Independence – A Reflection

Women have railed using railing rapid speeches story telling invective you name it to fight for their rights...Women demand equality with men the right to vote to equal pay and equal power...Then women complain piss and moan about how and why it is that men do not act right...Impossible demands are made on men these … Continue reading Independence – A Reflection

I Don’t Understand N It’s Ok – A Reflection

The featured image I choose for this reflection is me posing in a cute new top I recently purchased on clearance a few months ago and I new inexpensive necklace that is an energy ball...I am posing as one who is questioning something she does not understand...You know it is not possible for us mere … Continue reading I Don’t Understand N It’s Ok – A Reflection

Oh Yeah – A Reflection

I discovered delightful relaxing music on TikTok This morning and decide to share it on my blog...Lumira is a very unique talented artist...I thoroughly enjoyed my pool exercises with Lumira music playing...Lumira offers unique calming music that is really very therapeutic to listen to...Enjoy...Enjoy...Enjoy...Life is meant to Enjoy...We all must make the best of what … Continue reading Oh Yeah – A Reflection