Clay – A reflection

Clay by Akiane Kramarik page 7 of Section one of Akiane’s book of poems My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

Clay consists of three stanzas with four lines each. Akiane was an accomplished poet and artist in many respects by age 7. Akiane is considered a “Binary Genius” What a gift Akiane is to the world. The first stanza talks about “Cocoons hardened in the weathered clay” And that “I cannot talk”. With your own copy of this great work by Akiane you can read the full text. To me the “I” is a little unborn child who cannot speak yet. This makes sense babies cannot talk or walk neither can they feel their footsteps as they cannot walk. The baby in the first stanza is afraid that time is running out for his or her little life. The second Stanza speaks to the sheer helplessness of this baby child who cannot talk and wants to live but cannot live thanks to the euphemism “choice” given to the child’s mother. In the second stanza the child says “far away, no one sees my eyes.” This makes sense since no one sees the unborn child in the womb. The child then says he or she “sings to stay alive”. I shortened the quote you can read the full sentence in your own copy of this wonderful book. This presents the sheer and utter devastating helplessness of this baby whom no one sees or hears which is why the child says in the first stanza “I cannot talk.” The last stanza very lyrical talks about how “pine trees” that are “naked” “fall in ocean roots” very profound. “I” “fall without my shadow in the smell of rain.” This stanza ends with “I” reaching for “your hand to be your clay”. With your own copy of this book you can read the full poem. The “I” in this poem is the unborn helpless child and the “you” is the mother. Children are like clay in many respects it is up to the parents to raise them well and teach them right from wrong. Children are helpless and need help with many things as little babies then they grow into these wonderful fully grown human beings. An incredible story to start from being the size of a grain of sand to a grain of rice from conception to birth and to adulthood is a phenomenal story. The child in this poem knows he or she is going to die via abortion and so the “fall without my shadow” describes this child’s death where no one not even the child sees their shadow. The child cannot see yet it is too little too helpless and it is torn apart limb by limb or burned by a caustic substance and poisoned and starved of nutrients and utterly destroyed via abortion. The “smell of rain” to me is the smell of blood. The blood lost via surgical abortion is a lot as it is similar to a miscarriage. Women who suffer from miscarriages will tell you many times a lot of blood is lost. Abortion is a forced miscarriage yet worse for the child experiences cruel excruciating merciless pain and is destroyed annihilated in cold blood. No one hears their voice for they cannot yet talk no one sees their foot prints for they cannot yet walk. No one sees their eyes for they cannot yet see. No one sees the aborted babies save God himself and the few including the mother who arranges the abortion. The child reaches out to his her mother with it’s tiny hands helpless knowing it will be destroyed under the euphemism “choice” and the word “abortion”. “Choice” and “abortion” are the most evil words ever imposed on innocent children in the wombs of the mothers who kill them because they say its their bodies and their choice. “Choice” and “abortion” are the worst form of terrorism ever unleashed on the unborn children in their mother’s wombs who can choose death legally for their own children. So through Akiane’s book of poems My Dream Is Bigger Than I the unborn children lament their untimely forced deaths.  Enjoy another original song that I sang on Youtube titled – The Oak Of Weeping  Check out my playlist too titled The Princes Of Breifne – I am a descendant of the Princes Of Breifne!!!

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