The Bells – A Reflection

The Bells can be found on Page 3 of Part 1 of Akiane’s book of poems My Dream Is Bigger Than I Memories of Tomorrow.   “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem. I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem is very profound this also consists of four stanzas with four lines. The first Stanza talks about slipping on a “mirror full of faces”. This describes the horror of early terminations. Baby parts are on petri dishes so slipping on a mirror full of faces makes sense if you understand what an abortion mill or lab looks like. After a child is aborted in the first trimester up to three months their tiny limbs are torn apart then rearranged on petri type dishes. Their tiny body parts are slippery which makes sense. The second stanza talks about modern society and hardened hearts. This stanza tells how pleasurable dances filled with noise control the answers. This is very profound the child is saying clearly that his/her conception was not planned. Many people go to dances to enjoy themselves and there are countless stories of unwanted conceptions as a direct result of dancing mingled with other activities which leads to children not planned for or wanted. Many of these pregnancies get terminated via surgical abortion. The dances in the second stanza describes the heart of many people today. Many men and women want their fun including the pleasure of sexual intimacy without the burden of a child. The child has no voice or say in the matter and is killed for crimes they never committed. The third stanza is very chilling I think. Talking about the words being gone and bells. To me this describes the discussions men and women have over unwanted or unexpected pregnancies and the decision to abort the child. The words being gone the bells represent the noise from the instruments of abortion – death to the child. The fourth stanza talks about the blind and mutes and pride. This describes the horror of baby body parts rearranged on petri type dishes. Abortion mills have eyes and ears and hands and feet and other baby body parts reassembled in a macabre effort to rearrange limbs torn apart. As a result the children are blind and mute. Their sight is destroyed for they cannot see and they cannot hear either since they were torn apart limb by limb. I conclude that the voice in this poem a child not allowed to live hits the nail on the head. Pride – the annihilation of the nations via surgical abortion contraception and other means can be summed up into one word Pride. Pregnancies are terminated out of pride for a myriad of reasons and justifications that would make your head spin. Meanwhile the child is not given a voice or even heard. Thank you Akiane for being the voice for the voiceless the least among us the unborn children. Jesus says in his holy word that the littlest among us shall be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. The unborn children make up a large part of heaven and are the greatest in God’s kingdom.  Enjoy this tune that I played in Turkey it is my own original Tune that I recorded in Turkey.  I ten minutes to learn how to play that new instrument.  This tune is titled The Princes Of Breifne whom I am a descendant of.  Check out my playlist titled For the Children Destroyed in the name of a false Christ.  This playlist is for both the unborn victims of abortion on demand and all children destroyed on the altar of false Christ’s around the world.  

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