” “unlocked door with cast iron pans”. When a child is aborted the parts are placed in cast iron pans. This is the horrible reality of the fate of aborted babies. Also the “crowds” in this stanza means those who support and procure and provide abortion. Many today support abortion on demand under the euphemism “choice”. The “unlocked door” Is the womb of the mother which is not locked or safe for this child who is about to be aborted. “The cast iron pans” Are what is used to hold the remains of the aborted child. The third stanza talks about the child’s “bed” being “full of invitations” and being “inside” an “attic sand castle” The last line talks about “your hand” being as long as “my guess” This stanza talks about the mothers womb being open to examinations and probing for the purpose of aborting the child who laments this in this stanza. The “your” in “Your hand is as long as my guess” The “Your” is the man or woman doing the abortion. The “hand” with the instruments of death reach into the womb to destroy the child. The child cannot guess the length of the hand which seems very long especially with instruments in it to pull the baby apart limb by limb. The last stanza speaks volumes in three lines. “so much of you” “on a scale of harmony” outweighing “the balance”. This speaks to the fact that aborted children are annihilated destroyed not allowed to live which causes an imbalance in our society. Our creator God had plans for these children they were not supposed to be destroyed. Heaven is dealing with millions of dead babies in unprecedented numbers after abortion was legalized in many nations. These are nations of human beings who could have grown up and had children of their own. Human beings who could have contributed to our society. To say that we are destroying our own species is accurate and our world is out of balance now that millions of little babies are destroyed annihilated. Heaven is left to heal them and restore their broken bodies. For those of us who believe there is a God and heaven. These babies go back to heaven and are healed by God himself through Jesus Christ. Heaven is not happy that these nations have been annihilated. This book by Akiane My Dream Is Bigger Than I is the lamentations of the unborn.  To lighten the load since I write about a very sad subject.  I thought you might appreciate watching our beloved pet come for a family hug.  This is our dog Bruce he is a lively short haired border collie and lights up our lives.  Enjoy!!!  Check out our Dog Whispers Play List Too!!!

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