Part I — “The Truth Is Still The Truth Even If It Stutters.” – A Reflection

Part I opens with a photo of  a smiling Akiane at the age of seven and the quote by Akiane “The truth is still the truth even if it stutters.” Akiane Kramarik  Page 1 of Part I of My Dream Is Bigger than I Memories of Tomorrow

The truth is still the truth even if it stutters.” Notice the first page of Section I has a photo of Akiane Kramarik age 7 with this profound quote.  “The truth is still the truth even if it stutters.”   – The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken in County Leitrim in Ireland not far from Ben Bulben of Sligo. The scripture passage that came to me when I saw that lovely vista in Ireland was this:… The hills of the world were bowed down by the journeys of his eternity. Habacuc Chapter Three Verse Six.    I reflected on this message for a long time and conclude Akiane’s poems express the truth behind the voiceless littlest ones the children who were destroyed by surgical abortion contraception and other means to prevent their coming into the world to fulfill their special roles. The truth remains that billions of children were annihilated destroyed through surgical abortion, contraception and other means over the years. These unborn children lament this via Akiane’s inspired poetry. Due to strict Copyright guidelines which I explained in my first post I will simply list the title of each poem and comment on them leaving the prose for you to read from your own copy of Akiane Kramarik’s book My Dream Is Bigger than I. The first poem is titled The Calluses – a profound title for a 7 year old. I then read the poem consisting of four stanzas four lines each. This poem talks about a person who could not look for love on his/her own. Then as I read the second stanza this person cannot feel their steps which tells me this is a baby talking since babies cannot walk yet. The third Stanza is very telling. The voice in the poem talks about covering their scalded face and the fourth stanza tells about “seeing clearly through my fall.” This very short poem speaks to me the following way. To me the poem The Calluses is the voice of the unborn baby who to this day was not given a voice. Aborted babies are scalded and burned with laminaria which is used to remove the amniotic fluid and replaced with a substance that burns the skin of the baby and results in a dead baby washed out of the mother so the description in this speaks to the horror of being scalded and burned then left to die. I will write my reflection on each individual title. It is my hope to do some justice to the inspired writing of Akiane Kramarik who at the time was a lovely child herself. Imagine how much better the world would be if the billions destroyed by abortion and contraception over the years were allowed to live. Grab your own copy of Akiane’s book and a box of tissues and enjoy the journey of my reflections on what I call the Lamentations of the Unborn.  This is Part I a series of reflections based on Akiane’s poems written at the age of 7 found on Pages 2 – 36 in her book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled I am a voice for the voiceless from my YouTube channel.

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