All Too Fast – A reflection

All Too Fast – A reflection on Akiane’s poem found on page 9 of Part 1 of her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  penned at age 7. “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem has three stanzas with four lines in each stanza. This poem has many dimensions to it. It talks about growing out of youth too fast. The first stanza talks about resting in youth but regretting “growing out of its nest.” “Its” means childhood’s nest. To me the “I” is the baby waiting to be born but has to leave the “nest” or womb too soon due to abortion. The second stanza talks about “love and wonder” the “our” meaning mother and child. The child then says “my straight back bends to your blushing thunder” To me this is a baby possible late term close to the ninth month getting ready to be born only to be forced to die. By bending to “your blushing thunder” means the noises associated with surgical abortion. The “your” is the mother “blushing” from the trauma of surgical abortion. We must remember abortion is traumatic for most mothers as well as the abortion workers. Suction abortions go on as well where the child is torn apart then suctioned out of the uterus. The last stanza talks about getting “wrinkled all too fast” “as if in one day” the child also says “as we hold our infant’s future” The “we” in this stanza means mother and father and society. The “infant’s future” is at the mercy of modern society which allows for surgical abortion on demand up to the 9th month. Aborted infants are annihilated destroyed consequently destroying the future of mankind as well. Millions of people destroyed in this way has altered the future of mankind. We lost inventors, scientists, doctors and a long list of children who would have grown up and contributed to our world. Yes the future of our species is in the hands of modern man. Will modern man wake up and realize abortion and all killing must stop or will we continue to march to the brink of utter destruction? This is why in the holy bible the end of the world is not known to man. This is because mankind has free will and free will determines our outcome. As of now it looks like heaven will have to intervene to save us from destroying our own species. A sad commentary. Europe is fast becoming a childless society and there are ghost towns in certain parts of Europe due to childlessness. Also many today abort children with Down’s Syndrome and other conditions. Modern man must study the instruments of abortion and come to terms with the true horror abortion really is. Many will still support this atrocity many will no longer support abortion when they realize how truly horrible it is. Abortion is the worst holocaust ever the worst bloodbath ever and these children are not even given unmarked graves. They have no graves they are ignored forgotten as if they never existed. Post abortive women suffer greatly as well for they are often ignored and expected to move on as if they never conceived a child. The same is true for post abortive fathers who experience the trauma of abortion in their own way. Fathers have no voice and feel helpless and cannot save their own children from their mothers “choice”. Abortion is the worst human rights crisis ever and families are devastated. Many families do not want abortion and many people would love to adopt a child. There are many couples who are unable to have children who would love to adopt a child. Many are not given the opportunity to adopt a child due to the expense and lengthy process. Our society discards children like trash and expects the mother’s and father’s of these discarded children to move on as if their child never existed. God knows these children existed. God knows many mothers and fathers regret the abortions and sorrow over their loss as well. God hears the cries of the sorrowing parents and grandparents and families who lost their children to abortion. God hears the sorrow and cries of abortion workers who regret or start to regret their work. Yes God sees everything and knows our plight. Heaven is helping us and will help us including divine intervention to save mankind from the brink of total devastating destruction. God never gives up on his creatures. This is why the end of the world is not known to mankind for our free will can reshape our future. We still have an opportunity to turn the tide and stop the abortions and help the mothers and fathers bring their children to term and unite as a community to allow other couples to raise their children if the mother or father cannot raise the child. This is how it should be done. A child needs a home a loving mother and father or a loving single mother or father is sufficient. Children need lots of love and many loving adults would love to be able to raise a child or children. Single mothers and single fathers deserve the same consideration and respect given married couples and couples who are dedicated to raising their children to the best of their ability. Our world would be a much better place if men and women were not pressured by society into needing an abortion in the first place. If society encouraged women who are with child outside of marriage to give their child life reassuring the father too that society will step in and help raise the child if that means adoption so be it. Our world would be a much better place. Instead we have an ocean of blood from millions of aborted infants murdered at a price on the altar of convenience with words like “choice” and “abort”. Contraception is destroying our environment and our children and the women as well. Modern man must wake up to this reality too before it is too late. As a direct result of contraception many couples are unable to have children later in life and there are a whole host of health problems women experience while on contraception. Why? because contraception is not natural it never was natural. Manipulating the use of hormones to prevent conception is the most unnatural thing in the world. Studies have shown that fish are mutated from contraception being in the water system. This makes sense. Millions of women use contraception. Our world has dead babies flushed out from contraception due to “products of conception” unable to implant into a hostile womb as a direct result of contraception. These children are ignored and forgotten about. Yes the mothers forsake and forget their children via contraception and abortion. God’s holy word clearly states he will not forsake or forget his children though a mother forget her children. I agree with Akiane’s poem the children’s futures are destroyed “All Too Fast”.    Now to lighten the burden of such a serious topic as this.  Having a sense of humor helps a lot and I hope this silly song makes you smile.  I was inspired to sing this silly song because I am determined to live as long as I possibly can just to piss off the haters out there. Check out my Princes Of Breifne Playlist too.  All too fast my tribe was almost destroyed over centuries of systemic abuse in Ireland.  To understand the problem of systemic abuse in Ireland all you have to do is google search terms such as Systemic Abuse in Ireland.  Industrial Schools in Ireland.  Mother Baby Homes In Ireland.  And the terrible truth will be revealed that families and tribes were destroyed in the name of a false God.  All Too Fast were billions of humans destroyed and Abortion is the fastest annihilation procedure there is Abortion and Contraception.  I hope my silly song titled Just cuz I can N Just to piss u off!!! makes you laugh.  

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