The Divorce Of Resurrection – A Reflection

The Divorce Of Resurrection – Can be found on page 5 part one of Akiane’s book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem consists of two stanzas with seven lines. The first Stanza talks about “fruit with worms” being “your favorite” and “frostbitten eyes” that “cannot see what is in front but only what is behind.” The “you” in this stanza refers to the mother of this child who was aborted. By “favorite fruit with worms” the child is expressing the lost love for the product of the fruit of love the product of conception. The you or mother likely fell in love but did not want a baby. With no room for a baby in her heart the child is forced to die via the choice of the mother. The “frostbitten eyes” refer to the child who cannot see forward because the child’s future was destroyed via death by abortion so this child can only look behind and see it’s short life in the womb. The second Stanza talks about “only You” turning “around” and throwing a “ring” away “for the divorce of resurrection.” I have to limit my quotes to follow copyright guidelines which allows for limited quotes not full reproduction without consent of the publisher. You can reference the complete text in Akiane’s book My Dream Is Bigger Than I Part 1 page 5. This poem is very profound. The “divorce of resurrection.” is a very deep expression and in a way above my ability to understand it. My take on it is this: The Child is lamenting the divorce of love of the mother for her own child. Also God has a plan for every child who comes to earth. By “divorce of resurrection.” The hope this child represented is destroyed by abortion certain death for the child. The “you” in this poem is the mother who “throwing a ring” throws away the life of her child in the process. The “ring” represents marriage or wedding which would give this child a home. Perhaps the “ring” also means a failed relationship whereby marriage would not work hence the child must die via abortion. The “you” alone is the mother who holds they key to this child’s life. The “you” or mother is alone in her decision to abort her baby. This is very true. Yes women are pressured to have abortions and many women have them because of this pressure. However it is the mother alone who must decide and the mother alone who goes in to get the surgical abortion done. Pressure or no pressure the child’s life is in their mother’s hands and only the mother can save her babies life or destroy her babies life at will thanks to modern society and legalized abortion. This does not apply to women who are forced against their will to abort their babies which has been known to happen. To all women I say this I am sorry we all feel pressured to consider abortion by modern society. To mothers who had abortions I would also say I am truly sorry for your loss. It is ok for mothers to acknowledge their loss and to seek healing form the trauma of abortion. Abortion hurts mothers too many of whom are not aware of the horror of surgical abortion until it is too late. For women who support abortion and women who perform abortion procedures and men who support abortion and do abortion procedures I am sorry you see this blood bath as a solution for our society. Aborting helpless babies calling them a “blob of tissue” and a “product of conception” does not remove their humanity. “The truth is still the truth even if it stutters.” Said very well by Akiane age 7. The truth remains that surgical abortion is a cruel merciless death and murder of innocent helpless little ones ripped from their mother’s wombs in cold blood. Mother’s themselves are not equipped to deal with the horror their decision to abort brings them. Once they understand the procedure more fully it horrifies and traumatizes many mothers. To the abortion workers who put together the limbs of the babies like a macabre jigsaw puzzle on petri dishes with little eyes and hands. You cannot deny their humanity and God who is in heaven sees what is done in the dark and brings it to the light. The truth must be told that these children were annihilated under the euphemism “choice” of the mother. No choice was given to that child and that could have been you if your mother chose to abort you. Abort is a euphemism for murder and destroy. Nothing good comes of the word abortion which is why you never find that word in sacred scriptures or most religious books. To those who support legalized abortion I hope you experience some trauma in your own lives such that you feel searing pain. Pain so unbearable you must cry out to God if you believe there is a God. It is through this experience you will be able to grasp the cruel merciless pain you cause these helpless children when you remove the amniotic fluid with luminaria and replace it with a burning caustic substance. When you cruelly tear apart the limbs of the child dismembering the baby then pulling the limbs out of the womb in bits. The searing unbearable pain this child experiences would leave you speechless if you experienced the same pain. The “silent screams” of aborted babies cries out to Heaven and our creator God and heaven hears their cries. America passed the Pain Capable Act in response to the horrific reality that these children experience horrific pain. There is a God a creator in heaven who sees these crimes. My hope is that abortion workers and supporters will become more enlightened and realize sooner rather than later that abortion destroys children and hurts mothers. Bedsides do any of you abortion workers console the families who lose their grandchildren and relatives to abortion? I don’t think so. Do you abortion workers go to the door of the family of the mother’s who die from legalized surgical abortion gone horribly wrong resulting in the death of the mother as well? I don’t think you do. Would you dare to look these family members in the eye and tell them you are sorry for the legal crimes you committed resulting in the death of their littlest relative and the mother too in many cases? No I do not see abortion workers doing that. Instead I see you promoting “choice” and taking money left and right blood money to lie cheat kill and destroy the future of our own species. You take the blood money because that is what abortion money is blood money and advocate for more killing up to the 9th month for various trumped up reasons such as “mental health” of the mother etc. You callously promote this cruel merciless service then hide behind your crimes. You abortion workers do not like confrontation and falsely accuse those who oppose your criminal empire of death as being in the wrong. I challenge abortion workers to step out of your comfort zone and dare to comfort the families of the child you took from them. I dare you to look the families in the eye and tell them you are sorry for their loss. Go to the grandmother and grandfather and console them. Go to the father of that baby who did not want the abortion look him in the eye and tell him you are sorry for his loss. I challenge you to face up to the family members who did not want the abortion and console them for their loss. I say this many of you would not be courageous enough to do this for to do this holds you accountable for your legalized crimes and might cause you to think more deeply about what exactly you do to families. These children have a voice and heaven hears their voice and there is nothing abortion workers or abortion supporters can do about that. Most importantly I challenge abortion supporters and abortion workers to follow up with the mother’s whose child you destroyed and ask her how she feels in the aftermath of her abortion. Many mothers are traumatized and horrified by the ordeal and regret their “choice”. Where are the abortion workers and their supporters then when the mother is left alone to deal with the horror of her choice? These poor mothers are victims too and many feel like they have no voice and question would they be loved by others after having an abortion. To all women who have had abortions you are all victims of a legal criminal service that hopes you will not regret your choice and hopes you will go so far as to say you are glad you had the abortion. Some women will say they are glad they had an abortion and have no regret whatsoever. I think this is because the trauma of the loss is so great they cannot come to terms with their loss. Otherwise these women simply have hardened hearts and use abortion as birth control which goes on a lot today. I am sorry for these women who will grow old with empty wombs. Wombs used as death chambers or tombs for their own children. A horrible legacy nothing to boast about. For mother’s who regret their choice know this. There is a God in heaven who will help you to heal from this horror so that you can move on with your life and thrive again. Many post abortive women have healed and gone on to lead full lives having children as well. I hope abortion supporters and abortion workers will start having nightmares about the blood bath they participate in. I hope you wake up in a cold sweat with visions of the children you destroyed haunting your conscience. All of us have a conscience many of us ignore it. May these dead babies haunt you day and night until you stop what you are doing by having a change of heart and mind. Nothing else will stop abortion except a change in the hearts and minds of all involved. Till then abortion will go on for the same selfish prideful reasons. To all abortion workers there is a way out and you will find work elsewhere as there are many people who care about your well being too. Many abortion workers are afraid to leave for fear they will not find work elsewhere due to the shame of having worked in the abortion industry. Do not let the abortion industry destroy you. Any abortion worker considering a change can use their experience to shed light on the horrors of abortion and there are many people willing and happy to help you get out of this awful business and find more fulfilling work. I see everyone involved in the abortion business as victims of circumstances and crimes. No one wins and innocent children are destroyed wholesale and many mothers too and families are devastated. May these lamentations of the unborn inspired by Akiane Kramrik’s book of poems titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I bring enlightenment and healing to our world for all of us. We are all part of the same human family and abortion is not the answer it never was.  Enjoy this original song titled White Is The New Black.  Check out my playlist too titled The Me Too Movement.  I am a part of the Me Too Movement!!!

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