The Sprouting Grass – A reflection

The Sprouting Grass can be found on Page 4 Part 1 of Akiane’s book of poems titled My Dream is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Sprouting Grass consists of two stanzas with eight lines very lyrical. This poem talks about no one but “me” seeing the sprouting grass below the sand. The second stanza about a Singer of light whispering to “my” friend as they fall asleep in rain. This describes a tiny child a wee baby flushed out into the environment and forgotten about. This happens a lot with contraception when the contraception fails to prevent conception the product of conception or baby is flushed out into the earth due to a hostile womb and the inability of the baby to implant which is the aim of contraception. Contraception works as follows first to prevent conception and if that fails to create a hostile womb so as to prevent implantation of the product of conception which forces the child out of the mother without implanting. Many today on Contraception do not understand exactly how it works. Other abortifacients accomplish the same task. Such as the morning after pill taken if pregnancy is suspected. The Singer of Light in this poem to me is Jesus Christ the son of God and son of Man who comforts these children and helps them return to heaven to be healed. To me this Singer of Light is singing to the friend of the child forgotten by the sprouting grass. The unborn are forgotten about by modern man for the most part. God and heaven never forgot them as the scriptures say in Isaiah and throughout the Holy Bible. Also Isaiah lamented the loss of the children when he said in Chapter 13 verse 18 Douay Rheims “But with their arrows they shall kill the children, and shall have no pity upon the sucklings of the womb: and their eye shall not spare their sons.” Isaiah Ch. 49 Vs. 15 “Can a woman forget her infant so as to not have pity on the son of her womb? And if she should forget, yet will not I forget thee.” Yes modern society ignores the loud cry of the unborn. Akiane Kramarik’s inspired poems gives these children a voice.  Enjoy my original song titled Back To White here:  My song is my voice for the voiceless and for all victims of abuse including the least among us our unborn brothers and sisters!!!  Check out my playlist too titled For The Me Too Movement.  I am a part of the Me Too Movement!!!

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